Stroh 60 rum

Stroh 60

Austria | Flavored

22 ratings
Barely drinkable, hard to swallow

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22 Stroh 60 ratings

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martin jeppesen 🇩🇰 | 256 ratings
Posted over 8 years ago

Heavy nose of chocolate, rumessence and fermented apples. The spicy pallete is potent with nutty notes of chocolate and dried apples. It is by no means a refined product and should be reserved for hot chocolate

Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) 🇸🇪 | 435 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Emptied some bottles of this quite strong Austrian rum when I was on a skiing holiday in Kitzbuhl, Austria, as a teenager.
It falls into the same category as the Thai varieties Mehkong and SangSom, ie party, party, party without caring about what you drink.

Dan-Fix 🇸🇪 | 113 ratings
Posted almost 6 years ago

A cold winter day mix this with hot chocolate. Otherwise this is no rum to buy. To harsh and no good taste.

Karolis 🇱🇹 | 19 ratings
Posted over 7 years ago

It is said this rum was used by senbernar dogs that had small cask under their neck to help to freezing people after the avalanches in swiss alps. Nevertheless its a mixer only rum to drink with hot drinks or in my case i pick it up a shoot drink mixer (layer it on top and put it on fire).

Wolfe Tone 🇳🇱 | 117 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

Flavoured crap that has little to do with actual rum.

KissAljas 🇭🇺 | 87 ratings
Posted 2 years ago

Nem sok köze van a rumhoz. A 80as nyilván éghető koktél alap anyag. Hogy ez mire jó? Nem tudom. Ha ilyen alkohol fokot keresel akkor találsz sokkal jobbat!

4candles 🇬🇧 | 39 ratings
Posted 2 years ago

This rum is meant for mixing and not to be sipped. Good for a rum and cola.

Rumexplorer 🇳🇱 | 8 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Favorit of my father he mixed it with 7up
first experience i was 12 year and did take a secret sip.
I was more busy with how to stop my burning throat instead of tasting the flavors
when adult I did drink it when visit my father but it was not a rum I would buy

Bonandy 🇵🇱 | 99 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

A beautiful fragrance, intense. A milder variety of the strong 80. Good for coffee, tea and cola.

kbill 🇷🇴 | 22 ratings
Posted 3 years ago

This came out from window washing liquid experiments, a military solution grade for weapons cleaning. Would be good for highschool challenges, but can't think of anything redeeming about it.

Brand Details

Name: 60
Company: Stroh
Type: Flavored
Distillation: Unknown