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My adult rum journey started as for most people with the sweet Spanish styled “Ron”. Nowadays I’m more into the English styled “Rum” and Agricole. Right now I have around 200 (20 Spanish; 80 English; 100 Agricole's (incl Clairin's and Cachaca's which ain't Agricole's by definition)) different bottles in my private Rum bar (which I have created a cabinet of further down) and around 300 in total. My favourite brand is English Harbour and Antigua is the only island that I have payed a visit in the Antilles. My “Spanish” favorite's on the sweet side are right now Ron Zafra and Ron Malecon Rare Proof. On the drier side I like Cuban rum. My “English” favourites (except from English Harbour) is to find among the Bajan and Jamaican brands. My “French” favourites is mainly to find among those from Guadeloupe, especially Montebello and Reimonenq. But also some from Martinique, for example Depaz and Dillon.