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Weich und rund im Geschmack, leider dadurch auch etwas Austauschbar. Ein Rum für so vor dem TV.

sympatical to begin a new collection..
sweet with a coffee table chocolate and caramel flavor..


only for my friends who don't like a good rum.. 😁
with coke or on the rocks

simply but for begin is perfect
better than Don pa.. 😁 😀

It ist truley a Rum of perfection, the taste is very round. But i think What it makes a great experience is the way it goes from sugar plant to Rum. A great Story and at least why its so expensive

Perfect. Nose is candied oak and honey fruits. The taste is really lovely. A little sting and tongue tingle ay the start and finish. The main taste is beautiful. Molasses, sauteed bananas, caramel, vanilla... This really is a perfect rum.

a 16 year old rum on the label, and a beautiful color. the noise is like a barrel of old flowers, which threw me for a second. the first sip and i sorted it. this is rhum agricole or some variation from the cane juice and not molasses. aging 16 years (or however long in total) mellows the astringent green rawness of agricole to some extend, but it's still too prominent for me. this is actually pretty good stuff, and i might change my rating higher but since i was expecting that flavor profile it might trend it down. if you love agricole and aged rums this might be a 9!!

The aroma is complex and strong: cane and alcohol (annoying, but not yet burns), then the freshness of dew, strawberries, peppers, bush branches, elderberry, resin. Violence and insolence.
Mouth: burns cruelly not for long, the feeling of lightness in the mouth and heaviness in the stomach, a wooden noticeable bitterness, to swallow through the times, acidity.
High quality for one-year aging.


Very sweet nose, brown sugar and some caramel. Also vanilla and wood. Kind of typical brown rum smell, not much fruit for me.
The taste is quiet characteristic and bears a lot of different aroma. On one side the rum is a bit smokey (dust, ashes), on the other side it is really bitter (oak). However, it fits together and is completed by some sweetness (rock sugar) and vanilla again. Here, I didn't find a lot of fruit again - maybe some raisins.

All in all some good stuff, but not end of the line.

Duft af pære og banan, måske en anelse æble med en strejf af peber. En lille snert af frugt i smagen i starten, inden hele munden bliver overtaget af peber med et lille touch af vanilje til sidst? Er ikke den store tilhænger af rom, der ikke har lagret særlig længe. Denne har kun1,5 år i fad. Det er efter min mening ikke nok til at lagre færdig. Tilbage på fadet igen. (17. December 2018)

Duft er fad, og måske en anelse vanilje. Meget tør til at starte med, men derefter fornuftig smag af fad og et strejf af noget sødt. Sandsynligvis vanilje. Over middel, men ikke et indkøb til barskabet (18. December 2018)

Rum with typical jamaican funk. Taste is tenting to be fruity (hints of oranges maybe) reminding fruit brandys. Aftertaste is sweet chocolate like. Rum is well balance between fruityness and oakyness.
Would be fine mixer but it is suitable for sipping

This quite young agricule rhum is has typical aroma which is fresh fruity with hints of wood. In the taste there is lot of wood than hints of mint and liquorice. Aftertaste is fresh and fruity with hints of citruses and sweetness in the end. For 7 years quite interresting agricole rhum worth trying.

I will be honest with you. This isnt really anything speacial. This rum is pretty artificial and for money it usually costs you can get much better one. But, if you want to support Mr. Dutertes economy, go for it. It is not that bad when you drink it on rocks.


Taste reminding calvados, but overlly it is weak. No strong hint of anything more like vodka. It has no interesting wooden flavour. maybe my worst cachaca so far

Taste is rich and has a bit of everything. There is smoke, caramel, vanilla, black pepper. Rum is creating a film in the mouth. Aftertaste is spicy with lightly bitter end.

Had this at a neighbors house on the rocks. Good but not great.

Had this at a restaurant in Michigan. It was the best rum they had so I had to try it. Not as smooth as the XO but very drinkable. I would recommend this.

Lucka 18. God och len med smak av ek och vanilj...

Smooth with a bit of a spicy bite. One of my favourite taste. My wife doesn't prefer rum, but she likes this.

White rum for mixing, not for drinking straight. It seemed a bit sharper than white Cubaney, but hard to tell for sure now.