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Woof!!! My name is Jessica and my master Paul B has given up on trying new rums. After 474 reviews in almost 6 years, I hinted to him that he needs to spend even more time with me. No more of those damn long rum running trips, especially since he has found the ultimate best buys in both aged and white rums.  He says that I am smarter than most folks in this part of the country, but I already knew that. Quite often, I am even smarter than him.

He grew up in the northern capital of the Caribbean where sugar cane is grown. He keeps less than 30 bottles on hand these days. When the sun sets over the house, we both like to sit on our back yard swing facing east and overlooking our lake. He will pick one of his rums to sip neat or OTR, depending upon his mood. Sometimes, he offers me the glass and asks, "Want some?" He does this because he knows damn well that I am smart enough to turn my head away and jump off the swing. When he quits this foolishness, I jump back up onto the swing with him.


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