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So, friends, I will try to answer quickly. Open the bottle, pour into a glass. The first thing that happens is the smell of alcohol hits the nose. But after a while the flavors start to stand out each. Yes, at first it looks like the well-known Captain Morgan the Dark. But later, I distinctly feel the aroma of bitter almonds, an oak barrel after roasting and wine aged in it, a grape seed. And, I think, ginger. I don't feel molasses with caramel there. We try. You know, friends, it seems to me that I drink Armenian cognac. Slightly hard, but it does not interfere, with a slight bitterness, an oak barrel, a distinct bitterness of a grape seed. But there is no rum in the smell or taste yet! The drink warms me, the bitterness of the grape seed pleasantly flows through me inside. And after the third sip, an aftertaste appears. This is no longer cognac, this is already rum, but it very much resembles Captain Morgan the Dark. I lift an empty glass to my nose. Now the smell is absolutely individual, peculiar only to this rum and at the same time reminiscent of sherry. I can't conclude if this rum is good or bad. Here the consumer decides everything, it is strictly individual. Did he like me? I'm not happy, the second time I will not buy this particular rum. But this bottle I bought will definitely not stand idle on the shelf and will be drunk little by little. Why? The taste of rum is so multifaceted and specific that every time you can find new notes in it. In addition, I really love Armenian cognac!


Yes, friends. I tried this rum. After that, I will rate it higher, it's eight plus. I will definitely buy a few more bottles of this rum, I called it "smoked" because it has a great aftertaste of prunes and a burnt oak barrel in which there was wine!


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