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Foursquare 2007 12-Year rum

Foursquare 2007 12-Year

Barbados | Aged | 59.0% ABV

52 ratings
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52 Foursquare 2007 12-Year ratings

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Posted 4 months ago by Just 2thetop from Germany with 31 ratings

Another sound quality rum from Foursquare
though I must admit the 2008 was simply better
If you want a more intense experience the the ECS are worth the money at around max. 70EUR
Germany prices imho.
Otherwise it is again just the collectors and flippers cornering the market and forcing up the price for secondary market sales.
I was hoping rum would stay away from the malt madness bit alas no.


Posted 1 year ago by abrarey from United States with 42 ratings

Honestly this is an outstanding representation. Well balanced.
Nose: Bananas, Honey.
Taste: Banana pudding, sweet.
The finish is prolonged and has like some dark chocolate aftertaste.


Posted over 1 year ago by Mujuru from United States with 93 ratings

So this is my first experience with an actual Foursquare Rum although I have had several of R.L. Seale's rums. This is, however, absolutely on another level entirely. This is a high ABV rum so it is going to be strong but the complex notes and experience from this rum are almost mind-blowing. Imagine sitting in an Oak great hall next to a crackling fire while someone is making Vanilla-Orange chocolates in the kitchen down the hall and the aromas are lightly wafting through your nostrils. Now imagine that entire experience is happening inside your mouth and up to your nostrils.

The nose is a lovely combination of Orange, Vanilla, and Chocolate. Once you take a sip a coating of chocolatey vanilla orange coats the front of your palate while notes of Oak, Bourbon, and just a touch of Cinnamon swirl in the back of your mouth along with a perfect fireside warmth. All of these notes linger in a magnificent subtlety which tickles your tonsils long after you set your glass down. It has wonderfully intricate bourbon tones, but you can't find a bourbon that could hold a candle to this in a millennia.

This is pure awesomeness in a bottle. It is worth every single penny of the $80 I paid for it, and that is saying something.

Bravo! Mr. Seale, Bravo!

This. Is. Rum.

*Post edit 01/2021* After trying almost 70 rums this is the best rum I have ever had. This is perfection to me. I literally cannot imagine how this rum could be any better.

Nose: 10
Palate: 10
Aftertaste: 10
Smoothness: 10
Versatility: 10
Price: 10

Total: 10

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Posted 11 months ago by geroji from United States with 26 ratings

Oodles of tropical fruit and vanilla notes. Worth every penny of its high price point, and definitely makes me interested in other foursquare bottles. Unadultered rum wins.


Posted almost 2 years ago by JeffBuck from United States with 80 ratings

This beats anything I've had from Foursquare to include all ECS batches, and IB I've tried, and others. It's a stunner.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Samurdavidov from Latvia with 60 ratings

Price: ~65 euro per bottle at the moment in Europe

This single blended rum marked by “X” on label. That’s right, number ten this time - Exception Cask Selection from Foursquare distillery, Barbados. In September 2015 Foursquare launched 2004 (III), October 2017 - 2005 (VI), and the last one at the moment from “number-ex-bourbon vintages” 2007 (X) comes out in March 2019. I highlighted these three Rum’s because they have a lot common , but they are still different. Just a few examples:
2004 11 years old. 59% ABV
2005 12 years old. 59% ABV
2007 12 years old. 59% ABV
They all are Blended product from Pot and Column distillation. But the ratio between Pot and Column is quite different from year to year. So you may try them all. You will not be disappointed.

But let’s go back to 2007...
12 years old, aged in ex-bourbon casks. And this casks comes from USA, Tennessee, where previously was aged famous bourbon Jack Daniels.
This rum is very well balanced, you can easily use it with small sips. It’s sweet enough, and fruitiness comes out if you give a time to Mr. 2007. But mostly it’s dry taste Rum. Deep, Oak and Leather “dance”. Taste in your mouth will rising fast, until you cross ‘aftertaste’ line. It’s really amazing, but for me - I like 2004 just a little bit more then this 2007 version. But anyway turn on classy music, add good cigar, and all troubles will left you for today very fast.

Stay cool, drink responsibly and enjoy life. Cheers!


Posted 1 month ago by Pollux from Canada with 212 ratings

Wow, je ne m'attendais pas à cela, très doux malgré son 59% alcool. Beau rhum de dégustation. Merci Québec rhum!


