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Rum SixtySix Cask Strength 12-Year rum

Rum SixtySix Cask Strength 12-Year

Barbados | Aged

12 ratings
Now this is some good stuff


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12 Rum SixtySix Cask Strength 12-Year ratings

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Posted 9 months ago by Adrian Adame from Czech Republic with 361 ratings

- vůně Foursquare, ovoce, kouř
- chuť jemná, 59% je cítit, trpkost na jazyků, jemný Foursquare, ovoce, hořká čokoláda
Skvělý kousek 👏


Posted over 1 year ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 484 ratings

This stuff is the bomb . Take a bow Richard seale , incredible rum from foursquare ..typical Barbadian rum but is knocked a notch with the percentage , the flavours start on the nose with toffee and smoke and then finish silky smooth


Posted 28 days ago by Michal Micko from Czech Republic with 442 ratings

Aroma is nice, fruity and cocconut. Taste is typical Foursquare character - fruit, wood, cocconut, peach, and a hint of pepper/chilli. Very similar to Foursquare 2008 and other from Exceptional Cask Sellection line. 9,5 points.

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Posted 3 months ago by filipec from Czech Republic with 142 ratings

taste - 7.5/10
smell - 7/10
sweetness - 6/10
price/value rating - 6/10

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Posted 4 months ago by Jirka23689 (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 151 ratings

Ve vůni je cítit vanilka, kolos, barva krásné tmavá, chuť intenzivní je v ni cítit karamel, cokolada. Závěr hrejivy, dlouhý v chuti zázvor, pepř.

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Posted 5 months ago by filovo from Czech Republic with 193 ratings

barva mahagon
vune síla typicky foursquares vanilou a ořechem
chut stiplavější a lehké zklamání...čekal jsem lepší..sagacity vyrazně lepší volba
zaver stiplavější 46% alkoholi
hodnoceni 7
koupit ne


Posted 8 months ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 247 ratings

This rum is a bargin purely based on what specs you get for the price (pure, additive free 12 year old barbadian, bottled at 59%). To my knowledge, this is the cheapest product in the aged, cask strength, barbados rum category. It all looks promising, perhaps even to good to be true? Lets see...
The nose is not as potent as expected but still nice with classic foursquare notes of roasted coconut, dark chocolate, rummy raisin and deep oak. You can sense the alcohol a bit, bad nothing bad.
The taste is a lot more powerful than the aroma indicates. The first sip is intense, consisting of deep oak and ginger burst's. Small sip's advised. Further sipping evolves the taste as the mouth accustoms to the vol. Notes of lovely chocolate and caramel joins in. There's an underlying honeyed sweetness, that keep's the potent, spicy heat in check. The heat disappears quickly and your left with a subtle sweetness lingering in the mouth. The finish is a bit short, but other than that I do think you get a lot of rum for your money. Adding water is not something I usually do but with this bottle, I find that adding a bit, tunes the rum more to my liking. Recommended. (9,1)


Posted 12 months ago by Adam from Poland with 91 ratings

Bardzo fajna konsystencja płynu. Czuć melasę i przede wszystkim sporo wanilii. Dość słaby aftertaste. Mocna 7-ka.


Posted 1 year ago by David from Germany with 77 ratings

This is an honest cask strength rum from Barbados. It might be a bit too strong for some but giving it a try is well worth it and rewarded with an all around honest tasting experience.


Posted over 1 year ago by Art from United Kingdom with 9 ratings

So smooth, hard to believe your sipping something that is 59% abv. This pretty much exemplifies what I enjoy in a rum. Look elsewhere for tasting notes, I am too enamoured with the whole.