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Chairman's The Forgotten Cask rum

Chairman's The Forgotten Cask

Saint Lucia | Aged

6.9/10 (104 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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104 Chairman's The Forgotten Cask ratings

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Posted 6 days ago by Andreas from Sweden with 14 ratings

A smooth and not too complex rum from St. Lucia and it will not leave you disappointed.


Posted 16 days ago by Seko from Czech Republic with 102 ratings

The older brother of Chairman's Reserve Finest, nose is real beauty, sweet fruity tones, mixed with charred barrel, toffee and a waft of elderberry, on the palate there is oak, chocolate, spices, all deep and pleasant, with a bit of sweetness, but without added sugar. The aftertaste is long and spicy, turning towards bitter, with a bit of an pleasing alcohol prickle. The overall taste profile is smooth, almost oily, first glass from the bottle seems a bit one dimensional, but the taste develops nicely after a few glasses. My feeling is similar I get with Doorly's - this one is indeed a pleasing and honest rum without additives. Compared with Doorly's 8y - this one has a bit less elaborated nose (Doorly is exceptional indeed) and more spicy body. Good job mister Chairman!


Posted 16 days ago by F_a_r_a_b_a_c_k from Sweden with 21 ratings

God rom som saknar det lilla extra men slinker ner snabbt.


Posted 20 days ago by Jagged from Slovakia with 45 ratings

Tento rum som si vybral na základe dobrých recenzií a neklamali. Vôna naozaj nádherná - pre mňa zatial TOP! Vanilka, drevo, med, tabak, dym, jemne ovocie. Chuť - drevo, vanilka, ovocie, horká čokoláda, korenie. Príjemne popŕhli na jazyku a zahreje - tipol by som viac ako 40 percent. Priaznivá cena! Celkové hodnotenie 9,5!


Posted 1 month ago by PhM from Belgium with 14 ratings

Bought this while travelling on advice of a great shop with loads of rum’s. In first instance I wasn’t convinced but the more I drank it the better it got. Now I want to buy it again.


Posted 1 month ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 245 ratings

Accidentally aged version of Chairmans Reserve? Good marketing. Chairman’s Reserve is 3 to 5 years, this one must be around 8 year. It's a blend of coffey- and pot still. I would expect some dirty and dark aromas. We have a dilution here to 40% and a colum still distillation.

The dilution is too high. The taste is not watery, but also not rich. The taste is bright with some agricole flavors like fermented fruits. Further vanilla, some sweetness like sugar cane, floral notes, wood and some fermented citrus fruits.
The finish is not very spicy because of the dilution.

No heavy or darker flavors there. That's sad because I'm a fan of the Chairmans Reserve Master Select pot still rum. It's a type of rum that can compete with Caroni.
This one is far behind. Therefrore I would rate it 65 points.

Smell: vanilla, fermented citrus fruits, floral notes, wood, some sweetness
Taste: vanilla, spice, fermented citrus fruits, tanins, barrel/earth, floral notes

Sweetness: 2/5
Fruit: 1.5/5
Spice: 2.5/5
Mildness: 3/5
Value (38€): 2/5


Posted 2 months ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 166 ratings

This is excellent rum! Far better than the 6.9 aggregate score as of my review. This has a ton of body, Thick, chewy and smooth. Not sweet at all. Lots of oak, molasses, sultana black currant and even some faint fig notes. Long, mellow and satisfying finish. Great value too at $40. Another superb rum from a GREAT distillery.


Posted 2 months ago by pula_pirata from Australia with 23 ratings

It’s a nice sipper with no much of a personality, nothing that stands out. Sweet with a medium finish.


Posted 2 months ago by Ric Stryde from Canada with 7 ratings

The rum is a nice amber colour. It has a decent amount of body. On the nose are a lot of molasses and brown sugar, a hint of vanilla and a hit of alcohol. On the tongue is some continued brown sugar, a greater dose of alcohol and some baking spices. It’s quite dry for a rum that has sugary notes. Not a lot of burn for something with a pronounced alcohol nose and flavour. Decent rum, but nothing particularly notable about it.


Posted 3 months ago by Clint Oosterbos from Netherlands with 7 ratings

This is none-sweetened rum which tastes less sweet than many other rums.
Somewhat oak, somewhat minty in the very short finish