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This is a new hobby for me which I have invested over 2k. filling my new so called personal Bar a shopping cart at a time with stuff I might like and want to try. I recently got off medicine I was on for 20 + years which made it impossible to drink any alcohol so I had none for a long time. I figure my like new liver can handle a tiny bit of exercise. I don't drink to get drunk. Just like a nice little buzz to make everyday but especially evenings easier. Makes for a pleasant sleep...

Hooked on Rum but especially the Don Q #7 as a 750ml bottle a week or sometimes less habit. It just goes down so smooth. I had to switch to Don Q 151 for a mixer to make my sipping Rum last longer.  Tried a few others including Don Q silver and it's ok and also enjoying the benefits of different tequilas including Sparkle Donkey which seems to work great for mixing. I save the high end tequila for sipping as to good to use as mixer.