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It's quite a standard rum. Had it one night at a pub. It's plain and not excessively sweet, but with some burn. Ok when drinked alone, I think it'll be very good if mixed.

There's no doubt, Zacapa 23 is great for the rum industry. I'd guess its the most prevalent aged rum out there, and brought many newcomers to rum. this is a good started rum if you like sweet. For the more experienced drinkers there are plenty other expressions to choose.

I was really impressed by the bottle, and the rum is a decent smooth relatively dry rum. Smells and tastes of oak, almonds, spice, and maple. Another great expression from Puerto Rico.

I love the Flor de Cana line of rums and the 12 year is no exception. For you rum lovers, you won't be disappointed. No harsh flavor with limited heat going down. Complex characteristics with a nice contrast of Oakiness and sweetness made for sipping neat. I would go with Flor de Cana's younger siblings for mixing with a less expensive price tag. The 18 year is exceptionally good.

This expression of Don Q is superb. Smooth, light with subtle vanilla, caramel and oak. A true Puerto Rican rum. This is what happens when a rum is aged properly and bottled without adding any additives. Old school great Rum.

This rum has changed ... the new version with the screw on cap is revolting. Zaya should be Ashamed and Embarrassed to even put their name on this artificial crap. The aroma has an intensely chemical vanilla nature with an unpleasant overtone of aftershave. The taste is consistent with the aroma, and is cloyingly, sickly sweet. I like vanilla, but not this artificial, chemical-tasting vanilla. This product is truly horrible. You may think I'm exaggerating or being overly dramatic, but no. With absolute sincerity, I can tell you, this product is truly horrible.


I have to say that I like it, maybe it doesn't have any special extraordinary vibes in it but it is an HONEST rum, it is not any fake sugarbomb! Taste comes from maturation, there is plenty of wood aroma that I like. Bit too price in my country.

Final verdict: Maybe some day I will give it another shot

The only thing this rum is good for is mixing with orange juice or pina coladas. The flavor is overwhelming with sweet coconut. Yech.

A smooth spiced rum.not overwhelming for taste and had a nice aroma.

A good spiced rum. Reasonable price. Prefer with mix .

Je to sladké, chutí to, ale je to skutočne ešte rum a nie už likér?

Excellent on the rocks with a tiny tiny splash of tonic..with no lime/lemon. Smooth and most enjoyable. HOWEVER, if U look at the age and price of this rum in comparison to the Kirk and Sweeney 23, then the Kirk and Sweeney wins hands down. One of my new hot spots serves the Premise at a very reasonable price so I’ll continue to enjoy it there but at my house..only the Eldorado 21 and the Kirk and Sweeney 23. ( and yes, I know the Kirk and Sweeney is not a true 23) will be served.

Being a fan of dark spicy rums such as Havana 7, I was looking for a cheaper equivalent and thought I'd give this a try. It's actually quite a reasonable alternative, just dark enough, smooth, spicy, smokey notes - it has a faint resemblance of the toffee and tobacco notes of Havana Especiale, probably not quite as heavy as the 7.

It is underproof at 38% ABV

Like the taste of the Bacardi 8, great smooth taste not to sweet. Like the look of the new bottle alsow

Like the taste makes your rum and coke just a little different

I started drinken this rum with cola when i was young, so mabey the rum issent the best in the world but it is where it started with for my.

Good spiced up rum, better looking are on the bottle i like it

I like this one i takes me back to Cuba and the beach. Ofcourse the have better rum but i still like it once i a while

This is a rum i really like, tasted this one on my bachelor party what an amazing taste and the look of the plantation bottle amazing