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Copalli White rum

Copalli White

Belize | Light | 40% ABV

Copalli Rum is an agricole style, organic, sustainably made, single estate rum from the heart of the rainforest in Southern Belize. Made with only three ingredients (Fresh Pressed Sugar Cane juice, yeast, and canopy water from the rainforest), there is no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. 100% of the organic, hand cut sugarcane is grown and harvested within two miles of its distillery which allows it to be delivered, shredded, and pressed within two hours of being cut.

17 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great

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17 Copalli White Ratings

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Ynrigby 🇺🇸 | 16 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Clear, clean, smooth taste. Easy to sip and enjoy.

piratejabez 🇺🇸 | 322 ratings
Posted 5 years ago

42% ABV. Blended (pot + column). Fresh nose, very cane-y, fruity, banana, a little briny. Clean. Punches above its weight, flavor-wise, given the relatively low abv. Slightly oily, bitter finish.

I'm very impressed!


JGiralt 🇺🇸 | 83 ratings
Posted 4 years ago

Very nice and smooth. Strong grass, and cane fiber on the pallet. Recommend with coconut water and lime.

JellyJortikka 🇫🇮 | 74 ratings
Posted almost 4 years ago

42%abv organic agricole style rum, blend of pot and column still distillate, rested in steel tanks before bottling, proofed with "canopy water"
Nosing: really fruity and strong for 42% im sure thats the pot still influence, lime zest, some almond, grass ofc, lots interesting leafy and herbal aromas(bit clairin like but not so intense), quite fresh and green nose
Taste: Quite smooth and mellow at first then lots of grassiness on the first taste, fruit, bitter lime, lots of yeasty herbal leafiness, quite peppery and dry when it goes down.
After a while it leaves a bit acidic citrus taste to your mouth.
Overall very well excecuted organic white agricole.
It is lot more flavorful than the low proof might make you think.
Unique product that showcases its origin and terroir in a great way while still being traditional enough to satisfy most agricole fans.
And if you feel that clairin is too intense for you, this has similar yeasty herbal flavors but lot more gentler in the palate.

Corneliusl 🇳🇴 | 89 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

On the nose there is freshly cut grass, canned corn, grapefruit zest and a touch of pickle juice. Some coconut water and coriander.

On the palate there is white pepper, green olives, green tea and coriander. Plain flour and cane juice. Finish is medium to long with coconut and a touch of pungency.

A nice and balanced cane juice rum.

eddieo 🇺🇸 | 107 ratings
Posted almost 2 years ago

This is a great value sugar cane juice rum in the vein of rhum agricole and cachaça, very clean and palatable with all the standard hallmarks of a vegetal white rum. A fine stand-in with cocktails calling for unaged agricoles, a decent caipirinha base and not a bad ti’punch… although, I’d recommend you try sticking to 100 proof or higher for that particular cocktail.

Comparable to St. James blanc 40°.

Russ 🇺🇸 | 148 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

This is made from cane juice so it has a very distinctive taste that not everyone will enjoy but I think if you give it a chance you’ll like it.

On the nose it has a strong veggie smell but also fruity with hints of pepper as well. The first taste is very grassy but also some nice bananas thrown in.

I enjoyed this one.

BocaJay 🇺🇸 | 5 ratings
Posted 10 months ago

I noticed Copalli being used at several tiki (and non-tiki) bars on a recent trip to California. This is very different from standard white rums (it’s distilled from sugar cane juice) and it’s fantastic in a Mai-tai! If you’ve never had an Agricole style rum before, this is definitely an accessible choice….it’s not what people expect in a frozen daiquiri or mojito, but for any more rum-forward cocktails it may be exactly what you’re looking for. I will be buying this again.

Foglialuce 🇮🇹 | 284 ratings
Posted 7 months ago

Al naso è delicato e profumato con canna, vegetale, zucchero bruciato, agrumi e anche ananas maturo.
Al palato è leggerissimo con una fine dolcezza, un po' d'agrume, ananas/banana, medicinali, qualche nota vegetale lontana. Finale inesistente, troppa diluizione.

Malei 🇫🇷 | 82 ratings
Posted over 3 years ago

Un rhum blanc florale et léger, mais sans trop de caractère

Brand Details

Type: Light
Company: Copalli
Country: Belize
Name: White
ABV: 40%
Raw Material: Unknown
Process: Pure blend (1 distillery)
Distillation: Unknown
Women Led: No