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Starting my rum journey later in life.  Shortly before turning 40, I decided to make homemade egg nog for the first time.  In looking at the history of the drink in the Americas I found that while currently burbon is the fashion, originally it would likely have been rum.  So I set out to purhcase some rum to give it a try.  This was really my first foray in to alcohol in my life.  Headed home from the store with a bottle of Mount Gay Eclipse and the rest was history.

From there I quickly found Martin Cate and the hobby that is Tiki.  This held a bit of nostalgia with me from the start as I grew up in Central Florida with my entire family working for Walt Disney World, so the Tiki Room was a fond childhood memory as well.

As such, much of my rum cabinet is stocked with rums used for cocktails.  I do trend my raitings a bit for utility not just drinking neat.  I also try to mention that in reviews where applicable. I have also started exploring rum neat and am enjoying the continued adventure.


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