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Welcome gentlemen. I've been tasting rums for a few years and am interested in the latest bottlings. I like all kinds of r(h)ums, dirty, strong and sweet rums.

My criteria are as follows:

1. complexity, how many flavors are in the taste and how often do they change.

2. Intensity, how intensive and saturated are the flavors. High abv intensifies the flavors. I deduct points when I taste alcohol.

3. Balance, are there dominating flavors, how do they change in the initial, middle, finish, aftertaste.

4. Aging, how much wood influence, tannins, heavy flavors like rubber, leather, tobacco are in the rum.

5. Clarity, is there a distillery character. Are the individual aromas clearly perceptible?

 Meets this rum my expectation and is it better than my reference rum.

6. Excitement, do I experience something new according to a reference r(h)um. Is there something exceptional.

7. A good scent should be reflected in the taste. Taste counts the same as the smell. Rum with sugar tastes milder and suggests older age.

I differentiate the ratings, since there are rum lovers who only like natural rum. That is why I mark natural rum in the heading with the capital letters NR.

Usefull links:

Beginner guide: http://rumproject.com/menuitem2.html 

Rating system: https://refinedvices.com/the-rating-system

Hydrometers tests (sugar content): https://thefatrumpirate.com/hydrometer-tests-2

Classification systems: https://cocktailwonk.com/2016/10/categorically-flawed-rums-classifications-hold-back.html

High Ester rum marques: https://cocktailwonk.com/rum-marques

All topics:https://cocktailwonk.com/all-about-rum

Rum history blog: http://www.therumhistorian.com/


Ranking - https://singlecaskrum.com/2020/03/19/14482/

Demerara - https://inuakena.com/misc/a-visit-to-demerara-distillers-limited

Demerara - https://cocktailwonk.com/2020/02/demerara-distillers-part-one.html

Caroni (translate site): https://barrel-aged-thoughts.blogspot.com/2020/02/caroni-history-legacy-of-lost-distillery.html

Hampden: https://cocktailwonk.com/2016/04/ground-zero-of-jamaican-funk-going-deep-at-hampden-estate.html

Worhy Park: https://cocktailwonk.com/2016/04/worthy-park-a-jamaican-rum-distillery-for-the-21st-century.html

St. Lucia - https://cocktailwonk.com/2019/08/still-life-saint-lucia-distillers.html

Foursquare - https://inuakena.com/misc/a-visit-to-foursquare-rum-distillery/

Best bargains for natural rum lovers (warning -> high abv or spicy):

H.S.E. Rhum Agricole Très Vieux VSOP 45.0% -> Martinique

Smith&Cross -> Hampden

El Dorado 8 -> Demerara

Blackwell -> Jamaica

Holey Dollar Gold -> Fiji (pot still)

Appleton 12 (new rare cask version) -> Jamaica


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