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This rum embodies the essence of discernment between what is referred to in harsh terms as "heat", and what is affectionately referred to as "warmth" when talking about alcohol taste.

2001 Barbados warms the palate and throat in the best way I’ve ever experienced. It's smooth, with a dominant butterscotch note on the smell and taste, and the finish is warm and soothing. Everything else takes a back note to mostly butterscotch and vanilla notes, however, the dominant flavours don't overwhelm the palate. For extra credit, even if you've had a bit too much of it and gotten a bit tipsy, the flavour is still right there with you until the very end.

Bravo Plantation! The 2001 Barbados is top notch to me!

I am rapidly becoming a fan of the Plantation brand. This is the second type of Plantation rum I've purchased and it is just awesomeness in a bottle. I think I will have to pursue more of their other rums to see if those are as good. I ranked the first Plantation brand rum (Plantation XO 20th Anniversary) as a 9 as well but I look at is as a 9.95 for the XO to a 9.75 for the 2001 Barbados. Incredibly smooth, somewhat sweet with a nice vanilla undertone. Not really a burn but an enveloping warmth coating the back of the throat. A true sipping rum. I don't think I will be using this in mixed drinks or Coke Zero. If you run across a bottle of this, buy it immediately. But save for special occasions.

In my opinion yes. Probably my favorite rum that I have had so far. Very similar to the XO in terms of flavor (lots of sweetness but never cloying) with an added touch of funk/grass. Full bodied. Outstanding.

Found it in a German liquor store and was so happy with it that I went back to buy another bottle. I have both the regular and the vintage grand terroirs, which I believe is the same, just with different labeling. Got two very nice glasses to go with the bottle as well.

Popping the cork and getting that first smell was very satisfying. My first sip reveals a very nice and fruity flavour. Also a nice hint of oak to it. Really smooth in the mouth, with only a very light burn. The finish is long and wonderful, the fruity flavour at first and then the oak stays the longest.

I got it for €32,50 which I thought was a steal. I don't know what they normally go for though. Highly recommended at this price point.


Ce rhum est moins sur l agrume que le20eme anniversaire.Mais ses notes vanillées et léger agrumes sont un régal.trés bon rhum plus traditionnel que le 20 ème anniversaire.pour les puristes c est un ré si le20eme anniversaire Barbade reste au dessus.note globale 8.5.

See, Brugal uses a fish net stocking. Typical!
You, you use plant fiber to trap your rum. Now that's initiative!

And what you've caught is a totally decent amber sipper for the price point. Hell, it's even been a great substitute for darks in Dark 'n Stormies. But back to it - totally worth kicking back and relaxing with on the rocks. It's got all the good dessert flavors, plus a smoldering oaky ember on the backend.

Comparable to Diplomatico Reserva, minus the dried fruit notes.

I don't know if I got a weird batch, but I'm having the hardest time deciphering this flavor profile. Yes I read the label, but I'm still confused. I taste banana, but that's all. I agree with the "softness" of it. I will admit it is an amazingly smooth rum and is a great sipper, however the flavor throws me off. I'm merely ranking it from the smoothness and the drinkability.

Let it rest a minute to breathe. Sip. Stop. Rest. Repeat. Patiently. This has got spunk. And funk. Stays with you. Stewed Stone fruit? Dry. Good.


One of the better ones from the Plantation vintage line up

Rum barbadosról. 11 évet érett bourbonos hordóban..igazán komplex ízkavalkád. Édesgyümölcsös, picit mentás, pikáns fűszeres,minden egyes korty igazi felfedezés , a palack is mutatós !!


42% ABV. N: Hmm, rubbing alcohol that fortunately dissipates quickly. Dark caramel. Noticeable pot-still influence. P: No surprises here. You get balanced oak, cane, molasses, fruit. Trademark Plantation sweetness, but nicely tempered. Goes down easy.

Way better than the 5-year "Grand Reserve," but still kinda boring IMO. Good for the beginning collector (who also drinks, of course).

7+, 8--

Great sipper, sweet but not to much. fairly priced but hard to find these days.

This one seems to go by different names. Mine is called a Gand Cru, but i think it's essentially the same rum just with a different label.

It has a faint smell of stewed fruit, pineapple and banana. Those flavours are all present in the mouth, as are an alcoholic burn, a dryness and a deep lying sweetness, a subtle hint of brown sugar and maybe the slight zest of star fruit. Certainly, it has more of a tropical note than many rums.

Even if you hadn't seen the bottle, you'd know instantly that this was a Plantation rum. It has that sweetness to it (here in the background rather than foreground) and that smell of tropical fruits and the warming burn on the tongue and back of the throat - not harsh but certainly powerful.

This is bottled at 42% so has a depth, and it is perhaps a little resonant of the Pineapple Stiggins in that there's a strong hint of fruit - but here that fruit is a subtle mixed note, whereas the Stiggins is clearly pineapple in the middle of the flavour though not overpoweringly so. This is also an older rum, much less sweet, more composed and the kick is much more subtle compared to the Stiggins, which has the kick of a mule if you let it hit the back of your throat.

All in all a very fine rum and certainly a refined sipper worthy of time and, perhaps, a fine cigar.

This has to be one of the lightest rums i have ever tasted. coconut in flavor with a splash of pineapple.
It would be great on a hot day at the beach. then again, so would anything.

Hozza amit Barbadosról kell, könnyű-közepes test, lágy vajkaramellás illat, kicsi vanília. Nem egy komplex ezerízű rum, egyszerűen kerek. A szájban egyáltalán nem éget inkább melenget, nagy élmény kortyolgatni, és úgy érzed édesnek, hogy eszedbe sem jut a cukor.

A true rum. Very aromatic flavours and I have to say it's the best rum I've ever used for sunstroke!

Barbados 2001 Plantation in itself is not a bad rum, but comparing it to a very similarly priced XO 20th Anniversary and you will be in a different league in a heart beat. Barbados 2001 has much stronger burn and much less flavors than the older sibling XO 20th Anniversary. Save your money and go straight to the best rum out there.

Full of flavor on the nose. Coconut, sweet spices (nutmeg, vanilla), tropical fruit basket (banana, unripe mango)
Sweet tropical fruit such as banana will first hit your mind and follow with fully ripped pineapple. Buttery, sweet spices and honey too.
Cotton candy finishing with a light toasted aroma lingering.
A good bottle from Plantation!

Άλλο ένα τίμιο καλό ρούμι από την σειρά Plantation την οποία φαίνεται να εκτιμώ όλο και περισσότερο. Αναπόφευκτη η σύγκριση με το 5αρι λόγο της κοινής καταγωγής τους (Barbados) . Λίγο μεγαλύτερη ένταση και λίγο μεγαλύτερη διάρκεια , ίδια γεύση και αρώματα ...... ΟΚ θα προτιμήσω ένα 5αρι αλλά αν βρεθεί στο δρόμο μου δε θα του χαριστώ ......

Smooth, butterscotch notes. really enjoyed this one.

This is another nice rum from Plantation. Some are sweet at times but nothing a little water or ice can't cut or it means you just need to add less sugar to a mixed drink if you use their product.

Plantation can do no wrong for me. Such a comforting drop, silky smooth caramel notes finished off with a slight warmth and lovely little dance on the tongue of butterscotch. Almost perfection in a glass!

The best one I have had of the 2001 series, amazing sipper that begs to be used in a cocktail (unfortunately I haven't had the guts to do so).

It's that simple. The flavor lurking behind the light color had me jump out of my seat at the initial taste. I'm now upset I couldn't buy a 2nd bottle.