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Abuelo Gran Reserva 12-Year rum

Abuelo Gran Reserva 12-Year

Panama | Aged

A refined and elegant rum, inspired by true character. After 12 years of aging in selected barrels, it boasts luxurious and exceptional. Its well-rounded flavours are only achieved by time and artistry. Drink it by itself, paired with dark chocolate or along with mature tobacco cigars. Character behind every sip.

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363 Abuelo Gran Reserva 12-Year ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Bob from United States with 74 ratings

Smells sweet like Ron Zacapa Solera 23 but only has half of the familiar taste from that rum. The dried fruit and raisiny flavors are the same but the finish is totally different and has a noticeable dryer tobacco/leather/scotch flavor. I had to sip it a few times b4 I could figure it out when I suddenly yelled out loud "Scotch"!
Overall it honestly tastes like a mix of sweetened rum and scotch. If you like both spirits then you may just love this. 6/10 because it doesn't taste like rum but is unique. Update: I've just tried Appleton 12 year rare blend and it has some similar flavor to this, apparently this scotch-y taste can be found in other rums as well. Update 2: obviously upon writing this review I was unfamiliar with funky Jamaica/Guyana style rums that give the flavor of what I thought then to be reminiscent of scotch. I only knew that this tastes like Zacapa but different on the finish. I remember it being quite sugared tho and will have to revisit at some point and might actually like it this time now that my palette has had more experience.


Posted almost 6 years ago by Tommy from United States with 12 ratings

Though a bit sweet for my palate, really nice in every way. The only reason I wouldn't take four bottles of this instead of one bottle of Centuria is so I can trade the Centuria for, say, a bottle of Opthimus 18, one of Mount Gay XO, and a Depaz Blue Cane to round out the price bracket.

Value alone, it's a no-brainer at $32ish. It really gets better as it airs out in the bottle or decanting. Dark berries, cherries, apricot, some buttery/salted toffee, coffee. Initial sweetness fading towards the finish with the tiniest hint of leather and tobacco bringing up the rear; really nice medium body texture. If you dislike oak/wood notes to your rum, they're almost completely missing here. There's a delicious cognac note here, too.

If you find yourself unimpressed with the adulterated sweetness of most rums but don't fancy the drier examples like Appleton 12, Brugal 1888, this is a center-line rum you just might come to love. An critical rating of 7 but a cumulative rating of 8 given the great value. A staple.


Posted almost 6 years ago by mistercoughy from United States with 239 ratings

This rum contains a very large amount of added sugar which makes it seem "sweet and smooth", but which masks the rum's actual flavors. What does this rum really taste like? We'll never know.


Posted almost 7 years ago by El Julian from United States with 20 ratings

I liked this a lot for my first time trying it. I tried it with coke and sipped on it as a shooter. I can drink either way but prefer with coke. I will definitely buy again.


Posted almost 8 years ago by Scott T from United States with 122 ratings

This one reminds me very much of the El Dorado 12 year. I am fairly certain there is some substantial added sugar, as I recently found out there is in the ED 12 - but it has enough flavor to hold up and not be overwhelmed by sweetness. Smoky, woody, with leather and tobacco notes. I don't smoke but it seems to me this one would be excellent with a cigar.

Edit : I have since found out that this rum and El Dorado 12 yr have almost the exact same amount of added sugar, around 30 g/ltr. This is a substantial amount and makes the usual $30+ price tag something I would not pay - although I am not unhappy that scored several on closeout for under $20.


Posted 22 days ago by PhM from Belgium with 26 ratings

Very nice rum I enyoyed drinking it maybe it was the timing but it hit perfectly for me


Posted 2 months ago by Lee Martinek from Sweden with 33 ratings

First you smell oak, then when you taste it it's oak, vanilla and sweetnes. If there would be a tougher end with a little burn, my grade would be a solid 10. Pretty good!


Posted 11 months ago by Danny Boy from Italy with 1 rating

I like this Rum, I am not an expert but like quality drinks. I found it sweet with a complex taste. Exactly what I like.


Posted 12 months ago by Yohobro from Canada with 28 ratings

($57CAD) It’s dark and smells a bit spicy. Which didn’t seem to show up on the palate the first couple sips. There’s a lot to unpack in this rum.
The first thing I noticed tasting this one is it’s more tart than any of the other rums I’ve tried. Like cherries. It’s upfront and I like it. Right behind that is what I was smelling, some spice or tobacco maybe. That fades into a good amount of sweetness and then oak, resting nicely into a subtle but lingering warmth.
This rum makes me look forward to drinking it. It’s an interesting rum with some distinct flavours on top of the sweetness which is exactly what I like.


Posted 1 year ago by Jagged from Slovakia with 91 ratings

Je to môj prvý rum z rodiny Abuelo. Rozhodol som sa ho vyskúšat na základe dobrých recenzii. Dizajn fliaš sa mi veľmi nepači ale doležitejší je obsah. Rum krásne vonia po vanilke, trstinovom cukre, dube a dyme. Cuť je sladká tak akurát a kopíruje vôňu. Výborný chutný rum ale v tejto cene by som siahol asi po niečom výraznejšiom.