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Artesano Virgin Oak Finish 21-Year rum
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Artesano Virgin Oak Finish 21-Year review posted 24 minutes ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 70 ratings

This Ron del Artesano was able to store in ex-bourbon barrels in Panama for 20 years and then mature again for 21 months in a fresh soft oak barrel in Germany. Then it was bottled unfiltered in a barrel strength of 55.7% in a very limited number of 89 bottles. Of course, without additives.

The rum is heavy and oily in the glass. It takes until the rum shows some streaks. In the nose, the rum is not overly strong, but nevertheless very complex. Fruit and vanilla make the nose sweet and fresh. Lots of wood, cocoa and chocolate are a little heavier. Spicy notes also resonate. If you take your time, the rum is slowly giving more and more of itself. On the palate, it is incredibly balanced. I haven't had a rum like that before. And this despite the barrel's strength. The alcohol is perfectly integrated and carries aromas of vanilla, tropical fruits, some cocoa or chocolate, which are captured by the wood. It's never hard in the mouth. The aromas are evenly distributed while drinking. The finish is beautifully elegant. The aromas do not remain too strong and the wood note dominates with a little sweetness.

The 21-year-old Artesano is a force. But at about 180 euros also not cheap. I hesitated for a long time until it was sold out. Now a sample had to do it. I don't know if the rum is worth so much money but it is one of the best rums I've ever drunk. I really recommend the Artesano Tasting. Top.

Dieser Ron del Artesano konnte 20 Jahre in Panama im tropischen Klima in Ex-Bourbon Fässern lagern und dann noch einmal für 21 Monate in einem frischen Weicheichefass in Deutschland nach reifen. Dann wurde er ungefiltert in einer Fass Stärke von 55,7% in sehr limitierter Anzahl von 89 Flaschen abgefüllt. Natürlich ohne Zusatzstoffe.

Der Rum ist im Glas schwer und ölig. Es dauert bis der Rum am Glas Schlieren zieht. In der Nase ist der Rum nicht übermäßig kräftig aber dennoch sehr komplex. Frucht und Vanille machen die Nase Süß und frisch. Viel Holz, Kakao und Schokolade dann wieder etwas schwerer. Auch würzige Noten schwingen mit. Nimmt man sich Zeit gibt der Rum langsam immer mehr von sich preis. Am Gaumen ist er unglaublich ausbalanciert. Habe ich so noch nicht gehabt. Und das trotz der Fass Stärke. Der Alkohol ist absolut perfekt eingebunden und trägt Aromen von Vanille, tropischen Früchten, etwas Kakao oder Schokolade, welche durch das Holz eingefangen werden. Dabei ist er im Mund nie schwer. Die Aromen sind beim Trinken gleichmäßig verteilt. Der Abgang ist schön elegant. Nicht zu kräftig bleiben die Aromen bestehen, wobei hier die Holznote mit etwas Süße dominiert.

Der 21 jährige Artesano ist eine Wucht. Aber mit ca. 180 Euro auch nicht billig. Ich habe lange gezögert bis er ausverkauft war. Jetzt musste es ein Sample richten. Ob der Rum das viele Geld wert ist, weiß ich nicht. Einer der besten Rums die ich bisher getrunken habe war er alle mal. Ich kann das Artesano Tasting wirklich empfehlen. Top.


Posted 26 Jan '21 by vomi1011 from Germany with 280 ratings

"Regarding to the following article "Flippers have become a sort of personal pet hate".
Almost all hate flippers, but if everyone would drink the rum he buy,
would you ever get a rum bottle you want, if you missed it at the release?
We should also not forget, that some online shops also buying and selling rums just like flippers.

I've bought a lot of rums from flippers and always paid fair prices.
If someone pays excessive prices, it is their own fault.
I'll wait for the flipper to lower the price. It's always win-win, I get a rum that is no longer available and the flipper a few more bucks."

Ophyum 23-Year rum

Ophyum 23-Year review posted 1 hour ago by Limike from Czech Republic with 17 ratings

Příjemný sladší rum. Vůně ovocná, sladce medová. V chuti výrazné citrusové tóny - pomeranč,meruňka. Dřevitost po sudu se objevuje v dochuti, ale je velmi decentní. Oliver&Oliver rum
zkousnutelný i pro začátečníka.

