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Welcome gentlemen.
Before reading my reviews, let me say a few words about tasting.

Tasting is like exploring a new world. Often it's better to have a map of the world.
In order to rate a rum properly we need to know it's distillery character. Each distillery produces unique flavors.
Rum distillery characters are more shaped than in any other spirits (including whisky), because there are different raw materials, unique easts and distillations.
Thats why it's not enough to perceive the flavors. We must understand how good the combination of flavors is, how balanced, how unique they are and what we could expect from a certain rum.

A personal preference is not a properly rating. I try to justify my reviews and make them comprehensible.
My rating does not consider the price, that's why I have a value rating in my tasting notes.
If you see a 5/5 value, you can buy that rum blind.

Rum with sugar tastes milder and suggests older age.
One should actually differentiate the ratings, since there are rum lovers who only like natural rum. That is why I mark natural rum in the heading with the capital letters NR.

If you ask for my personal preference. I can enjoy both worlds, I like good modern rums like Zacapa XO and also classic pure pot still rums like Hampden DOK.
There is no contradiction for me.
I enjoy some rums with a rating of 8. But I only buy rums with a rating of 9 to 10 (but also not all of them, I have some preferences).
There are just a few exceptions to that rule. Bristol Caroni 1998 is one of them with a rating of 8.