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The strength of 56% is an asset as well as something that detracts. I find that high strength rums quite often mask the nose, and to me, the nose is half the enjoyment. However, on the palate, the elevated alcohol levels are superbly well integrated. Sure there is a burn. That is to be expected from something at 56%, but to me at least (!!) it isn't harsh and it leaves the most incredibly beautiful warmth.

Don't get me wrong, we are talking about the pinnacle of rums, and comparing against the Zinfandel 11yo and Port 9yo that I so loved. A good dollop of sherry both on the nose and in the mouth, but I can't help but think that it might be better at 43% rather than 46%. There is an ever so slight edge of alcohol to this one.

It's good, but no where near as appealing as the Zinfandel cask.

i like, it have a sweet taste but i had the feeling a was drinking a metaxa grand-fine

bad bad bad, after a few drinks of pacto navio it's tast really bad.

...This bottle definitely would have gone home with me. High ABV meant it certainly packed a punch, but had a really smooth finish with a complex flavor profile. Definitely a nice sipper especially as the weather starts to cool down.

Tout d'abord, la bouteille est très élégante!
Une belle couleur cuivrée et un nez gourmand avec des notes de toffee (bonbon au caramel).
En bouche, on retrouve ce goût de caramel, mais les saveurs sont somme toutes assez discrètes
et s'effacent assez vite pour laisser place à une désagréable sensation de brûlure liée à l'alcool!
Dommage car au final, ce rhum manque pour moi de longueur et ne tient pas toutes ses promesses...
Il n'est pas mauvais, mais j'avoue être un peu déçu: j'attendais plus de ce rhum!

No tomaría este ron ni siquiera con Coca Cola. Quizás para combinados con limón (daikiris? mojitos malos?) podría valer, pero si puedo elegir y permitirme gastar 2 euros mas por botella.. lo evitaría. De verdad, para beber esto yo bebo cerveza o agua

Para combinar en cocktails como el Cuba libre o similares (con cola). No lo tomaría solo de ninguna manera, con mucho alcohol y prácticamente sin sabores complejos. lo dicho, para copas

Con regusto a miel y caramelo, extremadamente suave y mucho cuerpo. Fantástico para tomar con postres

Muy equilibrado, fácil de tomar, suave y con buen regusto final. No demasiado dulce, en nariz sin embargo tenía notas de canela y chocolate. Muy indicado para tomar solo, sin ni siquiera hielo

Strong alcohol smell but very smooth in the palate. Sweet, but mostly due to vanilla than molasses. Is light... not a heavyweight champion.


Perfect value for money. A rum with many smells, including cocoa and citrus. Tasty and persistent on the palate, with a fantastic chocolate aftertaste. A rum to be tasted full

Not a bad room but nothing special. Smell of fruit, coffee and vanilla, persistent and pleasant flavor. Not suitable for tastings, but excellent for special cocktails

I didn’t know this rum. A big surprise. Very particular to the nose, with an unusual smell of burnt, fabulous to the taste, every sip a different taste, delicate and that leaves an excellent aftertaste on the palate

This was a surprise for me, it's very dark and mysterious as others has said. Strong taste in your mouth at the first sip, it just need a bit to fully appreciate and feel it's final taste, dry and bitter, leaving very pleasant molasses and oak notes.

A fantastic rum, woody and slightly spicy on the nose, full bodied but pleasant on the palate with hints of fruit. For me, born in 1985 (+ 1 point for this), the perfect gift to recive. Excellent value for money

Oakheart gas so much potential and yet doesn't deliver on taste or drinkability. This is a last resort for rums,not even good for mixing...and forget about sippin'.

Say what you will about the Kraken, the flavor is there and usually consistent, and the price point makes this an everyday go-to for fixing a fine cocktail at the end of a long day. Not the most sophisticated, but a reliable standard for any rum collection.

I have two bottles, a "regular" and an "Irma batch". Both have very different flavors and finishes due to the pressure drop provided by Irma. Such a good and interesting rum.

Not much of a nose. White rum. As sipper, thou I wouldn’t think it’s intended for that has definite alcohol to tongue. Definitely better with coke or as mixer. Helps cover flaws but not much more than adding alcohol to another drink