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I first became interested in rum while visiting Puerto Rico. The original rum that got my attention was "Bacardi Reserva" back in 2003. It was $20. on the island then and isn't currently available in my area. At the time it was the smoothest and sweetest straight alcohol I'd ever had. From there I moved into Bacardi 8 Year, Don Q Añejo, and Ron del Barrilito 3 star. I was hooked on exploring rums ever since. After a trip to Barbados, Mt. Gay Eclipse became my go-to rum for years, now MGXO is a big favorite of mine. Only since the beginning of 2017 have I started sipping rum and drinking it alone or with just a few ice cubes. It's been incredibly interesting learning about so many different styles and flavors. If I had to pick a few brands I like best I'd say Mt.Gay, Doorly's, Don Q, and El Dorado. Remember if you're not having fun then you're not doing it right! Cheers!!! Enjoy this great link about rum! http://rumproject.com/rumforum//viewtopic.php?t=1683