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I have discovered my passion for rum more than 20 years ago with Havana Club product line. My experience grew with widely available brands such as Bacardi, Barcelo, then came some "premium" rums, Zacapa, Diplomatico and many more. I generally appreciate the rum taste without additives, without artificial flavors and added sugar to mask alcohol burn or low quality rum composites. The sugar level in Diplomatico is the threshold of how much sugar in the rum I can "survive". I am ok with Demerrara style, such as El Dorado rums. It took me some time to come to terms with Bajan and Jamaican style rums, but now I really enjoy them for their honest craftsmanship. I always rate the rum after drinking at least one bottle as the nose and taste evolves from the first to the last glass and I do not want judge any rum on the basis of a single shot from a who-knows-how-long opened bottle. My ratings do also reflect the value for money, how much I would like to spend the money on another bottle. Good mixer for reasonable money will get better score from me than an average sipper with a premium price tag. To score really high, the rum has to excel in all three criteria - smell, taste and aftertaste. I do not reflect color or packaging in the score. I tend to reevaluate and enhance my ratings whenever I feel it can be done better.