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Dos Maderas Seleccion rum

Dos Maderas Seleccion

Barbados | Dark

45 ratings
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45 Dos Maderas Seleccion ratings

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Posted 5 months ago by Rado.V from Czech Republic with 44 ratings

I like this rum, it is soft, sweet and it is keenly priced. Yes, I must confess, I do like sweet rums. The limit for me is 40g of sugar per liter (yeah Zacapa), everything higher is just too much. For those who doesn´t know, this one has cca 35 g/l. You can smell vanilla, sherry and caramel. The taste is very soft at the beginning, but than it shows this beautiful middle part, which burns a little and reminds you - "it is rum what you are drinking, not some lemonade". The aftertaste is woody, dry and sherry sweet. In the Dos Maderas family I prefer this one. Dos Maderas 5+5 is good, but after you taste the Selection, you don´t want to go back. If you compare it with Luxus, well, Luxus would win at the end, but the price is 3x higher. So, choose wisely. Personally, I have this rum always ready to take a sip or two.

Posted 6 months ago by Cultov from Czech Republic with 43 ratings

Ilike this rum, fine test. It is not intense rum. You can find in taste sherry

Posted 10 months ago by Milan from Slovakia with 60 ratings

I decide to buy it, because I try 5+5, but I expect something more. It is great rum, but I when I was tasting it, I have also opened bottle 5+5, and difference was to small = 0.

Posted 12 months ago by VikingXO from Denmark with 162 ratings

Dos Maderas Seleccion is a sweet and pleasant. Like drinking a sweet dessert. Nose is okay. Lots of caramel, vanille and a small hint of red berries in the taste. A really easy sipper that does not harm anyone. If you like sweet rum, this will be one of your favorit. Personally it is too sweet for me, but I would still rate it 8 (the sweet taking into account).

Posted 1 year ago by Henrik Hansen from Denmark with 63 ratings

Blød i både duft og smag. En sød og rund smag.....

Posted 1 year ago by Vladimir from Czech Republic with 9 ratings

Dost podobné Dos Maderas PX 5+5. Takže i stejné hodnocení.

Posted 1 year ago by Rogo-zin from United States with 45 ratings

Smells like Coca Cola! Overall good. Sweet, smooth, and pleasant. Smokiness on the back of the palette that gives this a slightly unpleasant finish, but pretty good otherwise.

Posted 1 year ago by Gnillab from Denmark with 4 ratings

Tastes almost exactly like the cheaper PX. What difference there is falls out to the favor of the cheaper sibling.

Posted over 1 year ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 161 ratings

The Dos Maderas Seleccion is a Solera Blend made from the 5+5 PX Cask and two rums from Guyana and Barbados. In Spain, he is stored again by Williams & Humbert in a Solera case. Somehow the process is too complicated and in the end hardly comprehensible what was mixed together. The blend will be about 10 years old when it is bottled with 42%. The bottle and the dark rum are very appealing. It is not known if the rum is sweetened. Personally, I think he is clearly sweetened.

The smell is neither intense nor too mild. Sweetly, it has pleasant roasts with vanilla rousines and also some oak. Not complex but good. The sharpness has quickly disappeared. When drinking, it is quickly decided whether one likes the Seleccion, which it has a distinct sweetness. Sherry notes are not in the foreground. Caramel, some oak, honey and light fruit fight against the very dominant sweetness. The finish is rather short with a slightly clearer barrel note with some oak and fruit. Here, too, sweetness remains above all, which I find rather disturbing. The acohol is well integrated overall. Thanks to the sugar.

For me a classic sweetened rum of this price range. I don't need that kind anymore. Who likes it can grab one. I am a little tired of these pseudo blends which are hard to understand. I would not buy it again. But in total it is not Bad.

Der Dos Maderas Seleccion ist ein Solera Blend aus dem 5+5 PX Cask und zwei Rums jeweils aus Guyana und aus Barbados. In Spanien wird er von der Firma Williams & Humbert in einem Solera Verfahren nachgelagerten. Irgendwie nen Stück zu kompliziert das ganze und am Ende kaum noch nachvollziehbar was da zusammen gemischt wurde. Der Blend wird ca. 10 Jahre alt sein wenn er mit 42% abgefüllt wird. Die Flasche und der dunkle Rum sind sehr ansprechend. Es ist nicht bekannt ob der Rum gesüßt ist. Ich persönlich glaube das er deutlich gesüßt ist.

Der Geruch ist weder intensiv noch zu mild. Süßlich hat er angenehme Röstarmonen mit Vanille Rousinen und auch etwas Eiche. Nicht komplex aber gut. Die Schärfe ist schnell verflogen. Beim Trinken entscheidet sich schnell ob man den Seleccion mag, den er hat eine deutliche Süße. Sherry Noten sind da aber nicht im Vordergrund. Karamel, etwas Eiche, Honig und leichte Frucht kämpfen gegen die sehr dominante Süße. Der Abgang ist dann eher kurz mit einer etwas deutlicheren Fassnote mit etwas Eiche und Frucht. Auch hier bleibt vor allem Süße über welche ich hier eher störend finde. Der Akohol ist insgesamt gut eingebunden. Dem Zucker sei dank.

Für mich ein klassisch gesüßt Rum dieser Preisklasse. Ich brauch es nicht mehr. Wer es mag kann hier zu greifen. Ich kann mit diesen pseudo Blends welche kaum nachvollziehbar sind nicht mehr viel anfangen. Ich trinke den Dos Maderas und es ist kein Fehlkauf. Aber noch einmal würde ich das Geld nicht investieren.

Posted over 1 year ago by Adrian Adame (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 516 ratings

Ve vůni i v chutí velmi příjemný, jemný, velké překvapení 👍