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Hi guys you are wellcome to my cabinet!! I prefer rums with medium to shlitly high sweetness, well aged but as it possible covered by sharp, bitter & dry tones. In all this period of tasting i have notice that rums which have aged in wine-cognac barrels is less sharp-bitter and more plesant than whisky & bourbon aging. Also I like a minimal port & cherry aging. But this dosent means that i cant enjoy other type of aging, because there are many parametrs to make a very good tasting rum. Also I like more rums which are made from molasses & sugar cane hony than raw sugar cane which is somewhat "grassy" & unpleasant.
Anyway I am big rum lover compared to other spirits (cognac-brandy, whiskey-bourbon, wine-champagne, gin, vodka & tequila) but with an exception of house METAXA. METAXA is a brandy-cognac which doesn't taste typicaly it's a category of it's own, much richer without being acidic as many cognacs. It's made of best greek moscato (of island Samos) & other high quality wines combined with an other secret plant which works in small quantities and the result is a mysterious blend "somewhat as Zacapa is in the rum world". My favorite drink of this brand is METAXA Angel's Treasure and this is the most flavorful spirit I have ever taste with a exceptional mysterious scent (easily I would use it as a dark perfume)!!! But expensive with a pricetag around to 150€. If you want to taste for 1st time METAXA would be a great choice the Private Reserve (new version) which costs around 60-70€. The flavour profile of Angel's Treasure is amazing thick & balance sweetness, fruits like apricots, raisins, peach, figs, plums & orange peel, caramel, vanilla, butter, pepper, sweet spices as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, mild oak, honey, mocha-coffee, chocolate, rose, anise, licorice, ginger & light mediterranean botanicals-floral (mysterious blend) & soft smoke with silky smooth end like a true nectar with very long aftertaste & special complexity!! Also there's and the big brother of the family METAXA, the AEN which costs more than 1500€ (I was not lucky enough to taste it) but try one of other two METAXA I mentioned previous & will remember me...