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Posted 5 May '21 by Bonandy from Poland with 38 ratings

"Two days ago I rated rum Zacapa Centinario XO. It was second rating of this rum on this page. I added picture too. Today there is no my rating and photo. This rum is gone from Zacapa's list too, but two days ago it was still there. What happened? I have no Abuelo 7 in my cabinet."

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Posted 4 May '21 by Bonandy from Poland with 38 ratings

"Two days ago I rated rum Zacapa Centinario XO. It was second rating of this rum on this page. I added picture too. Today there is no my rating and photo. This rum is gone from Zacapa's list too, but two days ago it was still there. What happened?

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Posted 25 Apr '21 by Jaxon21 from United States with 2 ratings

"Ok, After many reviews of Plantation Fuji Island Rum suggesting this is a nice version, it has a funky order and the taste is very sub-par. The better choice for Plantation is the XO, it is smooth with a great flavor and a little bite on the back end. "

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Posted 25 Apr '21 by Yohobro from Canada with 16 ratings


So this all started because my wife poured me a glass of rum. She was laughing at how many bottles I’m accumulating and wondered if I could A) name them all and B) tell the difference in a blind taste test. 

Now I’m no expert as I’ve only been enthusiastic about rum for just over a year but I figured they were all quite unique so I wouldn’t have any trouble. She poured me a glass and gave it me. I only have around 12 bottles open right now and could tell from the smell it was an El Dorado. I forgot I had the 12 year so was trying to pin it as the 15 or 21. It ended up being the 12 so I failed on both accounts haha. 

To my credit, I then made a list of all my rums from memory and didn’t miss one so I felt pretty good about that. And now it’s become a game that she grabs a random rum and I’ll identify it (which I’ve been 100% right so far). 

So my question is the same to everyone here. Can you name all the rums in your collection, and do you think you could identify them in a blind taste test? Obviously this will vary in difficulty given how many rums you currently own. 




Posted 22 Apr '21 by nn from United States with 0 ratings


Would anyone have any recommendations for shops they've found that will ship to the United States?

I've ordered successfully from and am looking to try other stores.



Posted 20 Apr '21 by vomi1011 from Germany with 330 ratings

"New Zacapa La Doma edition is on the way to online shops:
I think it's interesting for collectors.


Posted 17 Apr '21 by Captain Lee from United States with 9 ratings

"Why, in 2021, is there not an international standard for labeling ester marques in rum?  This would not preclude individual distilleries from using their historic marques on their labels, and it wouldn't even need to be regulated/verified - just based on what the distillery says the ester level is.  It would really help shoppers looking for a new rum know what to expect.
As soon as we get that sorted, I'm going to get them all to list their additives, lol."

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Posted 16 Apr '21 by Stefan Persson from Sweden with 218 ratings

"As a follow up to my previous topic it would be nice to see which highest ABV you have when it comes to white Overproof’s and how you rate them?
I suppose that molasses based rum with real high ABV ain’t for neat drinking, but I haven’t tasted my two strongest yet. When I taste them I will start neat, but I hardly believe that I will like them that way. Anyway they’re great to have in a rum bar cause they always attract attention and is a subject for discussions.
These are the strongest I have right now:
1) Sunset Very Strong Rum, 84,5%, Not rated yet.
2) Marienburg 81, 81%, Not rated yet.
3) Rivers Antoine Royal Grenadian Rum, 69%, Rated 9.
4) Cavalier Puncheon, 65%, Not rated yet.
5) Shared by the 3 big Jamaican white Overproof’s all at 63%.
Hampden Rum Fire, Rated 8+.
Wray & Nephew White Overproof, Rated 7+.

Rum-Bar White Overproof, Rated 7.

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Posted 15 Apr '21 by Stefan Persson from Sweden with 218 ratings

"I really like aged Overproof rum, but found out that I didn’t have very many. I have more white Overproof’s.
So which are your aged Overproof’s with the highest ABV and how do you rate them?

I have:
1) Pusser’s Overproof, 75%, Not rated yet.
2) Velier 2012 English Harbour, 66%, Rate 9.
3) English Harbour 2014 High Congeners Series, 63,8%, Not rated yet.
4) Shared by:
Hampden Pure Single Jamaican Overproof, 60%, Rate 9 & St. Nicholas Abbey Cask Strength 5yo, 60%, Not rated yet."


Posted 14 Apr '21 by Yohobro from Canada with 16 ratings

"Just wondering if any Canadians are buying rum online, internationally and having it shipped to your province. I’m having a hard time finding exactly how to do this, most likely because it’s not possible -just want to see if I’m missing something. 

Thanks in advance! 


