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N: brown sugar, wood... and meringue! That's a new one! Some chocolate comes out later too!
P: Soft, but not weak! All the flavors from your usual Dominican profile are there, along with a definite sweetness.
F: Wood, normal rumminess, and a little fruit coming out too.
In a lot of ways this is a really normal, good rum, but with just enough of it's own character here and there to bump it into the "really nice" category! Solid rum, certainly no complaints here!

Light chocolate flavor. Very smooth
A bit sweet for my taste.
Overall a good rum

Tastes like dirty vodka. Harsh and not enjoyable. Not even good as a mixer.

Well it is definitely as the name implies ginger, on the nose, mouth and a heated finish when tried neat. Better with orange juice. Interesting with coke. I would only have this as a summer drink if offered. Not my style to have in my cabinet.


Nice vanilla flavor and not too harsh, but doesn’t have the complexity of some other drinking rums.

Now this was a real surprise! I did not expect this rum to have so many notes. On the nose celery was predominant. Very smooth and wonderful finish.

Amber-coloured, pineapple-scented liquid. Let it rest in a proper rum glass and sip it after 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on minutes. The pineapple is still there on the nose but guess what? If I ignore the pineapple I smell dried cherries. The aftertaste/bite is gone and I feel like I'm drinking almost water with a pineapple scent. Not a complex rum this one. On the other hand it doesn't try to strangle you like bad rums. Don't know what to make of this rum.

Best for: Pina Colada, baking, sipping if that's all you have. But for $27CAD at the LCBO, it's stuck between El Dorado 3/5 and El Dorado 8. Would not buy again, but with summer coming, make some Pina Coladas and it won't go to waste.

This is one of 24 rums "Drinks by the Dram" given to me as a present.

Never heard of this, and honestly the name didn't impress me much. So, "never judge a book"...and all that.

So, on to the review. Light color with a pleasant slightly spicy nose. ( I get that "funk" others have mentioned, but not unpleasant). First sip-big mouth feel, cinammon and other spices, a lot of alcohol burn and finish. I don't love this as a stand alone sipper, but suspect it would be terrific with some tonic as it has tons of body and flavor. Not overly sweet. I'd give it a 6.5 if I could, but will settle on a 7.

I love everything about Kraken rum. On its own, the flavors are deep and complex. Mixed with Coke or Dr. Pepper, it brings life to classic drinks.

Which is why it blew my mind when I read reviews on this site saying that Captain Morgan's Black was better than Kraken.

As a sipping rum, it has a diversity of flavors. With ice, it's refreshing and smooth. Mixed with sodas, it gives a "craft" flavor to even cheap Coke knockoffs.

How anyone can say a bad thing about Kraken is beyond me!

I bought this rum before I read all the heinous reviews on this website, which made me worry that I'd made a terrible mistake.

It turns out that, in my opinion, this is a fine rum, great for mixing and not bad for sipping.

It smells of vanilla, clove, and caramel, with only a very sense of alcohol. I almost get a whiff of black cherry as well.

The taste is gently sweet and very spicy. Not much burn, but it does have more bite than similar rums at the same price, although a cube of ice clears that up easily.

The aftertaste is refreshing and has a vanilla and apricot flavor.

I will concede that it lacks the complexities of a good sipping rum, but it isn't unpleasant on its own.

In short, if you had to buy one bottle of cheap rum for both people who like mixing and people who like sipping, it's a decent choice -- especially if you can't find Cruzan 9.

This is my first review and based on a tester bottle only but I'm very content! A lovely caramel colour which starts with a very pleasant oaky nose. This fades and is replaced with the cocont that's mentioned elsewhere. I would say that it benefits from getting some air to take away the burn but it doesn't take long to calm done and is an excellent sipping rum with a smooth oaky, caramel flavour with a certain amount of depth. I drank it with an ice cube. It will be going on my Christmas list .. if I can wait that long!

There's something oddly pleasant about Blackheart. It has a bit of an almond flavor, like amaretto.

The only problem is that you don't expect that flavor from a bottle of rum.

However, if you get over your preconceived notions about what rum should taste like, this is a sweet, spicy, and not-too-strong rum, considering the proof.

Mixes incredibly well with coke, but honestly, if you gave this to someone and told them it was a cheap amaretto, they might be more impressed than if you told them it was rum.

Overall, it's got a nice flavor and a surprisingly complex variety for something so cheap.

Nice all around rum. Sipper, cocktail, or cola. It works in all. Slightly sweet with vanilla and cask notes. Just a hint of afterburn but not enough to worry about.

Аромат - выверенный испанский стиль, сладость, бочка. Вызывает доверие.
Поначалу ненавязчивая маслянистость уступает горечи, заметны небольшая кислинка и отсутствие сладости. Неприятные ощущения не задерживаются в послевкусии и поэтому закуска нужна в минимальных объёмах.
Отсутствует ощущение тяжести/давления во всех частях тела во время и после освобождения стеклотары.
За его цену (около €10) и весьма приятное качество неразумно покупать только одну бутылку.

The first thing that hits you with this rum is the very strong aroma of banana candy. Since I bought it to mix with their Coconut Rum, only a relatively small amount would go into the drink that I plan to concoct in a few days. The Blue Chair Bay website has some interesting suggestions combining this rum with their Coconut Rum, but almost all of them involve milk, cream, or added liqueurs. That is not for me. I want to boost up the ABV with a premium white rum such as Cana Brava 3 Year Old, and this will also cut the sugar amount with only three ingredients, all of them being "rums". For those of you who are already familiar with my other reviews, yes you have guessed it that my goal is to come up with a reasonable substitute for 80 proof Koloa Coconut that I can no longer get, while also making my own modifications to it. Make no mistake, this one is not a sipper or even to be served on the rocks unless you were raised with a sweet tooth.

I appreciate primarily sipping rums but also enjoy good rums for mixed drinks. While on a recent visit to Total Wines in Atlanta I was recommended Zaya 12 by an associate. After trying it I am extremely disappointed. There is an overpowering and unpleasant artificial vanilla scent both on the nose and in the taste that makes the rum very unappealing. There is also a lot of heat from the alcohol. Also tried it in a rum tonic and did not enjoy the overpowering vanilla tones along with a good tonic water, lime and a drop of angostura. Overall a poorly confectioned rum and a very low QPR. Maybe I can use it for cooking.


Its a dark rum, plenty of conplex flavours and mixes well with coke and a lime wedge. I find it goes great in an espresso martini.. instead of vodka. Its a big upgrade, one for all you rum lovers.

"Sailor" is always in my cabinet. Its a solid reliable rum that mixes well with coke and dry ginger ale / ginger beer. I always add a wedge of lime and it nakes for a very refreshing drink, love the vanilla notes and corked bottle.

Been deinking rum for years but always as a mix. This is my first real sipper and its awesome. So smooth even the wife loves it!

Taste smooth
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