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I am drinking Rum for over 10years. I started with Cuba Libre and other longdrinks. I mainly used all kind of Havana Clubs. After starting sipping the Havanna Club 7 years, it was time to get more quality rums. For a long time i only used local stores and dealer. The talk and tasting is a big part of the fun for me. I prefer dry rums with different barrel flavors. For me a rum just needs time and one or more interesting barrels. No additives. That way a rum gets his Charakter. I love both Melasse and Sugar Cane based Rums. The way and time of the Fermentation is getting more and more interesting for me. My Ratings are all about my personal taste. The price has a small part in it. I think it is all about the Craftsmanship. My Reviews are in English and German!!!

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