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Plantation Rum will change their name to be more Politically Correct.

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Posted 4 Oct '20 from United States with 337 ratings

I had no qualms about the name for their rums, but in the next two years, there will be a very gradual shift on their name change.

In 1985 and 1986, I set out on weekend journeys to photograph old remaining plantations before some fool burned another one down. My quest was simple. Why are these homes of more than 100 years old still standing while new homes fall apart in less than 2 years? How did they have cool summers and warm winters without heating and air conditioning? And what were the French, Spanish, and African architectural influences? The answers to these questions were astounding and I could write a book about my findings..

Along the way, I found out that there was one African American plantation owner who owned slaves. Fellow African American workers at first refused to believe this. However, this was brilliant! If he bought the slaves, he could set each one free one at a time!

So for me, the term Plantation evokes meanings of strong and sturdy while refusing to die from anything. Why oh why does a rum company wish to join the likes of Uncle Ben's Rice and that awful Aunt Jemima Syrup? This just makes no sense and those who are offended by the Plantation term have just not done enough research!

For you collectors out there, this is your cue to stock up before their labels changes. Hopefully, they will also get rid of that stupid fake rope that surrounds their more expensive bottles.


Immiketoo (PREMIUM)

From Greece with 37 ratings Replied 4 Oct '20

Paul, I agree with you but the cancel culture in this crazy world is real. Careers, businesses and entire institutions have been destroyed by a loud mouth, whining woke person for nothing more than they were offended by something that while historical, is now deemed inappropriate. The way of the world, sadly.



From Germany with 216 ratings Replied 5 Oct '20

There are many banks in the UK that are historically connected to slavery.
I wonder why they havent changed their names.
Plantation has no connection to slavery. I think it's a decision of their risk management and a chance to structure their product range.
They have some very good and qualitative products in the vintage or extreme series but there is no clear separation to the rest of their products.



From United States with 337 ratings Replied 5 Oct '20


I always thought that I was beyond being shocked until I read that article! Thanks!



From Romania with 23 ratings Replied 19 Oct '20

total madness, I do not understand the reason at all

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