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RL Seale 10-Year rum

RL Seales 10 Year is a premium rum produced and bottled in Barbados by Foursquare Distillery. It is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of ten years prior to blending.

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206 RL Seale 10-Year ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Mark from Canada with 59 ratings

This rum comes in a nice fancy bottle, although I prefer to see the colour of the rum I'm buying. The rum actually has a nice golden colour, and a hint of caramel and smoke in it's smell. The minor caramel and smoke can be tasted as well, although it doesn't last long as the harsh burn kicks in. The way it warms you up, it's kinda more like a scotch than a rum (to me).

Posted almost 2 years ago by Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) from Sweden with 149 ratings

A fantastic rum in a spectacular bottle. The fragrance is very nice and in the mouth you can feel exotic fruits and some cinnamon. The 43 % gives it also a perfect power.
I think it can compete with Appleton 21 at an much more competitive price.
Picture: My Bajan shelf

Posted almost 2 years ago by Steven Richardson from United Kingdom with 123 ratings

Smooth, but not quite the full flavour I was expecting from such a distinguished brand.

Posted about 2 years ago by TomasM from Czech Republic with 63 ratings

Sophisticated rum for sophisticated drinkers, real craftsmanship.

Posted about 2 years ago by Jan Mynar from Czech Republic with 53 ratings

My first 10 ever, for that price it is an amazing rum. Extremely balanced taste, surprisingly smooth and very pleasant to drink.

Posted about 2 years ago by Chris Williamson from Canada with 81 ratings

The price and taste make it an excellent choice for any collection

Posted about 2 years ago by Stuart from Australia with 8 ratings

Really enjoyed this!
One of those rims that you enjoy drinking at the time, but later maybe the next day you find yourself thinking about how damn good it was!

Posted about 2 years ago by True2Rum from United States with 21 ratings

Sipped neat
86 proof
Has a whiskey-like nose
Oak, raisin on palate
Light fruit aftertaste
No ethanol bite
Light oak in spent empty glass
Very aesthetic bottle, nice on rum shelf.

Posted about 2 years ago by Joe Tortorello (PREMIUM) from United States with 18 ratings

This is a light colored brown rum from Barbados. Nor s very expensive rum but a very nice sipping rum. Very pleasant aroma, great taste lingers in your palate. Don’t add anything to this, even ice isn’t needed.

Posted about 2 years ago by Trelony from Russian Federation with 32 ratings

The rum is quite controversity - the bottle looks kind of vugarly and not seriously but the inside is very reverse. The rum is very smooth, strong enough, aromatic and tasty. The taste of oak barrels is vividly sensed. All of this pleasures are cost 55$ only! Nice rum.

Posted at The Rum Bar KL about 2 years ago by Terence from Malaysia with 56 ratings

The first thing that comes up will be butterscotch and acidity of an espresso. Banana and Nutella crepe too. Woody and sweet spices shines more after breathing the Rum.

Toasty malted grain of digestive biscuit on the very first sip. As if sipping on a whisky. Follow with freshly bake creme brulee with lightly torch caramel and nutty pistachio dust. Yet it still have a very pleasant dry sensation.

Buttery, nutty, cedar wood finishing and hint of acidity which round up the entire experience.

Posted about 2 years ago by Thomas Breuning from Denmark with 185 ratings

En anelse tør, men det er forventligt med en rom fra Foursquare, som ikke er tilsat sukker. Ikke den største oplevelse, men den kan drikkes i en snæver vending. Har ikke den store dybde og kommer derfor til at virke lidt flad.

Posted about 2 years ago by Mark Ogilvie from United States with 13 ratings

The first thing that struck me about this rum was its deceptively light (but beautiful) amber color. Tree nuts, dried fruit, vanilla and alcohol come through on the nose. Opens up with some bitterness on the palate, with something warmer underneath... the rum has a bit of a thin body, but it finishes softly with some oakiness and caramel, and lingering warmth. Throughout the experience is just shy of too much alcohol burn, that transitions into a warm tingle that lasts and lasts.

Altogether it's a shockingly solid rum with no gimmicks or delusions, apart from the fun (and actually really satisfying to hold and use) bottle. If someone were to ask me to introduce them to a real rum, I would point to this first and foremost. I think the only reason this doesn't reach higher than a 7 for me is that nothing it does really gets me curious or excited. It's still a finely executed rum, and is great to keep around to compare to drinks that try to play off rum's foundational profile.

