Abuelo Anejo rum

Abuelo Anejo

Panama | Gold

All great stories have an inspirational beginning, the same as Añejo has been for Ron Abuelo. It’s our youngest rum, both in age and spirit. Añejo is a fun and enjoyable first impression to our Panamanian rum making tradition. Where all the great stories begin.

156 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great

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156 Abuelo Anejo ratings

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Posted 2 years ago by vomi1011 🇩🇪 | 396 ratings

It's artificial like Don Papa. Good for mixing.
If I don't like a rum, I mix it with that one.
Both became much better :)

Smell: a lot of vanilla and peach, chewing gum, sugar and caramel, some wood (very little)
Taste: vanilla, canned peach (very intensive), molasses/mushrooms in the background (this is the Bacardi carta blanco rum), spice, wood
Finish: very short, sweetness, some bitterness

Sweetness: 3/5
Fruit: 2/5
Spice: 2/5
Mildness: 4.5/5

Posted over 3 years ago by Andero 🇪🇪 | 96 ratings

Awful artificial vanilla flavour. Way too sweet because of this. Boozy. Targeted to masses. Better to be avoided completely.

Posted over 3 years ago by kmpiast 🇵🇱 | 42 ratings

Maybe good for someone that like cheap spiced rums, but for me it is not worth any more of my attention that this review and that one time that I've bought a botlle of it and regret it to this day...

Final verdict: I will not buy it again

Posted 4 years ago by Handsome Alex 🇺🇸 | 88 ratings

I like spiced rums, and had higher hopes for this one. Sweet on the nose like apricot and overripe banana, there's an oily mouth feel with a syrupy sweetness. It's drinkable in a rum and coke, but not something you would drink straight or feature in a cocktail.

Posted over 4 years ago by John 🇺🇸 | 1 rating

Unsippable, like gasoline in a desert. Mixing damn well with a cola is its saving grace

Posted over 4 years ago by Rob 🇳🇱 | 21 ratings

The smell is very aromatic to caramel and oak. Alcohol you don smell so strong.
The first sip is soft and you feel the spices in your mouth with a small aftertaste of alcohol thats is covert with to much of caramel.
Overall a oke rum but for me to spiced and to sweet.

Posted almost 5 years ago by niko6432 🇷🇺 | 3 ratings

Приятно и душевно пить. Не выдающийся напиток, но хороший средний вариант

Posted over 5 years ago by Alasdair Pearmund 🇬🇧 | 4 ratings

Perfect for a rum and coke. Wouldn't bother trying it straight.

Posted over 5 years ago by Chet 🇺🇸 | 191 ratings

Lots of spice on this one, makes me think of Christmas with each swig... Good bang for the buck..

Posted over 5 years ago by Nicholas Miller 🇺🇸 | 75 ratings

Honestly this is a good rum even excluding value. Mind you it's nothing distinguished from sub 20$ "aged/gold" rums but really it's actually quite good. Good meaning vanilla oak taste with a large amount of spice. Now it is very very smooth. No bite at all. To the point where I am wondering if I got a wrong because it's stupid good for a bacardi product especially at this price.

Brand Details

Name: Anejo
Company: Abuelo
Type: Gold
Distillation: Unknown
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