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I have been a rum drinker for 37 years, but have only seriously got into the nuance of rum in the last 4 years. I enjoy tasting rum with my 25 year old son who may possibly be more into it than I am.  A lot of people shy away from rum, thinking because it comes from sugar cane... it must be sweet, then they try it and are often amazed at how complex rum can be. I believe that there is definitely a flavour profile available in rum for anybody that drinks liqor.

Currently we have around 150 unique rums in our home bar (0 spiced rum) and love to try new varieties and brands. We enjoy rum and coke (probably too much), andI have appreciated the evolution of learning which rums to sip, which to make into cocktails and which to mix etc.

The original Mai Tai (with orgeat - no pineapple juice or grenadine) is probably my favourite rum cocktail. Changing only the rums in a MAI Tai, to alter the flavour profile creates wildly different tasting drinks each time.


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