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I'm in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Living in Pennsylvania limits my access to more obscure spirits, but special orders and a diligent neighborhood tiki bar means I still have access to a decent variety.

I try to focus on reviewing things that don't have many reviews yet, to help others. Yes, I have thoughts on El Dorado 12-year, but does writing the one thousandth review actually help anybody? So although I haven't written many reviews of them, I have tried most popular expressions, in an attempt to develop my palate.

I love funky Jamaican style rums the most, and enjoy a sweet Guaynese sipper. Agricole style are not my favorite, but I get it and enjoy them in the right time and place. I'll admit to finding lighter Spanish heritage styles a little boring. But I try to rate things with some objectivity, an appreciation of what others would like as well as myself. I'll always try something straight before rating it, and usually also try it in a daiquiri or ti' punch (or some other very simple cocktail) if it seems intended for such.


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