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It is a sweet and spicy rum which is what I like. Found this on a trip snowmobiling in Gaspé. A great treat at the end of the day!

And that's about all it does: exist. It doesn't taste bad, and it does taste like rum. It will mix adequately, and won't offend you when neat. That's all there is too it, no notes or anything.

As far as column distillates go, this is nice. Definitely mellow, with a classy quality that is hard to describe. It flows very eloquently across the palate, and fades with a pleasant toasty aftertaste. Overall very mild for my taste, but nice to have on hand, and nice to taste every once in a while. A classier daiquiri or Mary Pickford, maybe?

Almost no burn. Smells toasty and tastes VERY mildly fruity. I could go into detail to describe the nuances, but overall its a very mild rum. Seems to be predominantly light Trinidad rum in the blend, with the Jamaican coming through in subtle whiffs. I'd have it in a daiquiri.

The mouthfeel is quite good, silky and thick without any sugar addition. While relatively low flavor, it does have a very pleasant caramelized quality to it that actually lingers for quite some time. Not at all a bad rum, and recommendable at around $15 a bottle. Would have it in mojitos and daiquiris, primarily. Maybe with cola or root beer.

This rum is deceptive. My wife and i had a drink and were like "this isnt so bad" so we had another drink. Now we are accidently hammered and as intelligent as dogs

Unique taste but one of my favourites! Give it a try if you are in Nova Scotia!

My little sister put me onto this. Very nice full flavor spiced for a dark rum.

It's a smooth rum, very smooth. With not too much burn and a slight wooden finish that makes it a very decent middle point between a gold and white rum. And, while far from perfect (that 7 could easily be a solid 6 or high 5) it might easily become a staple of your liquor cabinet.

Very bold offering with the bourbon barrel aging process. Not sweet and very subtle complimentary notes.

Cant beat this rum for general mixing. Captain who?

Very light and smooth. The vanilla is prominent and pleasant. I recommend on ice with a squeeze of lime.

The twelve year aged offering from Abuelo is surprisingly IMO their worst offering that I've sampled. The smell and taste are both very harsh and give me more of an impression of whiskey than rum. Stick with the 7

This is a surprisingly elegant offering from a brand I associate with keg stands on the beach in panama city fl. Lots of not so subtle flavors and sweet finish. This does fine sipped on its own or mixed. Price seems to vary greatly. Would not pay top dollar for this one but definitely pleasantly surprised.

Everything about this rum is outstanding. From the packaging to the aroma to the subtle but clear taste notes this rum really does not disappoint. Even at the high price tag it seems like a value.

Explosion de saveur en bouche. Tres doux avec une bonne longueur.

Notes of the oak barrels, candied fruit flavors and spices. Reminds a lot about zacapa 21

Sweet toffee, fudge and tropical fruit flavors. Too sweet for me, but a good rum for beginners

Notes of brown sugar, caramelised sugar, orange, toffee, marzipan, coconut and vanilla. Excellent with a good cigar

Not nearly as obnoxious as wray and nephew, but both rums share a strong pineapple/citrus aroma on the nose, though wray and nephew smells much more like chemicals than this. It is very funky, and for many it may be too much to have neat or even on the rocks. A tropical cocktail for this would be the best bet; I saw a recipe for a daiquiri using this and then plantation’s stiggins fancy (great rum). I really dont like wray and nephew and so this reminding me of it put me off a bit, but that’s personal. It is worth a try, and if nothing else the artwork on the bottle is attractive enough to add some character to your rum cabinet.