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Nikdy jsem z něj nebyl, nijak zvlášť nadšený. Levný.

A local blend of Denmark. Aged in beer barrells. Vanilla and a little apricot in the nose. Vanilla and a funky hint of beer in the taste. Very interesting. A little pepper in the finish? Recommendable because of the touch of beer.


Duft af citrus og træ. Lidt træ i smagen. Et hint af sprit til at starte med, men den forsvinder hurtigt efter lidt tid i glasset. Så bliver den blød i smagen og på tungen. Lidt udefinerlig i smagen, som desværre ikke er så bred og nuanceret. Ikke en dårlig rom, da man godt kan fornemme kvaliteten, men den den unuancerede smag, holder den på 7.

Selvom den er med i romkalenderen, så er der ikke meget rom over den. Bliver også lanceret som likør. Kokos i duft med et hint af abrikos. Et strej af chokolade til at starte med og derefter meget smag af appelsin og kokos. Minder om orangechokoladestænger. Meget meget sød, og man har sukkerbelægninger overalt. (12. December 2018)

Sherry flavor is most apparent, if you pay attention the plumes on the background become apparent in the after taste. Interesting experience, but a bit pricy for that.

Rum for beginners, sweet with cacao, very soft alcohol. Pleasant, but too liqueur style.

A local blend og Denmark. Nose of vanilla and toffee. Powerfull Strong taste at first, bur then sweet taste of vanilla and toffee. Perhaps with a twist of anise. A good rum for Christmas, but not a taste of Christmas. Too sweet for a 9.


It can perfume whole room and give it a chocolate smell, however taste goes horrendously wrong. Calling it oversweetened water is being too soft, it gives me shakes when drinking it.

Kokos och choklad. Söt och fyllig smak, lite som en pralin.

Bit of cognac style, nice rum, with vanilla, rounded warm alcohol.

Already on nose unexpexted aroma, not common for a rum, same with taste. After very short finish, I decided, not to my taste. It is good that rum in a rum.

20ml uit een advent kalender. Te weinig om echt in te duiken.. hout, rokerig maar wat zoetig.

Vune neni uplne spatna - kokos, mandle. Rum je ale nesnesitelne sladkej - krmeni pro vcely. To je vse co se da rict o chuti.

Rum of very dark colour.

Sweet fruits and spices on the nose.
Not too sweet on palate, exotic fruits, vanilla and perhaps cinnamon makes it somewhat nice Christmas rum.

It's basically what Captain Morgan should be, and for the price it should be.

I got this on sale, apparently no one really buys it. Maybe it's the mix of the Captain name with the relatively higher price? It's not great stuff, I wouldn't even call it pretty good. But it was definitely better than average. I don't know how else to describe it than "like the regular Captain, but a little better."

I like pineapple, and I like rum, and I've liked rum and pineapple juice. This is bad, though. It's bitter, candy pineapple flavor in cheap white rum. Avoid.

That's all I can say for it. No other reason to buy it.

Most of the awful reviews, I would wager, are from snobs. Which is fine, a bit of snobbery is definitely needed in any niche community. But I think sometimes, that snobbery can lead to hyperbole, especially when something extremely popular is the topic of discussion.

Is Bacardi a "good" rum? No. It's not very smooth, it doesn't have any unique flavor to it, and it won't impress your friends. But it's not a "bad" rum either. If I were in the mood for rum, and this was the only thing I could find, I certainly wouldn't pass it up. I wouldn't be ashamed of Bacardi the way that I have been some other rums.

I can't say I recommend it, hence the lack of a positive rating, but I can't say I'm against it, hence the lack of a negative rating. This is a generic, default rum.

It's an ok rum, and just that. The smell, somewhat tropical, is more pleasing than the taste. Poor for sipping, bad for shots, okay for mixing.

Ein ausgezeichneter Rum schöne dunkle Farbe.
Sehr ausgeprägte süsse
Viel von Kaffe und Kakao