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Hampden Estate 8-Year rum

Hampden Estate 8-Year

Jamaica | Aged

84 ratings
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84 Hampden Estate 8-Year ratings

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Posted 8 months ago by lholz13 from United States with 27 ratings

My new favorite. I can drink this with just a bit of lime. I have also tried with coconut water. This rum is just perfect.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Hans-Durstig from United Kingdom with 45 ratings

Although not my favourite, this is real quality stuff. Unsweetened, uncoloured, single pot-stilled rum. All ingredients declared, the standard Luca Gargano and Richard Seale are trying to get the industry to aspire to.
Great chunky bottle, neat lable, but plastic stopper.
Gold colour.
Nose very funky, in keeping with the esters declared on the label. Gluey, acetone entry, fading into dried bananas.

In the mouth it's a beast, punching above its 46%. Alcohol and other volatiles kick your palate, there is a long spiritey finish, but a shortage of dried fruit and wood.
Bone dry, sweetness 1/5.

In the throat there is a burn that goes up your nose and follows down into your gullet.

This is not a subtle rum. It'll make you sit up and take notice of what is the craft of double retort pot stills. The complete opposite of Zacapa / El Dorado / Diplomatico.
I'm not sure whether I'd buy it again, but I loved the experience of unusual, but serious quality.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Rumdog from New Zealand with 10 ratings

Seems much stronger than the 46%, gets better with time. Big bold flavours, beautiful nose and tastes.

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Posted almost 3 years ago by 5xo (PREMIUM) from Slovakia with 276 ratings

Tastes sort of like a blend between agricole (grassy tones) and whisky. It has quite a bite as well, at least it does not have weird chemical flavor. 4/10
EDIT: So in recent months after tasting a lot of whiskies I came around to this style of rum, funky but interesting, just add tablespoon or two of water.


Posted 10 months ago by Ponge from Belgium with 13 ratings

The taste took some getting used to. As a relatively new rum enthousiast it felt stronger then 46%. Will have to try it again.


Posted 12 months ago by Russ from United States with 98 ratings

If you really want to dive into what Jamaican rum is all about then this is great example. Granted, you might not want to start with this one since it's very funky but once you develop your taste buds you can't go wrong with this one.

On the nose you get some nuts and cinnamon as well as some hints of bananas. The first taste hits you get some more cinnamon but also pineapple and strong funk.

It has taken me awhile to appreciate Jamaican rum but I love it now and I love this rum!

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Posted 12 months ago by Stefan Persson (TASTING CLUB) from Sweden with 260 ratings

Have had this bottle for a while on my Jamaican shelf.
This rum, together with its overproof brother, marking an historic moment for all rum enthusiasts loving the funky 100% pot still rum from Jamaica.
It’s complex, dry and intense. I think it’s hard to recognize the flavors cause it’s mostly nuances and notes, but I believe I detected vanilla, ginger, fruits and spicy nuances and some smokiness.
Picture: My Jamaican shelf & My opened bottle.


Posted 1 year ago by Mujuru from United States with 93 ratings

Nose: Funk, overripe apples, pear brandy, plum brandy
Palate: very whiskey-like, apple brandy, sour apple, smokiness, bitter herbs, medicinal essence
Finish: short, DRY as the Sahara desert, sour, rhubarb, faint hints of caramel, clove spice

So this is very interesting and simultaneously weird as hell. Perhaps it is the esters but this is a very different take on Jamaican rum. Its almost like a marriage between Smith & Cross and Kentucky bourbon with some bitter herbs, cigar smoke, and pear brandy thrown in for good measure. It has a pleasant nose of overripe apples, plum brandy, and the telltale Jamaican funk. On the palate it is immediately and almost overwhelmingly whiskey-like which quickly fades into apple brandy, heavy smokiness, and bitter herbs with a medicinal essence playing in the background. The aftertaste is almost pucker sour, like biting into an under ripe apple with faint hints of rhubarb and a clove like spiciness to it. Long after putting the glass down your mouth dries out and you feel like you just smoked a cigar sterilized in apple brandy. The finish is very, very dry. In fact this is the driest rum I have ever experienced bar none. Drink water with this...not because of the alcohol, but because of how damn dry this rum is..seriously. All in all it is a very, very different and interesting experience most of which is pleasant and some of which is just downright weird. Frankly, this rum gives me a split personality. 1/3 of me screams "I love it!", 1/3 of me tells me that this is just damn weird and confuses me, and 1/3 of me detests the sour, whiskey, pucker dry mouth it leaves in my cheeks. I have no idea how to rate this confusing mess one so I guess I will go with a 6. I could see how this rum would be extremely polarizing. I could also imagine that this rum would be one hell of mixer with a very distinct profile, I guess I will have to try that. As a final point, one of the major issues with this rum is the price. At $60 a bottle this is fairly expensive and while it is a quality pure pot still rum, the total experience just isn't pleasant enough to warrant that price tag - especially the when Smith & Cross (ultimately deriving from the same distillery) offers a far superior rum at exactly 1/2 the price.

Nose: 7
Palate: 6
Aftertaste: 6
Smoothness: 6
Versatility: 10
Price: 5

Overall: 6.6


Posted 1 year ago by True2Rum from United States with 22 ratings

92 proof Jamaican, not too hogo

I don't find this to be too funky on the palate, rather pleasant in a perfected cocktail:
Try libation to test it:

JUNGLE BIRD (23% ABV before shaking)
2½ Hampden pot still (Jamaica 92 proof)
¾ Campari (Italy 48 proof)
1½ pineapple juice (Dole can NFC)
½ lime juice (fresh)
½ demerara syrup 1:1

Let me know it u like


Posted over 1 year ago by Lanier from Belgium with 37 ratings

Very smooth and ice taste. Notes of fresh grass and sugar cane juice. Finish medium to long. Not too dry. 100% pot still, no added sugar or color, as all rum should be.


Posted over 1 year ago by Dark Waters from United Kingdom with 7 ratings

This stuff is delicious and is a great introduction to Hampden Estate rums. My first jump into this style of Jamaican rum too I'd like to add.

Colour is golden. On the nose it is powerful. This rum does not mess about. Initially, I got a strong varnish smell. But as I let it breathe I found it opened up. I got notes of funky tropical fruit and bananas. Its quite fun picking up these funky notes that you won't get in other rums (again a very new experience for me). The flavour profile is silky, woody, tobacco, ripened banana, a gentle sweetness that roles into very dry. A lovely long finish that lingers. I have enjoyed this as a sipping rum but would be curious to try in a few cocktails as specified by Hampden on the website.