Siesta Key Coffee rum

Siesta Key Coffee

United States | Flavored

7 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great

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7 Siesta Key Coffee ratings

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Ernieren 🇺🇸 | 3 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

This rum is just another amazi g Rum by Siesta Key . It's a true coffee rum not a horrible over sweetened fake coffee rum. It has a hint of sugar to keep it smooth . You don't get a sugar high. Just an all around great rum!!!

Captain_Tyson 🇺🇸 | 100 ratings
Posted 4 months ago

I’m not a big flavored rum fan, but rated in the category of flavored (not comparing to all styles of rum). It’s made with real coffee, not syrups. It’s not a liqueur. Real beans are ground and they run their unaged rum through it. Props to that.

jamesshaffer (TASTING CLUB) 🇺🇸 | 40 ratings
Posted 10 months ago

So, this rum is difficult to rate for me. I bought it as a substitute to Kahlua liqueur for a mudslide mixed drink. I DO NOT RECOMMEND that you do this! This coffee rum, at least the bottle I have, instantly curdles the Bailey's when mixed together. However, it goes great in other mixed drinks and probably as a dessert sipping rum. I do enjoy it in the simple rum and coke cocktail. And, to be completely fair and honest, I haven't tried it straight. If I ever do, I'll come back and edit this review...

Roadking1997 🇺🇸 | 30 ratings
Posted 1 year ago

I wouldn’t recommend more than one, but great for after dinner. A little sweet, but if you mix it with another, less sweet rum like maybe an 896 or a Bacardi dark it is still quite flavorful, just not too sweet.

RobbieS 🇺🇸 | 5 ratings
Posted 2 years ago

Nice coffee aroma, both smell and flavor. I imagine this would be amazing in your actual coffee!

RumHelps 🇺🇸 | 10 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

The aroma is very full of coffee, toasted coffee, with a hint of Pecan maybe? Tastes like roasted coffee, not too sweet, not overbearing with the alcohol. Very smooth. Just not my thing.

Paul B 🇺🇸 | 461 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

This one does not taste very sweet. It is nothing at all like those syrupy coffee liqueurs. When poured neat in the snifter, one can see through it all the way to the other side of the glass. I would call this one as a semi-dry coffee rum. The coffee flavor is just right thanks to the use of coffee beans for the infusion. Well done!

When I got back home, I got the wild idea to add a teaspoon of my dark ground Central American arabica coffee to about one ounce of my top rated white rum, which is Cana Brava 3 year old. I then strained this mess through thick layers of paper towels. My goodness! My coffee rum turned out to be the almost exact same color and transparency as theirs. The aroma was a bit stronger, but the bitter taste of mine guaranteed that the Siesta Key version gets to remain with my rating of 7.

Brand Details

Name: Coffee
Company: Siesta Key
Type: Flavored
Distillation: Unknown