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A. H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Very Rare rum
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A. H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Very Rare review posted 2 hours ago by Kabi4 from Czech Republic with 22 ratings

It was hard decision... the price for this unbelievable bottle was areound 70 €... BUT .... you should try ... really... its like magic... nice full powerful smooth .... WOW... i think I need more ! Great Job mr. RIISE 👏

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Posted 26 Jan '21 by Stefan Persson from Sweden with 199 ratings

"Just to clarify, I just read the document in Swedish, then I went back to the English version.
So it’s the original text in English that I attached, I haven’t translated it from Swedish."


Posted 26 Jan '21 by vomi1011 from Germany with 280 ratings

"I wouldn't dive too deep in the interpretation.
OFTD uses the word "traditional" which should meet additional criteria, but there should be no problem with that.
If Plantation OFTD is not allowed to use the word rum, then the regulation would have failed and we could only rely on our own judgment."

Emperor Sherry Casks Finish rum

Emperor Sherry Casks Finish review posted 3 hours ago by from Austria with 31 ratings

Quite disapointing - somehow unremarkable - would not buy again. Smell and packaging is nice though.

Santa Teresa 1796 rum

Santa Teresa 1796 review posted 4 hours ago by dragon from Slovenia with 20 ratings

This beautiful rum is pure joy. Each sip is just that fullness of taste in mouth that last loooong long. Truly exceptional choice! Highly highly recommended.

Millonario Aniversario Reserva 10-Year rum

Millonario Aniversario Reserva 10-Year review posted 8 hours ago by from Austria with 31 ratings

Good enough for the price - would I offer it to friends? Rather not

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Posted 26 Jan '21 by Stefan Persson from Sweden with 199 ratings

"No normal people with normal incomes use expensive rum in drinks.
Those who do, do it to impress their friends and they are also often newly rich and are the same people who offer red wine in the 1000€ class."

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Posted 26 Jan '21 by RumGuy1 from United States with 41 ratings

"To each its own. Ive drank a lot of whisky and rum. Both of them have equal capacity to be taken seriously or not. It is true that we all have different tastes and opinions. However, it's discourteous to attempt to project your opinions on others.

Ron de Jeremy Spiced rum

Ron de Jeremy Spiced review posted 11 hours ago by Herutza from Romania with 14 ratings

Not bad but there is noting to like there. Tastes like the rum flavor used to put into cakes. There are much better options out there

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold rum

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold review posted 14 hours ago by cowboykidd from United States with 8 ratings

Captain Morgan is the rum that got me started on Rum. Let's be honest, this is no Zafra or Centenario 30. However sometimes you want a prime steak and sometimes you want a fast food cheeseburger. When I want a cheap mixing rum, I am going to buy Captain Morgan. Don't try to sip it. Don't try to make it something it is not. Put it with some juice, or Sprite, or Coke and enjoy. Honestly it probably gets an extra star from me, just for the nostalgia of my youth.

Appleton Estate 21-Year rum

Appleton Estate 21-Year review posted 15 hours ago by cowboykidd from United States with 8 ratings

I know that there are people who love Appleton. Heck, I was a child in Jamaica. I want to love Appleton. However, Appleton has a very distinctive after taste. Some find it pleasant, but I have always found it rather acrid. Even on their 21 year, it is the same blended distinctive unpleasant aftertaste. The rest of the flavor is what you would hope to find in a rum in this price range. If you like the lower end Appleton, other than as a mixer, you will love this rum. I have always had mixed feelings on Appleton and the same exists here.

Bumbu Original rum

Bumbu Original review posted 15 hours ago by cowboykidd from United States with 8 ratings

I really debated how to rate this. As a pure rum, it is not a true rum and would deserve a lower rating. However, at $33 it is affordable and it is fairly drinkable, if you accept it as not a pure rum. It is very sweet, very smooth amd low proof. I have seen some describe it as a liqueur and that is probably more accurate. Less sweet than most liqueurs but much sweeter and artificially flavored than most rums. Were I rating it as a liqueur, I would have rated it higher. I found it pleasant enough, but as a rum it does not measure up.

