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Medium six saints gold rum

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Hailing from the island of Grenada this rum came to me via Total Wine and More out of Jacksonville, Florida. Kind of a roundabout way of getting here.

However this was a rum I was not familiar with so in the interest of adventure I got a bottle to bring home. It has an interestingly pleasant aroma with a bit of alcohol astringency to it. Stings the nostrils just a bit. Not surprisingly since it comes in 41.7% ABV which is a little higher than typical rums. It is a golden straw color and swirling it my snifter leaves it clinging to the sides only to slowly drift back down to the bottom. Nice legs.

It has a rather complex flavor. I seem to detect banana at the beginning. There clearly are other flavors in there but I really cannot pick them apart before the burn hits. Sipping more seems to bring forth some citrus undertones...something akin to orange zest. The finish does bring back that banana flavor. A rum fit for Minions I guess. A little too harsh as a sipping rum in my opinion but good as a mixer.

I like the pleasant smell. Not too heavy, more light.
Easy to sip and enough flavour to stand as a drink alone.
Maybe you can mix this one as well.

As it is from Grenada it's got to identify Grenada style. A little bit spicy in the after taste.

Des parfums et des gouts surprenant. Peu de rhum de ce prix valent autant le cout d'etre dégustés que celui là. Au nez, on retrouve même des ressemblances avec avec certains jamaïcains d'exception (hampden par exemple). Ce rhum merite d'être plus connu. C'est une excellente surprise!

A goûter, il inspire confiance et à l’air très bon

Alkohol: 41,7 %
Původ: Grenada
Aroma: Zajímavý mix vůní. Směs lehčího svěžího koření, trochu agricole šmrnc, bonbónová ulepená nasládlost, květový med, skořice, trochu i hřebíček, kandované tropické ovoce, dotek dřeva a muškátový oříšek. (85 b)
Chuť: Chuťově spíše do sucha, nasládlosti je tu opravdu poskrovnu (tak 15% maximálně). Kořenitě pikantní. V dochuti kořenitá suchost a čerstvé dubové dřevo. (83 b)
Body: 84
Shrnutí: Vůně je OK, chutí mě tento rum z Grenady moc neoslovil a k lepšímu výsledku by mu nepomohli ani všichni svatí.

The fact that people know, that you are into rum gives them a chance to gift you different bottles for chistmas or birthdays. This is one of the bottles, that I have received without having any priot knowledge about it.

Nose: Vanilla, cinnamon and a small hint of something tropical is coming my way
Taste: Honey, raisins and tropical fruits
Overall: This is a decent shout from The West Indies. The taste is a little to light for me and the aftertaste falls a little flat, but it is still a fine rum to enjoy on a quiet evening at home

While not great to me to sip straight, i started blending with Diet Coke. It's outstanding. You can pretty much do a 1:1 rum to coke ratio with some ice and the flavor is outstanding. Not much burn and goes down exceptionally smooth.

This rum is easily consumable and not a complex one. Flavour, taste and (short) finish are all dominated by aroma of pineapple and vanilla. As such it is light, quite sweet and fruity.

Manque de finesse, l'arome de banane est très présente. Assez costaud

Six Saints Gold is a dry Rhum Agricole which has a very distinct damp cellar flavor to it. Bottle looks nice, but the label is very touristy. Color is a typical Rhum Agricole, very light golden. Dry taste and burn is all you get.

Rhum tres aromatique avec une belle attaque.
Prix très correct qui surprend tant le rapport qualité/prix est bon

Ce rhum est très bon. Couleur doré. Au nez il est fruité, un peu tropical ananas et noix de coco. Au gout, aussi fruité avec une note poivré. Vieilli en fut de chêne, on ne le goûte pas tant. Un bon achat


Decent rum. Gets sweeter and smoother the more you taste. Nice flavour, but not worth the price. Overpriced.

Very very very intense rum. Bold combination of spiciness and harshness. Many people will think its spiced, but its actually aged 6-8 years in american oak once filled with bourbon.

A great Grenada island spice with flavours great go sipping or mix

This rum is surprisingly smooth, full body, and fine over ice. Hints of banana and citrus at first and hits the throats nicely.

Ah, ein neuer Spieler auf den Feld.
Die Nase lässt so einiges erahnen: trocken Früchte, Ananas.
Im Gaumen kommt noch etwas Schärfe hinzu, absolut nicht süss !
Leider auch sehr wenig Tiefgang.

Ah, a new player on the field.
The nose makes a good impression: dry fruits, pineapple.
In the palate is added some sharpness, absolutely not sweet!
Unfortunately, very little depth.

To much ethanol both on the nose and pallet. Citrus, peber and a really short burn.

Een best lekkere, redelijk basic rum. Mooie gouden kleur, lekker zoete geur en een puike fles. De smaak is niet zo complex wat hem voor beginnende proefers ideaal maakt...

Lekkere rum, neutrale smaak, ik mis wat complexiteit in de smaak

Zachte rum. Mooie kleur. Neutrale geur. Ideaal om mee te starten.

J'ai acheter ce rhum sans le connaitre et ce fut une bonne surprise.

Finally; the LC are starting to expand their Rum collection. I had seen this in Quebec a few years ago and passed on it then but I figured I would give it a shot.

All and all not bad; it sort of reminds me of Viscaya 21 on the nose with all that banana; although there is way more of an astringent smell to this one.

The taste has banana and some kind of sour fruit that I cannot discern over the spicy bite.

I like it because it's different; but if I wanted to impress somebody, I would probably reach for a bottle on a higher shelf.

Dintre toate romurile care le-am baut acesta este cel mai diferit. Are in gust foarte fructat, cu nuante de; caise, mandarine, ananas si banane. Mai degraba ar putea fi catalogat lichior.


Cu totul altceva față de ce am gustat pana acum... Seamana cu un lichior de portocale, arome de citrice, foarte parfumat, fresh sipp.