Nine Leaves Almost Spring rum

Nine Leaves Almost Spring

Japan | Aged

9 ratings
Easily consumable in a bind

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9 Nine Leaves Almost Spring ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by Alas 🇵🇷 | 162 ratings

People!!! It’s rum...from Japan!! When have you heard of that? You can’t grade it the same way as you do normally...this is unique bottle for your collection, yes it is a bit unrefined, (similar to santa teresa mixed with a light dos maderas), but it has such an amazing story of the maker of this rum. Google him, you’ll be amazed.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Michael Evans 🇬🇧 | 81 ratings

Being aged in red wine barrels has given this rum a very strange but pleasing nose that is unlike any rum I've encountered but the to taste the rum is comparable to a cheap blended whisky. It's harsh and lacks any distinct flavour.

Posted over 1 year ago by Michael Huff 🇺🇸 | 100 ratings

More of a 5.5
It's definitely a rum... but the tasting notes here are so far away from what one would normally hope to have in a rum. And not in the complex way like a super aged caroni, but more in the "these flavors actively battle and hate one another" kind of way.

Posted over 2 years ago by Uuukey 🇯🇵 | 15 ratings

国産樽熟成ラム酒「オールモスト・スプリング」は、『ナインリーヴズ クリア』をアメリカ・カリフォルニア州にあるワイナリーWente Vineyards(ウェンテ ヴィンヤーズ)の赤ワイン樽(カベルネソーヴィニヨン種)に詰めて熟成させた新しいスタイルの樽熟成タイプのラムです。カベルネソーヴィニヨン由来の風味と、やや赤みがかったピンクゴールドともいえる色調が特徴となっています。
春先に原酒の『ナインリーヴズ クリア』を樽詰めをし、暑い滋賀の夏と厳しい寒さを乗り越えておよそ1年熟成さました。原酒由来の香味、甘み、存在感をしっかりと残しながら、カベルネソーヴィニヨン種の赤ワイン樽特有のベリー感が加わり、世界的にもユニークな存在です。

Posted almost 3 years ago by Chet 🇺🇸 | 191 ratings

being from Japan this rum has its own unique flavor. I am betting it is a column stilled rum made from from cane juice. Light fruity, notes of grapes and has many similarities to Clemente tasting like whiskey on many fronts. It is a refined rum but to be honest it is not as rum like as I prefer.

Posted 3 years ago by SickBoy82 🇺🇸 | 23 ratings

A gift from a regular at my bar who is originally from Japan. I can't seem to find a way to drink much of this stuff. Maybe if I enjoyed Rhum Agricole or Cabernet...

Posted over 4 years ago by Thierry 🇫🇷 | 63 ratings

J'adore le Japon mais pour le rhum il faudra encore travailler. L'impression de boire de la Suze, et qui boit de la Suze ? Ton oncle, et pas ton préféré.

Posted 5 years ago by Melda 🇨🇿 | 60 ratings

Tak tento rum mi opravdu nechutnal. Měl jsem ho jako poslední degustiv v ochutnávce, a můžu říct že to je zatím nejhorší rum, co jsem kdy pil.

Posted over 5 years ago by gejzik 🇨🇿 | 5 ratings

Strong aroma with accents reminding sake.
Ages in barrels after Cabernet Sauvignon. Taste is harsh. Rather than rum it tastes like shortly aged low quality wine brandy.

Brand Details

Name: Almost Spring
Company: Nine Leaves
Type: Aged
Distillation: Unknown
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