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Abuelo Reserva Superior 7-Year rum

Abuelo Reserva Superior 7-Year

Panama | Aged

Ron Abuelo 7 Años allows us to discover and innovate in our search for the perfect delight in rum. We are inspired by its qualities and infinite possibilities when it comes down to mixes and food pairing. It is the result of our passion for producing the best aged rum. Ron Abuelo 7 Años is a luxurious blend of superb rums aged for 7 years in carefully selected small oak barrels.

201 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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201 Abuelo Reserva Superior 7-Year ratings

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Posted 6 days ago by Shokas from Lithuania with 11 ratings

Harsh one! Does bite mouth more than I would like. It's sweet, but kinda unbalanced. Vanilla, flowers, maybe chocolate. Overall it's OK


Posted 29 days ago by oraclito from Dominican Republic with 12 ratings

I can't believe is a 7 years rum, it's better of other 12 years. Strong and soft, smell so nice.


Posted 1 month ago by Earl Hickey from Czech Republic with 8 ratings

Ten sud burbónu, ve kterých abuelo zraje, jde zbytečně moc cítit.

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Posted 1 month ago by Rocky from Slovakia with 42 ratings

Panamský rum s peknou tmavou fľašou s pravým korkom, vôňa trochu surová, dubová, pripomína whisky. Chuť to len potvrdila, dominuje koža, dub a propolis. Rum je dosť ostrý, štipľavý, až trochu tŕpne jazyk. Zaujímavé, že pri prvom poháriku mi znel veľmi sucho, s každým ďalším akoby postupne sladol. Toto som pri iných druhoch zatiaľ nezaznamenal. Až postupom času objavujem pôvodne zastreté tóny. Vo výsledku veľmi zaujímavý drink! K lepšiemu zážitku som si najskôr dopomáhal kúskom čokolády, neskôr už nebolo treba. Pôvodný rating 5 som už musel dvakrát prehodnotiť, časom si ma získava. Teším sa na 12Y súrodenca!


Posted 2 months ago by Jara from Czech Republic with 66 ratings

Jemný panamský rum s pěknou tmavou barvou.
Vůně dubová, po whisky. Chuť to jen potvrdila, dominuje kůže, dub a propolis.
Lehounce sladký.

Small 51

Posted 2 months ago by bigjamajko from Slovakia with 11 ratings

Jemna, sladka, coko-kava chut. Velmi dobra volba na bezne popijanie.


Posted 3 months ago by Mike Foxtrot from Slovakia with 29 ratings

It’s so good as Diplomatico Gran Reserve. Very similar


Posted 4 months ago by Harrie from Netherlands with 91 ratings

Got this one in a 50ml (plastic) bottle and to be honest, that is more than enough of this rum to know this is not my style. Very sweet, almost sickly sweet, nose dominated by vanilla. A little floral as well and, as with many rums from Panama, there is the sweet scent of rotting wood (in a good way actually).

On the palate it is not as sweet as the scent seems to promise but it is very sweet, even more so than the 15gpl would let you expect. Still vanilla mostly, a rather present alcohol and the floral and rotten wood notes are here as well. Not uninteresting but too sweetened for me to enjoy and not enough complexity to balance that out. Super short finish and the light burn in the end makes me suspicious about some really young rum in this bottle.


Posted 5 months ago by tonovak from Croatia with 9 ratings

Nice, tasty rum with beautiful aromatic nose super reminiscent of Diplomatico with a whif of alcohol.
Tastewise its nice and aromatic with woody undertone and is a bit alcoholic, not syrupy at all.
As i said in title in its price range it has no competition, absolutely worth trying.

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Posted 6 months ago by Bonandy from Poland with 62 ratings

Rum with a very pleasant taste, slightly sweet. An incentive to continue testing Abuelo.