Posted over 2 years ago by Russ from United States with 70 ratings

After you get over the great design of the unique bottle you can then begin drinking another great rum from Barbados and more specially Foursquare. Like all of their rums it's natural with no added additives. At first taste it's comes off as very dry (and that's a good thing) but as it sits in your glass the flavors become more complex with traces of black pepper. It's very whiskey like and a perfect sipping rum. Plus, it's very affordable so there's really no reason not to buy it.

Posted over 2 years ago by Graham Davie from United Kingdom with 53 ratings

In the glass it has a lovely golden colour, slightly dark, with legs that cling to the glass. This made me think it might be sweet, but I was surprised at how dry this rum is.
Oaky and also nutty, with a harsher than expected burn. This burn quickly turns into a warming sensation that lingers for a while.
At £35, it’s up there with rums costing considerably more.
A rum definitely not to be mixed, enjoy it as it’s meant to be.
Cheers graham.

Posted over 2 years ago by M from United States with 30 ratings

Bajan on the nose...not as sweet as Rum Sixty Six or Doorly’s XO perhaps slightly less fruity. Some notes of chocolate and coffee along with light vanilla and fruits such as banana and nectarines. Generally - its well-balanced.
The rum is quite dry, smooth and very sippable. It just happens to be dry and spicy rather than rich and fruity. That is not to say no fruit flavours are present. It still has banana and traces of peach/nectarines in the mouth along with hints of cocoa and dark chocolate. The mouthfeel is a little like a whisky. This is a complex sipping rum which has a smooth long-lasting if slightly spicy finish. It leaves notes of oak, nuts and smokiness behind in the finish.
Overall just slightly bland -
For the $$ it’s outstanding value though.

Posted over 2 years ago by poosu from United States with 36 ratings

I've seen this one on the shelf at Total Wine and when it went on sale I picked up a bottle. I had high expectations and was not disappointed. I'm no connoisseur, but I know what tastes good to me and this one does. Nice and smooth by my standards. I put it a notch below my all time price/quality favorite, Bacardi 8. At first I thought the bottle was neat, but as I drank it down it became obvious that you can't see through the bottle and consequently have no idea how full it is until you pour. Doesn't have an effect on my rating. I'll be watching the sales.

Posted over 2 years ago by jandy from Czech Republic with 52 ratings

S palirnou Foursguare nejde slapnout vedle, zvlast, kdyz mate radi rum a ne umele dochuceny cukerny bomby.

Posted over 2 years ago by xCorporalx (PREMIUM) from Germany with 80 ratings

...the smell is a bit to alcoholic for my taste...the first sip hits your throat like a fist punch...don´t breath in after your first sip...your eyes will tear :) (i bought the 46% version...not the standard 43%)

After the third or worth sip it is tasty...

i personally like more sweeter rums, but still good stuff...for real pirates not pussies ***hehehe***

Posted over 2 years ago by Mislanghe from France with 6 ratings

Second bottle tested from the RLS distillery (66 - 12 Y family reserve). Smell without artefact & a true "caramel" color. A piece of Caraibian island into your glass. The taste is a chart of riped fruits. Promise held. Strongly recommended !

Posted over 2 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2555 ratings

Tried the RL Seale 10y right after the entire Doorly's line-up, and I have to say it's carved from the same material. Semi dark color, alcohol smell, a hint of nice aged rum qualities hidden beneath a harsh burn. Unique bottle design gets some points for sure.

Posted over 2 years ago by Ari from Barbados with 15 ratings

Alcohol on the nose, typical R. L. Seale. Its special in its own way, its harsh but you want to sip it. You want to search for the quality, the oak, slight, but there. Then you mix it an understand why its harsh and why its faint, why the bottle is so dark you have no clue what color it is until you pour it out. Its a gem in a cocktail. it reminds you its there and you appreciate it.

Posted over 2 years ago by Thierry from France with 63 ratings

Oh qu'il avait une bonne tête de winner, de favori personnel, d'outsider au fond du coffre à liqueur mais pourtant nan j'ai pas trop aimé. Un nez complexe mais dont l'odeur prédominante est .. la biseptine. C'est surement hyper riche et fin mais je n'arrive pas à me sortir l'image de cette marque d'alcool à 90. En bouche c'est fin mais pas si surprenant. Pourtant grand amateur de Foursquare, je préfère la gamme des vieux Doorly's dans le même genre. Une Renault 19 Chamade, ça reste une R19 mais autant prendre la normale qui est plus profonde.

Posted over 2 years ago by Scott spencer from United States with 33 ratings

Had this straight and also on ice both was good but really like this one with a ice cube.

Posted over 2 years ago by Martin from Slovakia with 20 ratings

Nice bottle, great untouched rum. Good price. Must have.