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Attach new bottlings as new rum ?

Posted 29 Jan '23 by Paul B 🇺🇸 | 464 ratings

Rene: I know exacly what you are talking about with Dictador 20. It was once one of my top rated rums, as a 9 or 10. With the new bottling, it tastes almost exactly like the Dictador 12. All I could do was to update my existing old review on Dictador 20 to reflect this change. I refuse to buy that one any more due to this deception. If they could be separated in these reviews, it could be Dictad...
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Jamaican rum

Posted 28 Jan '23 by Les 80 🇬🇧 | 27 ratings

I  have add Hampden to my list but am going to get Smith and cross next think at the time I stated on doorlys xo and liked it then when mount gay xo and loved it then had Appleton 12  but definitely going to try Hampden this year some time ...
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What are some of the best American made rums?

Posted 27 Jan '23 by Rumrun11 (PREMIUM) 🇺🇸 | 93 ratings

Thank you everyone that has responded. I am going to seach out the Bayou and Thomas Tew rums. The Richland Rum is probably not for me as it is an Agricole and for some reason I just cannot develop a taste for it. ...

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What’s your favorite rum under $50 US

Posted 27 Jan '23 by Alas 🇵🇷 | 266 ratings

I discovered Foursquare Indelible recently soooo good!!!...

To have (sugar) or to have not (sugar)

Posted 26 Jan '23 by Kevin 🇺🇸 | 57 ratings

Well Matey, After long and arduous  journey I still like some sweetened rums but very few. The absolute truth is in the rums that don't need to add anything. It's become a pleasure to consume the real deal. Although there are some under the $50 limit they just can not stand up to the quality we all demand. The problem is that the base price is above the $50 mark so I tread lightly and hopefully fo...
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Rums like Pusser's

Posted 24 Jan '23 by Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) 🇸🇪 | 400 ratings

Les, I haven't tasted Woods, but I believe there could be some similarities with Pusser's cause both consists of lots of Demerara rum....

Ron Desiderio

Posted 21 Jan '23 by david 🇬🇧 | 1 rating

Wish I could find it in the UK - great rum...

My final 30 best buy rums after 5 years on this site

Posted 20 Jan '23 by kudzey 🇵🇱 | 38 ratings

I totally agree with Jagsroy and I loved most of the rums from his list. Especially, ny fondness on NY is my recent discovery. I observed that I somehow prefer rich rums from Guyana and Jamaica, and Barbados is less and less interesting for me recently. I still, however, want to try the Rockey, has anyone got this?...

This is why one should always keep 12-14 bottles opened for tasting

Posted 19 Jan '23 by Kevin 🇺🇸 | 57 ratings

Paul, May King Neptune bless you. At one time I got up to 9 bottles but can't seem to keep more than 4 at any given time. Unfortunately, my love for rum will not allow more than that. Keep up the great work. I enjoy all you put into the rum world! Arrrgh! ☠☠☠...

Rums similar to Bumbu XO

Posted 17 Jan '23 by mmt 🇵🇱 | 37 ratings

Botafogo Gold Spiced is a bit similar and very very sweet. Riise rums should fit your pallet as well but are usually more expensive.Also plain old Cpt. Morgan (Gold Spiced or Prvt Stock) can do if you're on a budget....
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Rum Recommendations

Posted 2 Dec '22 by Les 80 🇬🇧 | 27 ratings

mount gay xo doorlys xo  Appleton 12 years old Saint James xo u could go on loads off age rums not sweet ...

Gettin' groggy: British Navy style

Posted 15 Jan '23 by stonytokes 🇺🇸 | 24 ratings

One aspect of drinking rum that intrigues me is the history behind the spirit. Has anyone else here read The History Of The World In Six Glasses? It's a great read if you haven't. It greatly amuses me that was has become my mixed drink of choice could very well be be because of a genetic predisposition to said concoction. My mixed drink of choice is what I think of as a modified grog. I absolutely...
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Liquor Stores Around the World

Posted 11 Jan '23 by Paul B 🇺🇸 | 464 ratings

Yohobro: That intense road trip came right after I got vaccinated against COVID-19. I was sick and tired of being cooped up in the house, so I took that road trip with my dog to get a few bottles of Chairman's 1931 and a lot of other ones that I could not get at home. That vaccination was my freedom, so I tell all of those anti-vaxxers that vaccinations will allow for your freedom. Would I make a...
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Tallest possible bottle - designing a shelf

Posted 9 Jan '23 by I3R0K3N7FEET 🇬🇧 | 73 ratings

The tallest bottle I currently have in my collection is 35cm, and I believe I have seen others taller. Personally wouldn't make the shelf smaller than 38cm just to provide that inch of wiggle room. though 40 and 35 would be fine as not many bottles are that tall.  ...
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Add as new or to older vintage

Posted 9 Jan '23 by Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) 🇸🇪 | 400 ratings

Hi Jaycee, You should create a new rum, but that's not needed now cause I've created it for you with an image....
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The first taste from a new bottle is usually the best

Posted 8 Jan '23 by Les 80 🇬🇧 | 27 ratings

ok cheers ...

Dos maderas Rums - Luxus? Alternative to 5+5?

Posted 3 Jan '23 by 🇦🇹 | 14 ratings

dos maderas 5+5 has made it to the top of my 30+ bottles of rum collection. So far, I have not had any other rum so smooth and soft than this one. It is not as intense, body-wise, as others but rather a rum where you easily drink one glass after another without noticing it - it just drinks so easily with almost no afterburn. How do the other product from their distillery measure up? What are rums...
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Top rated rums at bargain prices

Posted 13 Dec '22 by Les 80 🇬🇧 | 27 ratings

i got some good deals on black Fri on Amazon and whisky exchange ...
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Limited releases take all of my rum fire away

Posted 31 Dec '22 by Paul B 🇺🇸 | 464 ratings

I went looking today for another bottle of Myer's Single Barrel Select and found just one that was not in the data base for Total Wine. This one is aged in Sazerac Rye Whiskey casks and is unique to Total Wine. Then I went to another store without a website and there was a bottle of this rum sitting on the shelf for $5 cheaper. Upon closer inspection, the label just read "Reserve Dark". The color ...
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Best Rums of 2022

Posted 31 Dec '22 by Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 233 ratings

The year is almost over and i was waiting for your selection for the best rums of the year 2022. So i guess i do the start and hope to see some of your choices. My problem this year is, that i haven't even tasted all the rums from 2022 i have at home, because i have the samples but not enough time. In the last months i tried to kill some old bottles. That was a lot of work. But i will try my lis...




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