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No tomaría este ron ni siquiera con Coca Cola. Quizás para combinados con limón (daikiris? mojitos malos?) podría valer, pero si puedo elegir y permitirme gastar 2 euros mas por botella.. lo evitaría. De verdad, para beber esto yo bebo cerveza o agua

Worst bottle with "rum" label on it and something disgusting inside. A disgrace of rums. Shame on you, Bacardi.

Just alcohol, no taste. Makes it probably the best selling rum ever! 😱😱😱

I wouldn't let my dog wash his balls with this rum. Nuf said.

First of all, this tastes exactly like Superior...and apparently it is, according to Bacardi's PR Dept. I recognize the familiar antiseptic odor of this watery goo as it burns its way down my gullet. Drinking it straight is a mistake. But mixing this poison into a cocktail would be a crime as well.

Remember...No matter how much any bottle of any Bacardi rum costs, you can find better rum one shelf away for the same money.

Ahhhh...the first rum for many. Notes of paint thinner and bleach round out what can only be referred to a the worst rum made.

This is the stuff I serve to the people I want to go home. Lol

Best solution when you are clubbing and having a party. Taste better in a long drink gilaassss.

Reading this review you agree, that your brain will be atacked with Russian English:
I'm from the bourbon world, and when i wanted to understand what is Rum i bought bacardi carta blanca (yes, all with a small letter). I want to have a base point to start from. Like i do with Jim Beam White Bourbon some day. And Jim Beam White plays its opening role well. The thing that worked with the bourbon was a big mistake for a Rum world. White bacardi only deserves to be poured into the toilet.I don't understand how can it be so popular. How bacardi makes such a big money with such a bad product. Only alcohol with a little herbal smell. Cheap, bad, mass product only for mix. Do not waste your money.

P.S Even my English better that piece of @#$@

1. Make rum
2. Accidentally make vodka
3. Put Bacardi on the label
4. ????
5. Profit

Not good, barrly mixable and will sting of alchool no matter what!!!

Das hat mit einem Rum eigentlich nicht mehr gemeinsam. Spöttisch gesagt verkauft hier Bacardi das, was andere Hersteller wegschütten, noch als Rum. Geschmcklich unterste Schublade, nur bitterer Alkohol. Nicht mal zum Mixen geignet.

I have made a vow to never betray my commitment pertaining assessing spirits but I am hereby breaking that vow since it would be ridiculous to state anything about this unsavory, overpriced varnish

10p (it can get you drunk)

Price: 249 SEK

i think its good for in the mis, not special, its good enough

10/10 for mixing
1/10 to enjoy neat
Nuff said: although I am required to post a mininum of 50 characters

...One of the worst tastes and smells out there...NEVER AGAIN!

Does not even taste good when you mix matter with what...

Plain Awful!

Horrible when you drink it pure, mixed it's not much better

I shudder to think of all the wasted $ spent drinking this in my youth... but at the time... it did make for fun nights .

Den weißen Bacardi habe ich nur gekauft, um damit einen Orangenlikör anzusetzen. Beim pur probieren des Rums bin ich aber fast aus den Latschen gekippt, denn er schmeckt einfach richtig schlecht.
Würde ich nie wieder kaufen.

Bacardi white rum, the first white light rum invented by Facundo Bacardi in Cuba, 1862.
Now we still have the name, Bacardi, the rum is still white, but they made it in Puerto Rico and it's probably the worst light style rum that you can find.
Choose the quality, not the brand.

Why it is so popular? |i don't get it, and becouse of those rums I have to tell people that there are great rums out there, and they don't believe me.

...and disgusting alcohol. But if you need to be drunk and it will be free...

But I wouldn't degrade my lighter by putting this into it. Can one get drunk on this? Yes. Do you want to? If the object is getting drunk, sure. If you want to enjoy the ride to Drunkendness City, I think not. Might work mixed. Like 10-90 rum-lighterfluid.

It doesn't taste like rum. I really didn't enjoy this, not even in cocktails.

The rum for a Cuba Libre! Nope, absolutely not. Just drinking a normal coke is an improvement over this rum. If going for a Bacardi rum to make a Cuba Libre, use Oakheart or Negra both are much better choices. Could use this for a Mojito, cause mint, sugar and lime will mask the taste of this rum. Definitaly not my choice of rum.