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Its a very good rum for under 30 bucks. Good aroma and perfect for most tiki drinks.u

Nose is very light. The tongue is hardly complex in flavour. A faint caramel immediately swallowed by a nail-polish removed burn and follows with a smokey finish. Tastes much akin to a harsh whiskey when mixed. Not impressed. Could have the right use as a mix in a smokey cocktail; a rum old fashioned of sorts.

A great sipping rum served on the rocks. Also lovely with a splash of cola. A smooth rum with a nice, simple and not too complex flavoring, which I like. Not too sweet but not too strong either. The bite of alcohol doesn't hit the tongue until after swallowing. It also has a lovely looking bottle which will stand out in your cabinet.

Un des bon rhum de plantation bon petit goût de citron ....

Překvapivě pitelný rum kde cena výkon nemá obdobu .

it's not bad rum.I just think this single cask will not like everyone

I got sample to taste it. Sweet, smooth and fresh.Is not normally available. Occasionally at auction but overpriced.

Love using this rum in my tiki drinks. A great sub for coco flavor without using all the sweet creams.

This is the rum I kinda base all other rums off haha. It was the first rum I ever had that showed me the complexity behind the spirit so I may be a bit biased here. Smooth sipping, great mixing, an all round damn enjoyable spirit. There will always be a place in my heart for Zacapa

This right here, is my favorite rum. It's easy to find, reasonably priced and the taste, the taste is soft, pleasant enough to drink straight, with ice. I don't do cocktails, but it probably mixes nicely as well.

Great alternative to the likes of Baileys. A blend of real cream with white overproof Rum resulting in 15%abv in the bottle. Not too sweet for me with the rum still shining through and giving it a little kick. Well worth it.


The 8 year is not as smooth as the 12 year but it has similar flavours. It is a demerara rum with molasses flavoring which gives it a heavier feel. I like it with a splash of cola, which causes this rum to froth up.

Recently went to the Dominican and wanted to bring rum home with me. Grabbed a bottle of this and was very pleased.

I recently went to the Dominican and wanted to bring some rum home with me. This was one of the ones I chose and was very happy. Great sipper.

Un peu alcool mais avec de la glace s'équilibre très bien. Belles saveurs, épices, bananes etc

Came back from the Caribbean looking for coconut rum and found Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum at the local liquor store in Edmonton. Have been enjoying it ever since. Reminds me of the beach. Very smooth on ice with a hint of Coke for colour. Has tiny pieces of coconut in it that gives it more flavour. Last summer we couldn’t find it in all of Alberta and British Columbia. I was tempted to call Kenny himself. When I finally found it I bought a case. It was like finding an old friend. You can’t go wrong with Blue Chair Bay!


This stuff is awesome. Dark color. Very smooth and a sweetness that reminds me of dark brown sugar. Mixes well but can stand alone by itself. I’ve always used rum as a mixer, but this one makes a fine sipper, straight up. Definitely a top-shelfer. I actually found a fifth of this for $31.99 USD. A bourbon of this quality would have easily been $60-70 USD.

Lots of spiciness here. Maybe it’s because of the high alcohol content. I can definitely taste caramel. Beyond that, there’s a whole lot of I don’t know what. The best description I can give for it is “peppery”, but I have no idea if that is accurate. Decently priced. Works well in Coke, but better in piña colada.

Not so keen on the aroma, reminds me of red leg and lambs, but it tasted lovely and it’s smooth enough to sip and goes well with coke.