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Centenario 7-Year rum

Centenario 7-Year

Costa Rica | Aged

61 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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61 Centenario 7-Year ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Brett Johnson from United States with 32 ratings

I bought this on my first trip to Costa Rica several years. I believe it was $10. I bought it to mix with fruit juices, 7-up, and coke. I remember I really liked it. So one night, I tried it by itself as a shot. It was the best shot of rum I had ever had to that point. So then I tried it neat. And I was surprised I coh I'd enjoy it by itself. Now I am a kind of a rum guru thanks to this rum. Try to 20, 25 and 30 year of this brand. Those are 3 of my top 10 rums out there. This is a great CHEAP rum.


Posted 1 year ago by from Germany with 1 rating

My parents brought me this from their Costa Rica holidays and for the price it's decent. Enjoied it with just a little bit of ice.


Posted over 6 years ago by Sakulnikov from Czech Republic with 17 ratings

Bottle: Nice bottle 1/1
Colour: Very light amber
Aroma: Not so rich but pleasant 0,5/2
Taste: Midly sweet but I do not taste anything specific. 2,5/5
Aftertaste: Smooth 2/2
Generally I like this rum when I go on a trip. As a first aid kid. It is not fancy drink for the evening. Never tried it as a mixer but I'd guees that would be great.


Posted 1 day ago by marekfiser from Czech Republic with 40 ratings

Clearly the worst rum from comp. of 7 rums in a row. Finished this one first simply to get rid of it. Very bittery and also a bad aftertaste.

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Posted 2 months ago by Rocky from Slovakia with 40 ratings

Táto značka má viacero vekom odstupňovaných kúskov, začínam 7-ročným. Fľaša štandardná, až na masívny plnoprofilový plastový uzáver. Farba je svetlá až medená, vôňa dosť liehová, s náznakom vanilky. V chuti je vanilku cítiť ešte viac, v podstate dominuje. Rum je skôr suchší, cítim ešte dubové tóny, inak tento nápoj ničím nevyniká, spektrum bádania je veľmi úzke. Až chvíľu po prehltnutí sa dostavuje intenzívny burn, záver je výrazne štipľavý. Chuťové bunky odpálené po dvoch ľahkých dúškoch. Za danú cenu skôr sklamanie, trochu mi to pripomína spiced rumy, ktorým moc nefandím. Subjektívny rating 5,5, do mixu ideálny. Ak budem skúšať drahšieho brata, pôjdem už minimálne do 12-ročného.

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Posted 4 months ago by Evadovec (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 51 ratings

Interesting rum, very good for drinks. Taste like spiced for me. I didn't try sipping more, but I can imagine it. Better than Flor de Cana 7y for me.


Posted 5 months ago by Harrie from Netherlands with 91 ratings

But still nothing to look out for. The nose is much more promising then with its younger sibling and at the exit it is a tad less harsh. On the palate it almost resembles rum but the (artificial?) sweeteners make it unpleasant and each sip you take makes it worse, not less so. There stays an annoying bitterness afterwards on your tongue that makes me think that aspartame or stevia has been used instead of sugar.

I am glad this rum came in a 20cl bottle. Indeed marginally better than the horrible 5yo Centenario but not enough to give it a higher rating. Stay away if you really like or care for rum; even at this pricepoint a lot of better ones are available.


Posted 6 months ago by dragon from Slovenia with 26 ratings

tasty but not quite great...tasty but not quite great


Posted 8 months ago by CaptainGreen (PREMIUM) from United States with 78 ratings

Sink and drown me! This be a right fine rum for a seven year old! She smells sweet of vanilla, brown sugar, oak, cola, and a hint of spices. She tastes how I prefer me ladies: smooth and spicy with a little sweet. Aye, this rum be dryer than most, so any of ye biscuit-eaters thirstin' for a candied dessert rum can weight anchor and set sail. There be a hint of smokiness on the finish, and there be a hint of burn goin' down the hatch, but with somethin' this tasty, only the dainty candy-lovin' lubbers will complain. This rum be worth a shot... or twelve. Aye, that be a pirate pun. Arrgh!


Posted 9 months ago by Hefron from Czech Republic with 86 ratings

Sušší rum s ostřejším závěrem. Docela dost mi připomínal rumy República od Božkova. Něco mezi República Exclusiv a Reserva. Ve vůni příměsi vanilky a dubového dřeva, v chuti dubové dřevo.


Posted 11 months ago by dejvix from Slovakia with 34 ratings

Fľaša a etiketa je na pohľad menej vydarená a so štrubovacím uzáverom pôsobí lacno.
Farba svetlá-karamelová. Vôňa výrazná, ale neurčitá (skôr citrusová, zemitá)
Chuť je drevitá po sude, veľmi jemne nasladlá, pri lepšej fantázii vanilková. Záver je dlhý, ale alkolový, s tónmi mandle.
Plusom je, že ide o suchší rum, po ktorom by nemusela bolieť hlava, ani po celovečernom pití. Fľašu som kúpil za 17€. Celkovo je hladký, ale za mňa málo zaujímavý.