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Santiago de Cuba Isla del Tesoro rum

Santiago de Cuba Isla del Tesoro

Cuba | Aged | 40% ABV

5 ratings
Truly a fantastic choice

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5 Santiago de Cuba Isla del Tesoro Ratings

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Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) 🇺🇸 | 502 ratings
Posted over 2 years ago

Been waiting for this day with anticipation. This rum is very smooth and typical Cuban flavor on the dry side. At 40% it doesn’t pack a powerful punch and while the flavor lingers it does not have huge depth.mild sweetness slight hint of raisin and anise. The presentation is uniquely on of a kind, but the wine like cork does not lend itself for reuse. Better to have some old corks with stoppers on hand, or you and a buddy are going to enjoy one fine evening drinking it.

Sounds pretty good to me. Solid top shelf 9, just not perfect for ny pallet.

canijoma 🇩🇰 | 1 rating
Posted 3 years ago

Ron Isla del Tesoro is extremely smooth and delicious with a long and great aftertaste.

5xo (PREMIUM) 🇸🇰 | 395 ratings
Posted over 5 years ago

A hint of licorice, nut and sweetness on the nose, finish is sweet wood. It is unbelievably smooth, you have to eat spicy food before to get burn. It is not as aromatic as 25y, but much more delicate.

Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) 🇺🇸 | 563 ratings
Posted over 3 years ago

Many thanks to Joola69 for picking this up from the EU and transporting it all the way to California for another rare rum tasting!

I tried this alongside the Santiago de Cuba Siglo Y 1/2 (~$1750) and the Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo 25-Year(~$350) while this was about $550. I liked this best of the three! This was a tad sweeter, and had a nicer overall flavor. The Siglo Y 1/2 may have been a bit overaged at 50 years.

Similar to the Siglo Y 1/2, this smells and tastes of of caramel, spice, raisins, and some other fruitiness (maybe calvados or cognac aging?). A really great Cuban rum! I also prefer this to the Havana Club Union and Havana Club Maximo!

András Péter Balogh 🇭🇺 | 41 ratings
Posted almost 4 years ago

Great. There is a bit too much sweetness for me but great heavy tastes and deep flavours and a cliché bottle and giftbox...

Brand Details

Type: Aged
Company: Santiago de Cuba
Country: Cuba
Name: Isla del Tesoro
ABV: 40%
Raw Material: Unknown
Process: Unknown
Distillation: Unknown
Women Led: No