Posted 11 Apr '21 by Paul B from United States with 400 ratings

"If you came from drinking cheap rum like Bacardi Superior and Captain Morgan in your college days and are now looking for some much better rums, you have come to the right place. In my case, The Captain did not appear in the USA until after I graduated from college, so I did not have to agonize with that. And since I have always frowned upon entry level rums from Bacardi, my cheap rum of choice was Cruzan Gold (that I now have ranked as slightly below average).

Whether you know it or not, these cheap rums all have little or no added sugar, which qualifies them as dry.  Since so many on this site like myself extol on the virtues of dry rums, why are these cheap dry rums bad mouthed so much? They are all products of multiple column distillation, which removes the taste along with anything that will cause severe hangovers. Then Captain Morgan foolishly adds Caribbean spices like nutmeg and a few others. These spices will cause one to hug the royal porcelain throne the next morning!!!

So, when all newcomers approach this site and see rave reviews for the most popular Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva at an affordable price, the urge is just like mine was and to go ahead and try it. The WOW factor is definitely there coming from those cheap college days of rum drinking. And here is why. This "rum" has a whopping 41 gpl (grams per liter) of added sugars. This is about 10 freaking teaspoons per bottle!!! However, drink too much of this one, and you will have another morning after just like from The Captain.  Rums like this one are called sugar bombs, so why not just go beyond 50 gpl of added sugar and find a good flavored rum or spiced rum if you are only looking for taste. Just don't drink too much!!!

After this background, I now answer the question that everyone asks and I always respond with this question. Do you like dry or sweet rums? As a newcomer, I strongly advise you to look through reviews and find reviewers with tastes similar to yours that you can respect.  Forget the overall score!!!! You will soon find the ones with a sweet tooth versus the ones who would call out the sugar police.  This difference is VERY important!!

So where does one start?  Your odds of success as a starter will greatly increase by sticking with the rums costing between $25 US and $50 US. Buying any of these after researching these reviews will increase your chances for success even more. As you gain experience, you can try rums costing more, but my personal limit has always been $120 per bottle. And if any fellow reviewer endorses a rum costing more than $50 US, just ignore them until you very well know where your own tastes lie.

And as you have now guessed, I am now outta here after submitting 400 reviews in the past 40 months. There is now absolutely no reason for me to go any further in my quest for rums that appeal to me. If I do happen upon a new rum, I will try it, but not submit any more reviews. I happen to like the number 400."

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Posted 9 Apr '21 by MerMama from United States with 30 ratings

"Which has been your favorite rum distillery tour, and why did you like it so much? With travel restrictions lifting, I need sun, sand, sea, and rum."


Posted 8 Apr '21 by alseick from Poland with 7 ratings


I will frankly copy my message from some other portal :D

I am looking for something close to Plantation Guatemala Xo, or at least - if you know - what is the main reason that it tastes like that? Is it the region,is it Amburana casks or what? I smell deep, non-sweet coconut. That is awesome.

My goal here is to find something hopefully normally available, not limited edition. I am more into Bajan style rums I guess (chocolate, raisins, not super sweet), but I bought Peru and Guatemala Vintage Editions as I was curious, and when I tasted Guatemala XO for the first time I just was: wow thats unique.

I don't like Plantation 5YO Barbados or 20th Annniversary which probably have some slight notes of coconut - they are too mild, sweet to me. Guatemala XO, at least for my taste buds, is kind of deep. I am not a fan of earthy note which is also there but I prefer that than having some one dimensional sweet rum.

I think I have tested about 60 rums, and this is unique to me

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Posted 7 Apr '21 by poly.pop from United States with 31 ratings

"First, I would love the ability to ignore some reviewers. Ideally, my view of a rum's rating would be updated to discount an ignored persons score. My logic: I've seen terrible rums like Havana Club get a rating of 9 by a user. When I look at that users cabinet, they have only reviewed Bicardi, Havana Club, and Zacapa. This is not someone with an opinion worth my consideration and I would love to be able to ignore this persons ratings in the future. I've seen the opposite as well (an exceptional rum given a low rating by someone who has only reviewed bicardi and diplamatico). This would allow me to curate scores based on people with a similar taste as me, or at least silence the dummies."


Posted 7 Apr '21 by Captain Lee from United States with 9 ratings

"Just got my Tasting shipment, but it doesn't seem to have a key to the bottles - they are numbered, but n other info.  Where can I find a list of what each one is?"


Posted 6 Apr '21 by Paul B from United States with 400 ratings

"Folks, lately I have noticed way too may rave reviews for expensive rums and this absolutely sickens me!!! Anyone can spend a small fortune on a "rum" and and then declare that it was "DEVINE" while refusing to admit that they have been screwed again. That is NOT me!!!!

