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running a bar in a beautiful town on the (northern) adriatic sea,

big fan of rum (i also like aged spirits like whisky, cognac, brandy, tequila, grappa and other fruit distillates, becoming an expert after trying so much stuff ?)

but after trying some more rum, and seeing so many are adulterated with sugar and or various additives after distillation, now before buying a new rum i check on the net if it s clean (hydrometer tests), rum is made from melassa or sugarcane juice so it will always have sweetness, my humile opinion is that sugar after distillation is not needed (ok just 1 to 5 grams but no more of caramel if some deeper color is needed to be like some previous batch ...)

when i see very sweet rum, ron, rhum, they get 3 points automatically !

can give high rating to rum liquors if they are good, a liquor usually have 20% of sugar, but usually its a lot cheaper than any aged distillate ! also spiced or flavored rum is never very expensive and will be used always in coctails ...

i m not falling (at least i try) on nice expensive bottles before checking (in the net) or tasting (before buying) anymore !


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