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Botran Reserva rum

Botran Reserva

Guatemala | Aged

70 ratings
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70 Botran Reserva ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Kieron wood from United Kingdom with 519 ratings

Do not waste your money on this completey rubbish ... Do not buy at all ... Boring flavour harsh afterburn no thanks


Posted 12 months ago by Chet from United States with 191 ratings

Inenjoyed this rum at the price point. Quality rum nice over drink

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Posted 1 year ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 335 ratings

There are so many mediocre rums like this were nothing great comes to better. Yes you drink it you will catch a buzz. That’s not why I drink, I like to enjoy really well crafted great tasting spirits. This is not one of those.


Posted 3 years ago by Max from United States with 8 ratings

Color is good. Taste is fair. It could have used more time in the barrels.


Posted almost 5 years ago by Lonely Coast from United States with 16 ratings

Another rum that proves you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a great rum. I found this locally for $24 and after reading some reviews decided to give it a shot. Glad I did. This rum is produced by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, the same distillery that brings you Ron Zacapa. But make no mistake, this is not the just a cheap version of the sugary Zacapa. Wonderfully smooth, and just enough sweetness to compliment the play of flavors without over powering them with a syrupy, sugariness. According to other reviewers, it's coming in at a 0-5g sugar test. It mellows into a comfortable finish, with virtually no alcohol burn. I'm giving this an 8 based on quality and price. Will definitely buy again.


Posted 8 years ago by Steven James from United Kingdom with 33 ratings

Vanilla, toffee and slight spicy aromas from the glass. It doesn't smell as heavy as I would've thought. It is very smooth with no harshness. Prolonged sitting in the glass reveals a warm peach, oak and leathery aroma. The taste is warming sweet oak and toffee with a dark sherry like edge. The finish is pure dairy fudge, oak and a fruity sweetness. Better than its stablemate Zacapa


Posted 2 months ago by jmicioni94 from United States with 7 ratings

Had this rum will I was in Atlanta, Georgia last year in 2020 while I was at a Mexican food restaurant. The food was not the same as California food but that is beside the point. This rum was so smooth and so rich in flavor with no burn to it. This was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this if you are able to find it because I can't anywhere.


Posted 8 months ago by Macrom from Italy with 19 ratings

C: dark amber
N: cotton candy, chocolate and vanilla and molasses
T: sugar, candy, agricole
P: definetively fudge
Nice entry level , sweet, easy drinking, lots of debating here...not bad at all if you feel like chilling
The low alcoholic rate decreases potentiality of this Solera method, reminding to “patrimonio” by Velier...yes you’ve heard it right


Posted over 1 year ago by Hefron from Czech Republic with 86 ratings

Není to úplně nejlepší rum, ale za tu cenu hodně muziky. Přišel mi poněkud ostřejší. Vůně exotické ovoce a vanilka.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Medio Chapin from United States with 1 rating

A sweet rum that goes down like a fine whiskey. Anybody claiming this isn't sweet and smooth doesn't know what she is talking about.