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I like this one. Hint of caramel, not sweet and very natural. I still have some left in a bottle and bought another one in the meantime. Good to have it in the cabinet

Trochu sladší s príjemným dozvukom. Vhodný aj pre ženy.

Leaves a real bad aftertaste in mouth. Really has to be the worst alcohol I have ever tasted. Has been suggested to mix with some fruit juice to disguise the flavor - will take a whole load of fruit juice!
Aroma - its certainly got one (not a nice one)
Color - doesnt have one
Ignites wonderfully so will fuel the BBQ nicely - hope it doesnt taint the food!

Nose: molasses, grasses and plastic are felt.
Quite a pleasant taste, but the burning sensation does not allow to delay for a long time. Simultaneously watery and oily.
Coarse mouth, heavy on the stomach, but the head does not suffer, and even gives me strength!

I've only tried it once with coke. Will Try again but i suspect it's a little too sweet for me.

Is it good? Yes. But nothing more than that in it's taste. Many 12 years from other distilleries are better. It's a good value for money if you buy it where it's produced, and you'll be tasting local tradition and local sugar canes. Enjoy in Gran Canaria.

Ron miel is not what I'd define a rum. It's more in between aguardiente and canchanchara. That said, this one is a very nice one and honestly reflecting Canary Islands traditions. Not bad at all.

I did not like this rum at all. A 12 years should be all a different story. Much better considering at least the 18 if you want to stay with the Arehucas brand.

I've visited the Arehucas distillery in Gran Canaria. Nice niche traditional enterprise. Their top tier rum is from 1983 barrels so the Captain Kidd is now actually older than the 30 years displayed on the label. Nice rum indeed, but to be honest not at the level of it's age. Not much body, and no real character.

Very good product.
No bitter taste.
A very sweet taste in the mouth and comforting during the transition.
Worth the money !

Smooth coffee aroma along with fruitiness of jackfruit and fresh coconut flesh. Lightly burned butter with vanilla pod. The let down will be the sharp (nail polish) finishing on the nose towards the end.

Floral and fruity. A bowl of cereal with raisins, dried fruit and drizzle with honey. Still manage to enjoy the burned butter with vanilla but lesser compare to aroma.

Finished with honey suckle but it ended too soon.
Definitely a good choice to start the night with!


For about $20 your really getting your moneys worth.

It was only this last year (2017), while skiing in the French resort of Val d'Isere, that I had the greatest of pleasures of not only tasting, but experiencing the phenomenon that is Old Nick.

Having now introduced Old Nick to friends and loved ones, it's popularity and demand amoungst those who have now had the pleasure of the sensation that comes with Old Nick has grown significantly. This surprisingly inexpensive beverage brings everyone such joy that often at events and gatherings held, a shot of Old Nick is offered both upon entry and exit.

It was only a matter of days ago that I returned from France with some of the rarely attainable 150cl bottles of Old Nick.

Seeing as they've been around since 1893, they must be doing something right.


Love to get this at one of my local cigar bars. Pairs well with a variety of cigars! Beautiful color with lovely finish!

Have wanted to try this for a while and absolutely loved it! Nice level of sweetness with a beautiful finish. Enjoyed it neat and am going to add a bottle to my collection.

Don’t listen to the people above! Old Nick is the only rum in my life, it is the only rum with a religion based around it. Imagine the best experience of your life and then put it in a shot glass, this is Old Nick!

In fact any one whom has spoken a bad word about Nicks you need to have a shot!

Peace out,



En sanslöst god rom! Den blev snabbt min nya favorit!!!

It is cinnamon spiced. Stings at first but it lingers ending with a touch of Halloween fragrance.
Not a sipper but nice with Sprite. It is refreshing in the fall.

This rum is not sweet. No caramel taste nor is it oaky.
It masters only bitterness which is hardly diminished with soda..

It's name says it. It has a nice dark colour and it is so sweet. A little oaky but there must be sugar added.

It stings a little. A bit oaky. Nice amber color. The bottle is square and classy.
It has a simple taste. It is ok with Sprite

Sweet Appleton taste. It stings a little when sipping. Perfect with a bit of Sprite.

I'm not a big fan of the gold/amber rums, but this is a good example of one.

Smells and tastes of butterscotch, caramel, oak, and burnt sugar. A tad sweeter than most gold rums, but not too sweet. I like this better than most gold rums I've tried.

Perhaps a few better gold rums are the The Scarlet Ibis Gold, and the Banks 7 Golden Age, but this is a still one of the better gold rums!

Though I believe this is an above average gold rum, it's not quite good enough for me to rate it above a '5'.

Smells and tastes of brine, charred oak, spice, and smoke. Again, an above average gold rum to me.

They brag about using only "raw" ingredients with no added sweeteners or flavors, thought I wouldn't have minded a little 'something something' added to it. I hope to try their spiced rum sometime.