I on the the other hand have taken great efforts to find really good rums that are affordable. I now present my best 7-8 ratings in the $13-$25 US range. Finding these affordable bargains is MUCH more of a challenge than raving about the latest pricey rum that one has found.  Anyone can waste money on anything and then rave about it. Not me!!!!

Alleyne Arthurs Special Barbados Rum
Foursquare Spiced
Navy Bay
Oak & Palm Spiced
Plantation Artisinal 3-Stars
Blackwell's Reserve (the only one in this list to attain my rating of 8)
Plantation Original Dark Double Aged
Carta Vieja 8 Anos
Doorly's XO
Wildcat Brothers Sweet Crude
Rum Fire Overproof (see my detailed notes below!)
El Dorado 8
896 8 Year
San Zanj
Ron Centenario 9 Commemorativo
Hamilton Demerara 86
Black Pearl Light
Selvarey White
Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced
Vizcaya Cristal
Diplomatico Planas

On the Jamaican Rum Fire Overproof from Hampden, one needs to add at least 2 ice cubes and allow them to melt to bring out the flavors while also lowering the burn. Drink this stuff straight, and I can promise you that you will absolutely hate it. This one is still light years better than Wray & Nephew Overproof."


Posted 5 Apr '21 by Paul B from United States with 400 ratings

"Calazan Reserva 10 Year is a fairly new arrival to my collection. Presently, and to the best of my knowledge, it is only available in Florida except for the panhandle. It is a relatively dry rum from Venezuela. When I first got it, I ranked it in the lower part of my 7 ratings. In just two weeks time, it has risen to the upper part of my 7 ratings and almost earning my 8 rating with the chance to finally overtake Santa Teresa 1796 as my top Venezuelan rum.  At only $29 US, this is a bonus, but had no bearing on my rating for taste. If you see a bottle on the shelf for sale, grab it!!!!"


Posted 4 Apr '21 by Paul B from United States with 400 ratings

"After 400 reviews in the past 40 months and finally getting my badge of Captain Of The Seven Seas, I see absolutely no reason to go any further in trying new rums. Since most of us do not have money coming out of our ears, I have broken down my top 15 rums ranked by my own tastes in each of three different price categories.  Anything over $120 US are ones that I have refused to try because I know damn good and well that I would regret the purchase the next day when I would literally piss some of it away. Yes, I can afford a $500 bottle of rum, but what is the point?

Without further delay, here they are!

Top 15 rums priced $51-$120 US each
Dictador XO Insolent
Dictador 20
Dictador XO Perpetual
Chairman's Reserve 1931
Frigate Reserve 21 Year
Frigate Reserve 15 Year
Rhum J M XO
Plantation XO 20th Anniversary
Bacardi Facundo Eximo 10 year
Ron Zacapa XO
Bacardi Facundo Exquisito
Appleton 21
Bayou Mardi Gras XO
Don Pancho Origenes 18
Clement XO (new bottle)

Top 15 rums priced $25-$50 US each
Dictador 12
Clairin Le Rocher 2018
South Bay Small Batch
Vizcaya VXOP 21
Ron Centenario 18 Reserva de la Familia
Chairman's Reserve Legacy
Plantation OFTD 138 Proof
Hamilton Florida Rum Society
Chairman's Reserve Forgotten Casks
Pusser's Gunpowder Proof
Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaican
Depaz Blue Cane Amber Rhum
Ron Cartavio Solera 12
Plantation XO Guatemala
Santa Teresa 1796

Top 15 rums priced $5-$24 US each
Blackwell's Reserve
Rum Fire Overproof
El Dorado 8
Plantation Original Dark Double Aged
San Zanj
Carta Vieja 8 Anos
Ron Centenario 9 Commemorativo
896 8 Year
Doorly's XO
Selvarey White
Cana Brava 3 Year Old
Plantation Artisinal 3-Stars
Foursquare Spiced
Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced
Oak & Palm Spiced

I truly hope that this helps to guide newcomers. No two tastes are alike, but I have gone through tremendous effort in organizing all of my rum rankings, which this list was derived from. As for my list of my 15 worst rums in each of those price categories, I am very reluctant to publish that one because a few will get quite upset about it.

It has been lots of fun, and I will continue to respond to discussions, but only those that are specifically addressed to me.


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Posted 3 Apr '21 by Bonandy from Poland with 38 ratings

"For All of You I wish Good and Peaceful Easter and a lot of new rums flavors."


Posted 2 Apr '21 by XeniePie from Belgium with 9 ratings

"I'm looking for some great sweet rums to try as I'm really into sweet liqueurs, I'm currently enjoying Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and Plantation XO, I'm also enjoying Dictador wich has a great coffee flavour.
I currently have my eyes set on trying Bumbu and Chairman's Reserve.
Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated."