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Started my drinking journey with rum, many memorable (and obliterated...) nights with Old Monk and Old Cask rums (OCR) in college. Then graduated to the world of Bacardis and Captain Morgans.


Fell in love with whiskies soon after that and today I am partial to Macallans, the Glens, and pretty much any whisky that’s been aged in sherry or Oloroso casks, though I adore the Strathisla most of all. Ended up being seduced by bourbons, and I have a soft spot for Blantons, Elijah Craigs, and Basil Haydens. And when it comes to cocktails, it was always Negronis, Old Fashioneds and Manhattans (did I mention a raging sweet tooth).


Before you know it, decades flashed by and then a few years ago, I had a chance encounter with an El Dorado 12Yr. Floored! Brought back memories of my initial trysts with rum and I realized that sugar doesn’t necessarily mean sweet and I've been chasing the dragon ever since. Given a choice, rum above all else...or as the saying goes, you never forget you first love.


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