Foursquare 2004 Empery 14-Year rum

Foursquare 2004 Empery 14-Year

Barbados | Aged | 56.0% ABV | Pot and Column Still Distilled

36 ratings
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36 Foursquare 2004 Empery 14-Year Ratings

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Andy (PREMIUM) 🇺🇸 | 133 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

Strongest nose I’ve ever encountered, honestly, ends up being quite muted with a little sweetness. The flavour is incredible, cherry, walnut, nutmeg - what a pop, wow. Shorter and sweeter finish than expected, nice hit of spice, easy to want more.

I’ve had this on my wish list for a while, and it didn’t disappoint - happy to have it at Smuggler's Cove.

Alan 🇺🇸 | 89 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

Deep, rich hues and flavors. The ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks give this expression depth, complexity and above all, deliciousness!

IBO 🇸🇰 | 193 ratings
Posted 3 years ago

Empery sa naozaj podarilo. Silný rum s vyšším obsahom alkoholu, ktorý v mojich očiach poráža aj ospevovane Nobiliary. Jeden z mojich najobľúbenejších zo série FQ

chuglim3 🇺🇸 | 6 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

At first taste, I wasn’t understanding the hype. I have tried and have probably over 50 rums. I love the Doorly’s 12, Probitas, R. L. Seale 10 and the Real McCoy options. After getting a few more sips and sniffs in, I see why the ECS lineup is so popular. It highlights the oak and sherry flavors for sure, without being sweet or “just a smooth sipper”. I definitely plan on sharing this with my bourbon-loving friends and look forward to trying more of the ECS options!

BingChen Taiwan, Republic Of China | 27 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

This is another wonderful achievement by Four Square. The sherry note is quite defined on the nose and full on the palette.

Pipestone 🇸🇰 | 60 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

for me very well. But it is not only sherry,is very fruity indeed. I feel black plums,raisins and figs. In mouth-sweet at first and when you keep it a bit longer in mouth than it gets spicy and dry -ginger,dark chocholate,oak. With 56% is still quite strong but finish is very long.

vomi1011 🇩🇪 | 403 ratings
Posted 3 years ago

Another day, another Foursquare. Aged in bourbond and sherry casks.

Great nose. I smell wood and the barrel, some gum (from the sherry cask). Then sweet flavors of caramel, dry furits, orange, red fruits and vanilla. It's balanced, nothing dominates, but nothing goes under either.

The taste starts intensive with gum, barrel, caramel and dry orange peels. The rum feels very soft in the mouth. The middle is sweet with caramel, oak, some tannins and orange peels. Gum is again at the end with some dry fruits.
The finish starts spicy, then sweet with burned sugar, oak, gum, some earth and orange peels.

Overall a great Foursquare, strong, intensive and balanced. Would rate this one with 90 points.

Taste initial: gum, barrel, caramel, red fruits and dry orange peels
Middle: burned sugar, oak, tannins, orange peels, red fruits, gum and dry fruits
Finish: spice, burned sugar, oak, gum, earth, orange peels
Aftertaste: barrel with burned sugar, gum, orange peels

Sweetness: 2.5/5
Fruits: 3/5
Spice: 3/5
Mildness: 3/5
Complexity: 3.5/5
Value (78€): 4/5

Immiketoo 🇬🇷 | 60 ratings
Posted over 3 years ago

I have become a big fan of Foursquare products recently. They manage to make amazing rum without additives.

The Empery expression is by far my favorite. It’s an explosion of flavor at 56 proof, and while strong, the notes of brown sugar, vanilla and oak are prominent.

There is a strong burn and an amazing finish that is sweet and filled with spices.

Of the five Foursquare offerings I have tried, this is by far my favorite.

If you like strong, pure rum, this one is sure to please.

The initial sip makes your lips and tongue tingle and the initial taste is profound. If you accidentally breathe through your mouth, it’s a little overpowering, but well worth motoring through the burn. Buy this while you can!

Mike 🇨🇿 | 145 ratings
Posted over 3 years ago

I have to say I really like FS rums... Doorlys 14 and Premise are my big favorites. And this one is really special... on the nose you can how strong this rum is. Smell is full of bourbon and sherry. But you can recognize another flavours like citruses and vanilla. Taste is another chapter... first sip just prepare your tongue. You can feel mainly strong oak and fruit. Second sip reveal another flavours like chocolate, sherry, tropical fruit and vanilla. This rum is really masterpiece.. but nothing for beginers.

JeffBuck 🇺🇸 | 80 ratings
Posted almost 4 years ago

I think a lot of people prefer this to 2007 but...they're wrong. The ex-sherry doesnt do it for me, in general.

Brand Details

Name: 2004 Empery 14-Year
Company: Foursquare
Type: Aged
Distillations: Pot and Column Still
ABV: 56.0%
Aged: 14
Distilled: 2004


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