Posted 8 months ago by Rasmus from Denmark with 149 ratings

Another year, another Foursquare. I am a fan of the yearly offerings from the distillery from Barbardos and it so turns out, that the 2007-vintage is no exception.

Nose: Vanilla, Coconut, Oak, Almonds & Raisins
Taste: Oak, Vanilla, Ginger, Caramel & Leather with a nice mouthfeel that lingers long after the rum is gone
Overall: Another hit from the always reliable Foursquare. You could say, that the distillery is a bit to one-dimensional with these annual offerings, but the 2007 seems to be more complex and might be to complicated for newer rum-drinkers, but if you are used to drinking straight from the cask, then this is a perfect rum for you.

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Posted 11 months ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 151 ratings

The Foursquare Exceptional Cask Selection 2007 is a molasses blend made of pot and column rum from Barbados, which was allowed to be stored in Ex Bourbon barrels for 12 years and was bottled in 2019 with a barrel strenght of 59%. The rum is not filtered, dyed and has no additives. The dark brown rum comes in the very noble bottle typical of Foursquare.

In the glass, the rum looks directly heavy and oily and attracts beautiful streaks. The nose is very powerful and complex. Fine fruit notes mate with spicy intense wood notes. Burnt oak and chocolate and also vanilla. The nose is very balanced, intense and varied. On the palate, the first sip is extreme. I got punshed and my taste buds were overwhelmed. As the evening progressed, he got better and better. In the beginning it is almost lovely on the tongue with tropical fruits. This note is quickly supplanted by spicy notes, which the alcohol allows to unfold perfectly in the mouth. You can taste chocolate, roasted aromas, some tobacco and oak wood. The finish has a very brief moment of sweetness. Very intense bourbon notes and a peppery wood extract accompany the finish which lasts long and contains light bitter notes.

Wow. The 2007 convinced me completely and rises to my top 5. Foursquare lives up to its reputation here and for 60 euros that's a lot of rum. Very complex and full-bodied, the rum shows that it has not only bourbon to offer. Sweetness is missing here almost completely. I thought it was good because it offers so many other flavors that the rum can't get boring. Simply delicious and for conscious enjoyment. My recommendation: Buy while it's still on the market.

Der Foursquare Exceptional Cask Selection 2007 ist ein Melasse Blend aus Pot uns Column Stil Rums aus Barbados, welcher 12 Jahre in Ex Bourbon Fässern lagern durfte und 2019 in einer Fass Stärke von 59% abgefüllt wurde. Der Rum ist nicht gefiltert, gefärbt und hat keine Zusatzstoffe. Der dunkel braune Rum kommt in der für Foursquare typischen sehr edlen Flasche.

Im Glas wirkt der Rum direkt schwer und ölig und zieht schöne Schlieren. Die Nase ist sehr wuchtig und komplex. Feine Fruchtnoten paaren sich mit würzigen intensiven Holznoten. Gebrannte Eiche und Schokolade und auch Vanille. Die Nase ist sehr ausgeglichen, intensiv und abwechslungsreich. Am Gaumen ist der erste Schluck extrem. Man wird förmlich erschlagen und meine Geschmacksknospen waren erst einmal überfordert. Im Laufe des Abends wurde er immer besser. Am Anfang ist er auf der Zunge fast lieblich mit tropischen Früchten. Diese Note wird schnell durch würzige Noten verdrängt, welche vom Alkohol perfekt im Mund entfaltet werden. Vollmundig kann man Schokolade, Röstaromen, etwas Tabak und Eichenholz schmecken. Der Abgang hat einen ganz kurzen Moment von Süße. Sehr intensive Bourbon Noten und ein pfeffriges Holz Extrakt begleiten den Abgang, welcher lang anhält und leichte Bitternoten beinhaltet.

Wow. Der 2007 hat mich voll überzeugt und steigt in meine Top 5 auf. Foursquare wird hier seinem Ruf vollkommen gerecht und für 60 Euro ist das echt viel Rum. Sehr komplex und vollmundig zeigt der Rum, dass er nicht nur Bourbon zu bieten hat. Süße fehlt hier fast komplett. Ich fand es gut, da er so viel andere Aromen bietet, so das der Rum gar nicht langweilig werden kann. Einfach lecker und zum bewussten genießen. Meine Empfehlung: Kaufen solange er noch auf dem Markt ist.


Posted over 1 year ago by AlohaRover from United States with 11 ratings

Picked up on a recommendation and I really enjoy it, straight or on the rocks. Oaky vanilla flavor, it’s what I share with my bourbon drinking friends