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I use this in part in every rum based mixed drink I make (Mai Tais, Zombies, rum swizzles, Gun Club punch, Navy Grog, Siboney, Jet Pilot). It is reasonably priced and provides the Guyana smoke essence. This rum adds a unique taste in all mixed rum tiki cocktails. It is a staple. I use it daily in mixed tiki cocktails!

I was pleasantly surprised with this 2yo. Not that refined, raisin and caramel taste. I like it with coke.
Paid €8.70 for 70cl, I think this is the best tasting cheap rum i have tried so far.
Because of the low price I would give a 9/10 but overall...

Its a light (probably mostly column-still) rum. Definitely has that demerara style of darker, smokey molasses and brown sugar (evaporated caramel when left in the glass). Not as sweet as many dark rums (which I really like). Its well balanced, and really not bad for the $14 I paid. Can be surprisingly hard to find for such a cheap one...

Taste really good for the price paid. Notes of molasses and brown sugar. Low price and largely available.

Had previously purchased an El Dorado 8 yr and somewhat enjoyed the taste but while it was not nearly as sweet as the 12 or 15, I still found it too sweet for my palate. I purchased an El Dorado Dark (2 yr) and rather enjoyed the taste as it is much drier than the other ED offerings. I only drink my rum neat and never thought I would enjoy ED Dark but it is different than most rums I keep on hand and a nice and diversion from my drier rums. Pleasantly surprised 👍


A bit too weak at 37.5% and too sweet for me. Guess for the price it's ok, but wouldn't buy it myself.

Un ami est arrivé avec cette bouteille un soir. Je suis resté assez surpris par le goût et la texture malgré le prix (13$). Personnellement, je l'ai essayer avec du coke. Texture de melasse avec un peu de caramel. À essayer si vous ne voulez pas trop dépenser!

I like brown alcools since 40 years but not an off to invest too much. I tried almost all the brandys available in my province of Quebec in Canada and many affordables rhums. I buy 1 bottle each 2-3 weeks and most of the time I buy this one I tried many times other knowned affordable but less cheap brands in rhum and even if I appreciate it I always return to the eldorado dark buying often one even if I have an other one different to finish. Unlike others people that rated it for me it is a sipper I like its rough powerful aroma that confirms you that you have something in mouth. I am in Dominican Republica for winter months now and here the rhums are fine and very cheap but be sure that when I will be back to the north I will get an El Dorado soon even if I will have brung the best Dominicans rhums. An other excellent dark alcool that I like not costly is the St-Remy XO brandy. Cheers everybody !!!

This is my favorite rum for mixing with cola. It's sweet and really adds a raisins flavor to the cola. Tried it as a sipper, but quickly added cola again. The price is very good too. So, not thinking about it as a sipper but only as a mixer, it's an 8/10.

I would not buy this. If you like the taste of molasses then yore love this. Not complex at all.

Pleasant aroma, mild alcohol. The aftertaste is not that I liked. Honest 5-6 points, would not be surprised if someone appreciate above.

À venir prochainement..............................

Er ist genau das was schon im Titel steht. Gut für Cuba Libre und Cocktails, nicht mehr aber auch nicht weniger, preislich echt ok.

just for the coke. simple, not harsh. you can drink it neat, if you want. no sharpness of alcohol.

Bon deal, bon gout de cassonade rôtie! Puissant mais final courte et douce.

commentaire a venir

As dark rums go, this one is a little light in color albeit a dark amber. Not a complaint just an observation. Some of the dark rums I enjoy are darker than this but not by much. I would say this is about the color of an over-steeped tea.

Got this from the local beverage store for just under $12 (before tax) and considering this is a blend of two year old rums the rum is distilled from fermented molasses it's a good bargain. It's not very smooth but the flavor is distinctly molasses. Bit of a burn but not too bad. Fades quickly on the tongue but stays in the throat a little longer. Not a sipping rum but a mixer and well worth it. I prefer it mixed with Coke Zero. One of my top two dark rums (the other being Cayman Reef Double Black).

A very young and light (thin) rum. Sweet smell of toffee and alcohol. Quite sweet taste of toffee and caramel together with harsh alcohol and some tangy fruit aromas. Short aftertaste. This is good in mixed drinks and makes not so much fun neat. It is however very inexpensive.

You've had the El Dorado 5? 8? 12? 15? 21? Well, this is El Dorado 2. Yep, 2 years old, and pretty raw. There's some molasses and toffee, but the mouth feel is really thin and watery, and the alcohol is distracting. It's very inexpensive, as it should be. I drink it neat and not often, but I can imagine it doing okay in mixed drinks. For a few dollars more you can get ED 8 and live a happier life.

Straight up this one simply tastes very empty and harsh, not that I really expected anything more for that price.

Noticed this at a local store today and thought I'd give it a shot since it's the cheapest on the shelf and I enjoy all other El Dorado rums I've tasted.
Poured this up a few minutes ago and was immediatly treated to a rich toffee smell. Taste is sweet, toffee and rich like most dark rums but a little harsh on the throat.
Added a few ice cubes and a splash of cola and it's a pretty good drink.

Flot skip som går igen på mange af deres flasker. Da jeg er en tosset samler måtte jeg også hade denne i samlingen og er en af dem som der vil blive drukket og mikset med cola

Delicious notes of banana - sweet and easy to drink. My go to mixing rum.

My every day mixing rum. Gose well with any recipe,anytime. El dorado is always a sure shot. I give it an extra point because of the price.