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Prichard's Key Lime rum

Prichard's Key Lime

United States | Flavored

Prichard’s Key Lime rum, a version of the base used in their Crystal Rum that’s infused with natural key lime flavor and bottled at 70 proof.

via American Rum Report
2 ratings
Flawed with a glimmer of hope

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2 Prichard's Key Lime Ratings

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Beattnick6 🇨🇦 | 1 rating
Posted 4 years ago

Absolute butt juice. Hate is a strong word... i fucking hate this shit. First time ive ever poured a drink down the drain. Then I burnt the place to the ground and walked away forever. Instead of buying this trash, punch yourself in the dick, you will come out ahead i promise.

Nicholas Miller 🇺🇸 | 75 ratings
Posted over 7 years ago

It's a mess. 70 proof mess. It's like this little bit of sweet lime, quite a bit of heat for 70 proof and then a metric a$$load of sugar. One thing I don't appreciate is how tame it's flavors are. If you're gonna sausage it to no end with sugar throw in a lot of lime flavor while you're at it to give it something worth while. Sugar in the rum game lets you cheat a little with a liquor's deficiencies. Musky/too dry rum? No problem add sugar! Harsh rum? ADD SUGAR! But really they hardly use their cheat sheet to any extent. So what you get at the end of the day is just sugar water. In diet coke a magical thing happens. It turns to regular coke. This is why I pissed and moaned earlier about adding more flavor. This is something you mix and when you mix you lose flavors leaving only the most distinct. So using what I said earlier the only thing that is going to come through will be................... that's right! the sugar. In your drink you're left with a thicker syrupy concoction with only a tinge of lime. At the end of the day we can all do better.

Brand Details

Company: Prichard's
Type: Flavored
Raw Material: Unknown
Brand Process: Unknown
Distillation Type: Unknown
Name: Key Lime