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Aldea 2006 Maestro rum

Aldea 2006 Maestro

Spain | Aged

6.2/10 (21 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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21 Aldea 2006 Maestro ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by Oliver from Spain with 56 ratings

Yesterday I bought a bottel of Aldea Maestro. It comes in a bottle thats nicer than most premium brands. Has a nice colour and it havig several less aged rums below it, it is one of the supposedly better rums of the brand (above this are only familia and tradición, below there is the reserva, the 8 year and the añejo). After opening the bottle strong alcohol smell kicks hard. First I tried to drink it just on ice but no way. For me it had only alchol presence, I was not able to taste more different things in it (maybe the alcohol presence was to hard for me to notice more, maybe there was nothing more). It is very simple and not mild at all (considering it has 10 years eventhough the label does not mention it, but the reserva below has 10 years and the familia 15, so it should have 10 or even 12, on the net it is offered as 10 years).
Then I mixed it in a Cuba Libre as it is not sweet at all, what I consider good for Cuba Libre. It is half way to dry I would say. The Cuba Libre was acceptable but strong, and far far away from rums that bring other flavours into it.
I'm definitely keeping the bottle (removing labels) and will refill it once it is empty with other stuff. The bottle has one of the best designs of all. For the price I paid here in the canary islands (20 euro) I consider it far to expensive compared to other rums you get at this price here. Maybe the familia and tradicion are better, but if the entry premium rum of this brand has nothing to offer, Aldea lost the chance of waking up my interest in buying one of the two more aged rums. Maybe if I see the other rums at a bar, I'll give them a try, but buying an entire bottle again, I don't think so. What a pitty havind such nice bottles


Posted over 3 years ago by Teis Madsen from Denmark with 114 ratings

en ok rom, men ikke noget prangende. Der findes mange bedre til samme pris


Posted 4 months ago by Bassdscho92 from Austria with 12 ratings

It's alright. Sweet, not very special. Certainly a well crafted rum, but nothing to spend hours of nosing and searching for fine or subtle aromas. Easy sipping


Posted 5 months ago by Harrie from Netherlands with 55 ratings

Apart from alcohol very closed and even after 10 minutes the scent was strong but the notes still timid if that makes any sense. Another 10 minutes later there is fudge, leather, a little spice and some oak. On the palate there is also a fruitish note and the leather remains entangled with the oak.

It is a dry(ish) rum (which I consider good) with not much complexity for a 10yo but all in all not bad though a bit harsh. Taste is gone rather quickly with a little bitter aftertaste. Most certainly drinkable but a bit expensive for what this is.


Posted 7 months ago by Pavel from Czech Republic with 133 ratings

I like the strong leather-ish smell, it's the real man's rum, not sweet at all, the longer you drink it, the better it gets.


Posted 7 months ago by Rasmus from Denmark with 140 ratings

I have tried some Spanish rum now and maybe it is me, maybe I have been unlucky, maybe the rum from Spain is simply not good. I don´t know, but this is another miss in my book.

Nose: Vanilla, oak, almond, cocoa and orange peel
Taste: Vanilla, caramel, cocoa, coconut and a slight menthol feel in the short aftertaste
Overall: This rum really doesn´t hit the spot for me. It ticks all the usual boxes for a Spanish rum, but lacks focus.


Posted 8 months ago by Marty from Czech Republic with 66 ratings

Not bad .


Posted 9 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 212 ratings

Smell: alcohol, paper, citrus, fruits
Taste: paper, vanilla, bitterness, nice burn

Sweetness: 2/5
Fruits: 2/5
Spice: 3/5
Mildness: 2.5/5


Posted 9 months ago by Buchi from Germany with 23 ratings

Riecht am Anfang stark nach Alkohol. Gibt man ihm etwas Zeit legt sich das und leichte Toffee Noten kommen zum Vorschein.
Leichte Karamell Noten und im Abgang Vanille und ein wenig Holz


Posted 9 months ago by Taster from Switzerland with 112 ratings

...but still not great.
Nose: rather harsh, alcohol, leather, not very pleasant
Palate: a bit thin and poor in taste, but pretty sharp, herbal, rather dry.

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