Centenario 12-Year rum

Centenario 12-Year

Costa Rica | Aged

90 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great

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90 Centenario 12-Year ratings

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Posted 2 months ago by PekAti 🇭🇺 | 71 ratings

Igen, ez már szebb mint az 5éves, és még karc is van benne,finom

Posted 5 months ago by Laurent 🇫🇷 | 16 ratings

Digestif. Notes épissées pour ce rhum de Caractère.

Posted 5 months ago by Krejca 🇨🇿 | 14 ratings

The quality of the rum is adequate to what you pay for. It will certainly not disappoint you but won't wow you either.

It is sweet and leathery on the nose. In taste, this rum has a whiskey-like characteristic and is pleasantly sweet without tasting too artificial. There are notes of cinnamon, as well as some fruits which I cannot clearly identify - perhaps apples? It has a strong woody and leathery taste and surprises with notes of peppermint.

Finish is medium lasting, not too strong.

Posted 5 months ago by Kaps_Gr 🇬🇷 | 26 ratings

I had higher expectations. Not bud at all but not something unique.
If you let it breath for a while becomes better. Dry, moderate heatness, some flowers and vanilla hints and wood. Lacks of complexity. Prefer the 7 years which is cheaper and almost the same stuff or go for the 20+ where the only thing in common is the name. I won’t buy a second bottle. If it was in the half price could get a seven.

Posted 7 months ago by Monty 🇩🇪 | 3 ratings

I wasn't expecting much from this but enjoyed this as a relatively light rum with an easy drinking character.

Posted 12 months ago by Kesydy 🇨🇿 | 3 ratings

Super rumík. Mírně sladší profil v kterém cítím jahody, třešně, jablka, broskve s ostřejším dojezdem. To kvůli sudu z bílého dubu ve kterém byla whiskey. Rád vyzkouším další kousky od Centenario. Seženete ho do 800,- .

Posted 12 months ago by Harrie 🇳🇱 | 91 ratings

...but that doesn't say much. I tasted the 5-7-9yo before and this is the last one that came in a 4x20cl tastingset. This is the first one that has some characteristics of an aged rum and it actually picked up some flavours (coffee, chocolate, some oak) but it is still too much dominated by additives. The bitterness in the finish (that in my mind comes from artificial sweeteners) seems a bit toned down because of the larger influence from oaky notes but is still annoying, especially because it is the taste that remains after the rest is gone.

This is not just the last one in the tastingset, it is my last Centenario period. The older expressions might be better but I don't want my rums so adultered as these are. And in price I think this Gran Legado, as it is called, is way underperforming. In my country (the Netherlands) this is situated right between Appletons 12yo and Mount Gay's XO; both great rums at a budget price. This Centenario shouldn't be allowed under the same roof and not because I don't like it but because it is not made to the quality that is a standard with Mount Gay and Appleton. Those girls and guys try to give you an honest quality spirit as the Centenario distillers just mess around with additives.

No thanks!

Posted 1 year ago by Uhyrto 🇨🇿 | 119 ratings

Ve srovnání s 9 je štiplavejší, dřevitejší a hutnejší, jinak klasika centenario tzn. velmi podobné plantation. Jemné celkem lehké a velmi dobře pitelné.

Posted 1 year ago by Taster 🇨🇭 | 124 ratings

This rum gets better after having the bottle opened for some weeks.

Nose: nice, soft and sweet, with some hints of vanilla.
Palate: somewhat smoky, but pleasant.
I prefer the 20-year and the 25-year Centenario.

Posted 1 year ago by newstedko 🇸🇰 | 26 ratings

Moja prvá Kostatika. Nic mi na nom nevadilo. Bolo citit klasicky dubovy ton. Vanilka? Karamel ? Len jemne. Kludne sa to da pit cely vecer

Brand Details

Name: 12-Year
Company: Centenario
Type: Aged
Distillation: Unknown
Aged: 12
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