Ron Zacapa Royal rum

Ron Zacapa Royal review posted 18 hours ago by Rumes from United States with 1 rating

Excelent aftertaste, Smokey, oxigenate well to dissipate it’s strength (45).

Plantation Guatemala XO Single Cask Amburana Finish rum

Plantation Guatemala XO Single Cask Amburana Finish review posted 19 hours ago by Mujuru from United States with 65 ratings

Nose: Eggnog, cinnamon, nutmeg, tapioca pudding
Palate: fresh white oak, tapioca pudding, apples, cinnamon, vanilla, sweet despite minimal dosage
Aftertaste: Eggnog, cinnamon, literal vanilla extract, cinnamon throat tingle sensation

I have been longing to try an Amburana aged rum for quite a while now. When I read the reviews for this rum, it sounded delightful and something that I absolutely had to try. It took me almost a year to track down a shop that had it in stock and would ship it to me. This is a Guatemalan Single Cask rum that has been aged for several years in bourbon oak, then 1 year in French Oak in France, and then finished for 6 months in Amburana wood and bottled at 50% ABV. Per Plantation website this rum is very lightly dosed at 8gpL (3gpL more than might occur naturally under certain conditions). Amburana is a tropical wood found in Central and South America. I had read that it imparts a delightful cinnamon note to spirits aged in it, and not to spoil, but I found that to be true. Buts that's not all. No that's not all. This rum is quite delightful and I keep waffling on whether to rate it an 8 or a 9. But before I get to the final rating let's let the process play out because this is an interesting rum with some unusual characteristics

First of all, straight up, if what you want is eggnog and cinnamon and you want it now, there is where you can get that fix. On the nose I get strong eggnog loud and clear, almost like I stuck my face down near the eggnog punch bowl on Christmas. Hidden behind the Egg Nog I smell cinnamon, nutmeg, and delightful notes of tapioca pudding. All in all quite a pleasant and aromatically intense combination even if it is not overly complex.

Taking a sip is where things start to get interesting. It starts with raw white oak, not the long aged kind but the younger Tennessee whiskey sour kind. That appears for a second before turning into a mouthful of tapioca pudding with strong individually noticeable notes of apples, cinnamon and vanilla. This being 50% ABV it does kick a bit, but that's not the only physical sensation. In addition to the burn you get a tingly sensation in the throat like you just swallowed a tiny spoonful cinnamon powder directly out of the jar. The entire combination on the palate comes across as very sweet and decadent even though the rum is only very minimally dosed and packs a punch.

On the finish the eggnog reappears accompanied by cinnamon and vanilla extract (literally...vanilla and strong bitter notes in its entirety). After walking away rom the glass my throat tingles and little bit and simultaneously my mouth feels refreshed. Its a very interesting experience, that I highly recommend. So why not a 10 or a high 9? Because at times the vanilla extract and bitter notes sometimes dominate the expression to an extent that I don't like quite as much. Its still an absolutely wonderful rum but those notes do dampen the experience a little. Also I have never been a huge fan of fresh white oak (which is why I don't like bourbon as much) which appears prominently on the palate.

All in all this is a great and novel experience, but otherworldly to the extent that I feel like I have to order a case of it. The notes on this are so unique that it would probably make an otherworldly Cuba Libre but I am not sure what else you could mix it in...and besides it is meant to be sipped and it serves that purpose quite well.

Country of Origin: Guatemala (later partially aged in France)
ABV: 50%

Nose: 10
Palate: 8
Finish: 8
Smoothness: 8
Versatility: 8
Price: 8

Total: 8.3

Mezan XO Jamaica rum

Mezan XO Jamaica review posted 19 hours ago by OlekDegustuje from Poland with 9 ratings

Nose 6/10
Mouth 7/10
Finish 6/10
Price value ratio 6/10

Kuna Aged rum

Kuna Aged review posted 19 hours ago by OlekDegustuje from Poland with 9 ratings

Nose 6/10
Mouth 6/10
Finish 6/10
Price value ratio 7/10