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Hi guys you are wellcome to my cabinet!! I prefer rums with medium sweetness, well aged and smooth.
I am big rum lover compared to other spirits (cognac-brandy, whiskey-bourbon, wine-champagne, gin, vodka, tequila, liqueurs & cocktails) but with an exception of house METAXA. METAXA is a brandy-cognac which doesn't taste typicaly it's a category of it's own, much richer without being acidic as many cognacs (the taste reminds me much more a sweet rum than a brandy). It's made of best greek moscato (of island Samos) & other high quality wines combined with an other secret plant which works in small quantities and the result is a mysterious blend "somewhat as Zacapa is in the rum world" but little different. My favorite drink of this brand is METAXA Angel's Treasure and this is the most flavorful spirit I have ever taste with a exceptional mysterious scent! But expensive with a pricetag around to 150€. If you want to taste for 1st time METAXA brand i would recommend you the Private Reserve (new version) which costs around 60-70€ & it is close to Angel's Treasure but not same. The flavour profile of Angel's Treasure is amazing thick-creamy with balance sweetness. Flavour: fruits like apricots, raisins, peach, figs, plums & orange peel, caramel, vanilla, butter, pepper, sweet spices as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, also mild-melt oak, honey, mocha-coffee, chocolate, rose, anise, licorice & light mediterranean botanicals-floral-herbs (mysterious blend) & soft smoke with silky smooth end like a true nectar with very long aftertaste & special complexity!! Also there's and the big brother of the family METAXA, the AEN which costs more than 1500€ and I was not lucky enough to taste it. Anyway but even cheaper Metaxa for their money are very good...

Marks (ratings from 7 to 9+) according to my taste:

Metaxa Angels Treasure (9,2)
El Dorado 25 1986 (9,0)
Malteco 1987 Selection (8,8)
Ron Quorhum 30 (8,8)
Metaxa Private Reserva (new version), (8,8)
Zacapa XO (old version), (8,8)
Centenario 25 (8,8)
Metaxa Private Reserva (old version), (8,7)
Opthimus Summa Cum Laude 25 (8,7)
Ron Esclavo XO (old version), (8,7)
UNHIQ XO (8,7)
Diplomatico Ambassador Selection (8,7)
Zacapa XO (new version), (8,7)
Zacapa Roayal (8,7)
Metaxa Grand Fine (new version), (8,7)
El Dorado 21 (8,7)
A. H. Riise Non Plus Ultra and Sauterne Casck Edition (8,6)
Ron Esclavo XO (new version), (8,6)
Zacapa Limitada 2015 (8,6)
Santos Dumont XO (8,6)
Zacapa Limitada 2019 (8,6)
El Dorado 15 (new version), (8,6)
Centenario 20 (8,6)
Presidente 23 (8,6)
Brugal Leyenda (8,6)
Barcelo Imperial 30 Anniversary (8,6)
Millonario XO (8,6)
Diplomatico Single Vintage 2004 (8,6)
Diplomatico Single Vintage 2002 (8,6)
El Dorado 15 (old version), (8,5)
Opthimus 21 (8,5)
Abuelo 15 Cognac Casck Finish (8,5)
Ophyum 23 (8,5)
Metaxa Grand Olympian 12 (8,5)
Dos Maderas Luxus (8,5)
Plantation XO (new version), (8,5)
Ron Cartavio XO (8,4)
Metaxa 12 (new version), (8,3)
Papas Pillar 24 sherry Cask Finish (8,2)
Vizcaya 21 (8,1)
Metaxa Grand Fine (old version), (8,0)
Zacapa 23 (7,9)
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva (7,8)
El Dorado 12 (7,8)
Metaxa 12 (old version), (7,7)
Millonario 15 (7,7)
Atlantico Private Cask (7,7)
Dos Maderas PX 5+5 (new version), (7,7)
Plantation Pineapple (7,6)
Mount Gay XO, (new version), (7,5)
Metaxa 7 (old version), (7,5)
Presidente 15 (7,4)
Metaxa 7 (new version), (7,3)
Abuelo 12 (7,3)
Bumbu Original (7,2)
Dictador XO Perpetual (7,1)
Don Papa 10 (7,1)
Metaxa 5 (new version), (7,0)