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I live in Georgia (USA) and have appreciated good rum since I was "of legal age". I was never really into any other spirit. Rum just has what I like. As I have gotten older, collecting and tasting rum has become somewhat of a hobby. I am well traveled but not haughty nor a "purist". If I like a rum, then it is good rum and I can appreciate Soleras just as I can Bajans or Agricoles. For me, sipping rum is about the experience. A good sensory experience means good rum; and bad experience means bad rum. Thats all there is to it for me....with one exception: I do not tolerate dishonesty about flavor additives in rum beyond added sugar. Added sugar does not bother me as it is a centuries old tradition in some cultures, but undisclosed chemical flavoring additives do bother me because that is dishonest and not part of any rum tradition. Thus I will deduct 2 points off of the rating for any rum that I discover to contain flavor additives beyond sugar that are not disclosed by the producer. If the producer discloses the additives on the bottle or in the description then those points won't be deducted. Basically, I don't mind added sugar, but I do want to know what I am drinking. That said, when I rate rum I rate it on the whole experience, from acquiring it to months after I have opened it. My ratings may, and do, change as my experiences do. I will make an initial rating from my first experience and then continue to update the rating as my experience with that rum continues (unless it is genuinely so bad that I don't want to try it again - which is rare). I rate rums 1-10 on the following 6 aspects: Nose Palate Aftertaste Smoothness Versatility (how well does the rum perform across many uses) Price (price relative to quality of product) Total: total points divided by 6

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