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Posted 26 Feb '21 by Václav from Czech Republic with 75 ratings

"Hi, I have issues in changing password. I sent the recovery email, click the link and it leads to:
"×We're sorry, but we could not locate your account".

I tried that several times."


Posted 25 Feb '21 by Lee McMurtry from United States with 5 ratings

"I'm new to (but loving!) aged sipping rums. I know some of the basics of differences in styles (additives vs no additives, agricole vs molasses, pot vs column vs blended). I'm looking for some guidance on finding good representative examples of specific styles to compare. I prefer rums where the bourbon notes are not overpowering, and like the toffee/spice notes more than flowery/fruity ester notes. For example, in limited tasting, I've liked Kirk&Sweeney 23yo and Foursquare Detente a lot, Dictador 20 is sweeter than I like, Mount Gay XO has little more bourbon than I like, and Flor de Cana 18yo has a prominent banana taste to me that I'm not crazy about.
So - give me your best recommendation for the style you like the best! If your recommendation is over $100 US, give me a second one, and I'll put the first one on my wish list!"


Posted 25 Feb '21 by MichaelNM from United Kingdom with 8 ratings

"I have reviewed Island Signature Tierra Madre and added a picture of the bottle. How do I use my picture to replace the existing default one?"

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Posted 25 Feb '21 by Earl Elliott from Canada with 201 ratings

"I have read the reviews on the Facundo Exquisito and I am wondering if it’s worth buying. It’s $200 Canadian and an hours drive to get it. I have the Facundo Eximo which is good and rates at 8 but the economist in me is wondering if the Exquisito is worth the extra $100. Over to the studio audience for their input. "

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Posted 20 Feb '21 by Jura from Czech Republic with 28 ratings

"Hello, I cannot find change password button anywhere, is it available?"


Posted 19 Feb '21 by kudzey from Poland with 17 ratings

"Hi there. I've already seen people having 10cl samples of this new expressions on facebook. Do you know when the official release will be? Is there any way to get pre-release bottles?"


Posted 19 Feb '21 by Angelo from Italy with 0 ratings

"Good rum?"


Posted 18 Feb '21 by Paul B from United States with 365 ratings

"Oh, the joys of having a spreadsheet with all of my rums ranked in order!!! What is shown below is my ranked list of my own favorite rums from each country or location. All locations with minimal entries were omitted. They are rated from a 10 at the top to a 6 at the bottom. Enjoy!

Dictador XO Insolent...Colombia
Clarin Le Rocher... Haiti
Frigate Reserve 21 Year... Panama
Rhum JM XO ... Martinique
Plantation XO 20th Anniversary... Caribbean
Bacardi Facundo Eximo... Puerto Rico
South Bay Small Batch... Dominican Republic
Blackwell's Reserve ... Jamaica
Ron Zacapa XO... Guatemala
Pusser's Gunpowder Proof... Guyana
Bayou Mardi Gras XO ... Louisiana
Santa Teresa 1796... Venezuela
Angostura 1919... Trinidad
Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa... St. Lucia
Foursquare ECS Zinfandel Cask... Barbados
Flor de Cana 12... Nicaragua
Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced... St. Kitts
Ron Centenario 9 Commemorativo... Costa Rica
St. Augustine Pot Still... Florida
Avua Cachaca Amburana... Brazil
Cruzan Single Barrel... St. Croix



Posted 18 Feb '21 by vomi1011 from Germany with 289 ratings

"We could expect some new sherry bombs from Ron del Barrilito in the near future.
Does anyone know what stills they are using in production?
I think Bacardi Familiy is the owner since Joaquin Bacardi is the president of the company.
This would mean that they are in the industrial rum production."

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Posted 15 Feb '21 by Earl Elliott from Canada with 201 ratings

"I was watching a youtube video about Scotch blending by master distillers and I recalled that the same process is followed by Rum masters and thought, hey I could make my own blend.
So I took 6 of my better rums that I thought would work well in a blend and made my own creation. I am pretty happy with it, and although it's probably a sin to have done this, however I tested it out and my friends tell me it's fantastic. "

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Posted 15 Feb '21 by Pirate from Greece with 30 ratings

"I see the master blender left. Evanius Harris no longer works for St. Lucia Distillers ltd. So, i need to beg for information and ask for true afficionados' insight... What will happen to this unique, divine blend, bottled as "1931"? Will it cease to be produced and ultimately, become a collector's item? Or will they keep producing it? The 2018 version, with Chairman's Reserve written upon the bottle and it being numbered, is said to be the final version and a now standardized product (same composition and taste across all released pieces of the batch). Please tell me... What will happen to my most favorite ever, bottle o' rum?"


