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I grew up in New Orleans, which is widely known as the northern capital of the Caribbean. In 1988, I set out to explore the Caribbean for 8 years on frequent trips to satisfy my love of scuba diving and the vast array of music, cuisine, and cultures. This led to my first love of rum and 30 years later, those first choices for rum still hold up a bit today. This website has added to those first choices, along with the knowledge to let the rum breathe in the snifter before sipping.

I started out on this journey like most other newbies, that is with sweet rums and sugar bombs. I soon found out that they don't last long in the bottle and also cause terrible physical results the next day. You may notice that among all of my ratings at 8 and above, these rums are either dry or semi-dry, with a few agricoles and overproofs thrown in. This is the top 10% that each of my new purchases has aspired to and most of them never met this mark. To put it bluntly, this is a very expensive and often money wasting hobby. I still maintain my own limit of $120 US per bottle, since I am not a collector. I drink all that I buy. Of all the rums that I spent $50 US or more on, a whopping 60% of them got my rating of 7 or less, and this should not be the case. Thankfully, few of my purchases go down the drain or get donated to a neighbor. All of my bottles are now ranked in exact order of my final rankings for everyone's benefit.

I now have enough rums in my collection to last me for at least another year. With 400 reviews in the last 40 months to beat that dreaded Black Belt badge with a new one, I have found the best tasting rums for my own preferences at the best possible prices. There is really no need to try any more rums and review them. My properly ordered cabinet now speaks for itself with no more need to adjust any of them. It has been lots of fun!

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