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Stroh Original 80 rum

Stroh Original 80

Austria | Flavored

123 ratings
Serious improvement needed


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123 Stroh Original 80 ratings

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Posted 11 months ago by CJ1999 from United Kingdom with 95 ratings

A very unique rum, easy to judge negatively. However if you take time to appreciate its sophistication you will find its utterly fabulous


Posted 12 months ago by TheBadgerer from United States with 2 ratings

Like drinking butterscotch someone has lit on fire. Ruins any mixed drinks it's used in.


Posted 12 months ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 235 ratings

If I get a sore throat and cough I am reaching for this! It has a very strange Ricola. It has a very strange Ricola. Sort of an herbal Jaegermeister, Robitussin mix. I was tempted to take it with a spoon. It would have been a natural in a Wild West medicine show peddled from a covered wagon! Strong like medicine too! The more I sipped it the more I kind of liked it. It’s smooth too, in an earthy medicinal way. I like it. Especially if it helps my cough! Hey Billy Bob! Give me a couple bottles of this Wild West Ricola tonic will ya?

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Posted 1 year ago by Bonandy from Poland with 62 ratings

A beautiful fragrance, intense. Because of the power of limit use


Posted 1 year ago by evets0452 from United Kingdom with 18 ratings

This is not a spiced rum, this is rocket fuel that gets you from sober to waisted in a very short time. Not a drink you can enjoy but you can have fun seeing someone trying it for the first time.


Posted 1 year ago by Hefron from Czech Republic with 86 ratings

Velmi silná záležitost, nehodí se k přímému pití. Po požití cítíte pálení a bolest v hrdle. Ideální do míchaných drinků, aby po namíchání měly nějaké grády. Víc k tomu nejde napsat.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Noname from France with 72 ratings

Je n y ai trouvé aucun plaisir.
Forte perception de solvant, toutes sensations cassées par la puissance de l alcool... Ce n est pas du rhum


Posted over 1 year ago by Kieron wood from United Kingdom with 503 ratings

If you love cough syrup then this rum is for you , one of the worst I have ever tasted


Posted over 1 year ago by Cjbspender from Germany with 38 ratings

This is no rum, only a flavored spirit. The 80% ABV make it stand out but not better.


Posted over 1 year ago by gerben de lange from Aruba with 21 ratings

fun to watch the reviews here for this particular rum, and if you are a connaisseur it's probably best you don't touch this one with a barge pole. but it's me, the guy that likes rum and coke. i'll touch anything just to try. and this one i tried quite a bit back in the day. it's just rocket fuel when drinking neat, that's why the big "80" is on the bottle, so you know. but when mixing with coke it's pretty damn nice. and you only need a tiny bit of it to get the flavour out. goes really well with hot tea, chocolate milk. good stuff, even though it's not 'THE' good stuff.

edit note: was really for the 160 proof stroh. that's the rocket fuel one.