Posted 14 Feb '21 by Kanu from Denmark with 4 ratings

"Hey why do you need to make a public review to rate a rum?"


Posted 12 Feb '21 by Dom9496 from United States with 0 ratings

"I upgraded to premium which was working, but a week later I don’t have access to it... I have the electronic receipt and everything"

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Posted 12 Feb '21 by Pirate from Greece with 30 ratings

"Finally! I feel completed, at long last. This be my top shelf ace, my all-time favorite champion. That is how a dream come true feels like... Will open soon, just in time for Valentine's. Yo ho ho and a bottle of RUM, yarr!!!"


Posted 11 Feb '21 by Kangabolic from United States with 0 ratings

"Hey Everyone,

So I'm looking to gift my Baby Brother a bottle or 2 of nice Rum. He is not by any means a very discerning Rum drinker not does he even have a collection to speak of. His primary go-to is Bacardi Oakheart... which from my understanding lurking around the "Rum Community" is not much to speak of unless maybe evaluating strictly based off it's price point.

I'd love to "shock him" a bit and expose him to the world of finer rums and get him 2-3 bottles. I know in the title I said 1-2 bottles but I've actually already committed to introducing him to Gosling's Black Seal Rum which he told me recently he had never tried. I'm personally not a Rum drinker as mentioned but I do enjoy sipping on Gosling from time to time, and love a nice Dark n' Story once in a while. I have no idea what your community thinks of Gosling's, it's just hte only Rum I can speak to I've ever tried that I wanted to go back to... I have not tried many rums at all though.

To the point, I'm not sure if Bacardi Oakheart offers you much to go off of regarding his preference at all. I'm under the impression it is a bit more of a sweeter rum? Also- I'm pretty confident he sips it neat and does not mix.

The bottles that are currently on my radar from lurking are...

1. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
2. Foursquare 2007
3. Flor De Cana 18

Truth be told I follow a YouTube Channel by a gentlemen names Jeremy Siers who is more of a Bourbon/Cigar guy and I like his opinions on Bourbon and I stumbled across I Rum video (rare for him) he did last June and these are three he reviewed and thought if I like his Bourbon suggestions, my brother might like his Rum suggestions?

Anyways, I'd love to hear the thoughts and recommendations of your community though, before I pulled the trigger on anything. Budget wise I'm looking to spend up to 100.00-150.00 in total if this is reasonable?

Thanks so much for all your help!"

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Posted 11 Feb '21 by Stefan Persson from Sweden with 205 ratings

"I have over the years called the rum from Haiti for Agricole.

Then I, some months ago, read the EU definition of rum which says that if a bottle should use the term Agricole on its label it must be produced in the French Overseas Departments or in Madeira and of course follow the the production rules.

Then I checked if it’s followed by some of the sugar cane juice based rum I’m familiar with, and it was.
Rhum Barbancourt, the Clairin’s and River Antoine and some others using sugar cane juice don’t use the term Agricole on their labels.

Today I found an article at, an American site, called “Rhum Agricole Is Booming. But Is What You’re Drinking Real”.

That was interesting cause they pointed out that there are lots of quite new distillery’s in the U.S. that’s misleading, mainly Americans, consumers by using the term without being a true Agricole.

They also ask the question why are they using a French word for their products often more like Clairin’s or Cachaca’s.

To be a Agricole is not just about to use sugar cane juice, it’s also about harvest season, fermentation, still requirements, aging, and more. Everything regulated in the AOC or GI’s."


Posted 11 Feb '21 by Getslapped6 from United States with 0 ratings

"This shit. Taste awful. But it will fuck you up"


Posted 10 Feb '21 by rum_time from United Kingdom with 0 ratings

"Hi All,

Just had my first rum from the Isle of Rùm and it was amazing! its called Askival rum, has anyone else tried it?"


Posted 10 Feb '21 by kudzey from Poland with 17 ratings

"I believe it's high time I started thinking of trying Caroni rums. Where should I begin my journey? Any tips on what to drink first? Do you recommend going for Velier's or some independent bottler like kill devil, bristol Classic or CDI? And which of the Caroni is your favorite?"


Posted 9 Feb '21 by Marc from United States with 2 ratings

"I accidentally made my user name my email address. There’s no place in Settings to change it. Please provide this function or I will need to delete my account. Thank you."