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“I grew up in New Orleans, which is widely known as the northern capital of the Caribbean. In 1988, I set out to explore the Caribbean for 8 years on frequent trips to satisfy my love of scuba diving and the vast array of music, cuisine, and cultures. This led to my first love of rum and 30 years later, those first choices for rum still hold up today. This website has added to those first choices, along with the knowledge to let the rum breathe in the snifter before sipping.

After tasting and reviewing 270 rums in my first 22 months on here, only one third wound up being rated at 5 or below to never be bought again and this is with some advice from fellow reviewers. The whole point of this website is for us to avoid the dreck by reading these reviews. What keeps me going is the hopes of adding to my 10% rated above a 7. And as you have guessed, a whopping 60% wound up with a 7 or 6 rating, so ranking them all in order in a spreadsheet was absolutely essential. Once they are ranked along with the cost for each, a Q-PR can be calculated to separate the good buys from the other ones. And as most of us already know, never be suckered into buying a rum based upon it's pretty bottle.

After 22 months of sipping and writing reviews on here, I have come to the conclusion that it is extremely hard to find more than 270 rums to rate within a 100 mile radius of a big city, providing one like me refuses to buy bottom shelf crap. This adventure has led me to some pretty damn good ones that I could never have found otherwise!!!

All of my bottles are now ranked in exact order of my final rankings for everyone's benefit.

An inside tip on all of my ratings! I am not like the movie critic who has to sit through all of the latest crap ass movies and rate them as part of my job. In the rum world, this means that I don't take just one sip, spit it out, and call it crap. My reviews and ratings evolve because I know that first impressions are often meaningless. CHEERS!!!

Update: After 296 reviews in 26 months, it is now time to back off. Sad to say it, but slightly less than 10% of what I have rated so far warrants repeat purchases, which is what I am doing now. I like my current title of Swashbuckler, but absolutely hate the title of Black Belt once I cross 300 reviews. Therefore, I will leave the space of 3 reviews for any special rum that I come across in the coming months.”

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