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Gaspar's Coconut rum

Gaspar's Coconut

United States | Flavored

2 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great

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2 Gaspar's Coconut Ratings

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Handsome Alex 🇺🇸 | 91 ratings
Posted 6 years ago

Brand new distillery in Tampa, and they are doing things right. My wife and I were able to tour the new distillery. The first batches out are flavored (a spiced and a coconut) so that they have something to sell while premium rums are aging. Great facilities, and a very drinkable first batch.

The coconut rum has a smooth coconut aroma with hints of vanilla on the nose. It has a creamy flavor with a lingering reminder of ginger bread and a mounds bar. This is sold at 80 proof (40% ABV), and like their spiced rum it is surprisingly smooth and very drinkable for the strength.

Paul B 🇺🇸 | 472 ratings
Posted 3 years ago

I love me some really good coconut rums and am always on the lookout to find one better than Brinley Gold Shipwreck Coconut Rum. I also try to find them at 72 proof or more in an effort to avoid all of the added sugars in the other brands. This one is bottled at 80 proof and hails from Tampa Florida. I found my bottle not too far away from there.

The really captivating aroma is of coconut and sea breezes! However, the neat taste of this pale yellow rum just does not match up to the aroma and is too bitter for my tastes. It is a good one, but nowhere near being my favorite. This would still be a great mixer rum.

Brand Details

Type: Flavored
Company: Gaspar's
Country: United States
Name: Coconut
Raw Material: Unknown
Process: Unknown
Distillation: Unknown
Women Led: No