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Nice aftertaste, that is the only positive I can say about this. It burns, and has weird flavor and nose to it, like some house paint.

So I won't turn it down when the captain offers me a swig. Again. And again.

But I'm not buyin it!

Sugary, flavored rum, maybe better suited to cooking or aw schucks just raising hell on the waterways.

Sweet rum, why do you need to be so sweet? That hangover...

Use in a Dark ' n Stormy of the commercial bar variety when catching-up with your Bud drinkin buddies. Unless they tease you for ordering a cocktail. Then you leave the drink for them to try and go home to drink something better.

Not far off from Zacapa (Another "Z" rum, but from a totally different place in the Caribbean), this one is almost syrupy and sweet on the rocks. I wouldn't diss it as dark Karo, but there's too much sugar in this to enjoy any natural flavors hidden here.

This is a rough-tasting aged industrial rum, it does not really stand up to its Venezuelan or Panamanian counterparts. Nothing special, it may remind you of a another anejo, similar to Havana 7 or Abuelo. Not a lot of flavor on the palate, the caramel is there (likely added) and the alcohol burns off high in the sinuses. Dare I say it almost has a burned cane aftertaste.

I have had this neat, on the rocks and mixed, and if you give it enough time on ice it will be fine.

Looking to change up the agricole affair, this came home with me one day. The opening is overwhelming, redolent of a moldy-banana rubber glue incendiary used to ignite old cane fields that have been bountiful to the distiller. It's a big field... And that nose is huge right off the bat. After one taste, I had to put it down and feel that fire patiently torch its path of enlightenment through my soul. It is like a super rhum agricole, and advertised as containing twice the normal congeners as that style, it really does something quite different here. A bit of fenugreek. There's the warm melted butter flavor, and even a bit of an aftertaste that resembles the salty air of a marina, something akin to boat fuel and the oil slick left behind of a wrecked banana tube towable... that was made of actual bananas.

Ahh den er for sød, men er man til Riise er den helt sikkert et godt køb

Perusing through all of my ratings for rhum agricoles, it seemed like an impossibility to pair great taste with a decent price. Most of the ones that I have yet to try are seriously overpriced. Many months ago, I remember looking up reviews on this one, but it was nowhere to be found on liquor store shelves in my area. Well today, I ran across a bottle of this for only $31 and figured that it could rate as a 7 at best.

I poured a half ounce into the snifter and let it breathe for a while. The aroma is very unique, possibly from the rare blue cane used to distill it. The taste is super smooth and buttery and is one of those rums that it would be all too easy to consume the whole bottle neat. My goodness, this stuff is close to heaven! It makes a great Mai Tai when perfectly paired to Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaican rum, but why waste it as a mixer. However, it is cheap enough to do such a thing and not feel guilty.

This leads to another question. If this lesser known brand from Martinique beats the taste out of the other ones and is priced this low, how much are those other brands ripping everyone off? I am so glad that I did not abandon my search for a great rhum agricole at a sensible price.

Made from rums of between 21 and 25 years of age, matured in 45 gallon oak casks, within six degrees of the equator in Guyana.
(I suppose the rum is aged in Single Malt Wiskey Cask)
Taste of:
you immediately feel a strong taste of single malt wiskey that characterizes the flavor,
caramel, vanilla, chocolate, orange peel ...
Great Rum with, sweet, rich and very particular Aroma.


Lucka 17. Mild och god. Citrus, sötma och lite vanilj


A bit too sweet, with aging effects adding slight plume flavor.

Some people probably enjoy the sting accompanied with fine spirits. While I'm not opposed to it, there's a level which I can tolerate before it gets overwhelming. This rum stands directly on that line. I loved the aromas, the look, the mouthfeel, and especially the aftertaste... But the aggressive nature of the bite (especially on the front of the tongue) was just enough to throw my experience. Still a very quality overall product, but had to knock it down a notch due to that one issue. Salude!

A hint of licorice, nut and sweetness on the nose, finish is sweet wood. It is unbelievably smooth, you must purposely hold it in mouth to look for burn. It is not as aromatic as 25y, but much more delicate.

Doft av citrus och gräs, mild och god smak, lite citrus och vanilj.


Vo voni velmi vyrazne citit citrusy, hlavne pomarance, trochu vanilku. Chut velmi presladena a popravde nie velmi prijemna... Vhodne do miesanych drinkov.

Chutny sladsi rum... Dozrieva 5 rokov v sudoch po sherry a je to v chuti aj citit. Vonia menej vyrazne za ovocim a melasou. Nieje to vynimocny rum, ale v tejto cenovej hladine to nieje ani ziadne sklamanie... treba skusit.

V tejto cene existuju lepsie alternativy. Prilisna pachut alkoholu, chut nie velmi vyrazna... Tento rum ma okrem peknej flase nezaujal nicim...

Vona za vanilkou, opalenym sudom, melasou velmi podobna s Blue Mauritius Gold. Rum je sladky a jemny, oproti mojmu oblubenemu "modremu kolegovi" z Mauricia je ale v chuti u tohto Gold rumu nieco co mi vadi.

Na to, ze to vyrobil Bozkov sa to celkom dalo pit, vona nieje nicim zaujimava, citit sladkost, ta mi vadila aj v chuti - prilis vela umelo pridaneho cukru resp. karamelu.

Ocakaval som od tohto kuska viac... Krasna flasa, vona ako takmer vsetky Riiseho rumy po pomarancoch, vanilke a vyrazna sladkost... az prilis vyrazna. Oproti XO single cask takmer ziaden rozdiel.

Kvalitny aged rum, sladsi, vyrazna chut. V tejto cene mi ale viac chuti Millonario XO