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Papas Pilar Spanish Sherry Cask Finished 24-Year rum

Papas Pilar Spanish Sherry Cask Finished 24-Year

United States | Aged | 40.0% ABV

48 ratings
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48 Papas Pilar Spanish Sherry Cask Finished 24-Year ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by jlagleva from United States with 10 ratings

Best rum for me! Very strong pleasant aroma. Not overly sweet. Very smooth.


Posted 7 months ago by KevinSartori from United States with 1 rating

Normally, I like to try a new rum by sipping it straight, and then trying it in a daiquiri and then a rum old fashioned. No doubt, this makes a fine daiquiri and a tasty old fashioned, but really shines straight up. Easily my favorite rum so far.


Posted 7 months ago by gypsysb from United States with 23 ratings

Layers of caramel, butterscotch, with a perfect bite. Amazing. Tops my list.


Posted over 3 years ago by Captain Ron from United States with 9 ratings

The standard Pilar is very sweet. This one is more balanced with nods to all of its brothers best attributes. Vanilla and almond. If you see it, buy it. You won’t be disappointed!


Posted over 1 year ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 250 ratings

I love the 24 year old Papas Pilar dark and did not imagine a substantially better dark rum would emerge from this distillery. Happily, I was dead wrong. This is quite literally one of the 3 best rums It has ever been my privilege to experience. I am not prepared yet to rank it among that small 5 member subset but it could be #1. The sherry finish simply dilates and deepens all of the great flavor, balance and complexity of the original 24 year old. Impeccably smooth. Masterfully balances. Maintains the maple presence and sweeps down the pallet into deep sherry flavor. The finish is long and like velvet. I will stop now. You must try this outstanding rum. Bravo Hemingway clan! No stranger to the finer passionate things in life, Ernest would happily succumb to the haze of this spectacular distillation. As am I.


Posted 11 months ago by Djgross144 from United States with 55 ratings

I got all three dark rums from Pilar to try them side by side. I had tried two of the three previously. They're all exceptional. The Sherry finished rum is the darkest of the three.


Posted 3 months ago by Akis from Greece with 35 ratings

A very well balanced room. I believe is the best blended. Long finish, deep taste. Not very sweet. Tastes of sherry, honey, sherry's wooden barrel and carnation. Perfect choice for that amount of money


Posted 9 months ago by Les conn from United States with 8 ratings

I’ve tried all the Papa Pilar rums., I have to say I like them all. However, I hadn’t given the Sherry cask 24 year a fair test. I had thought it was my least favorite of the Pilar runs, but I discovered my mistake. I decided to drink this rum neat instead of with rocks. I discovered I had destroyed the great taste of this rum by diluting it with ice. Try it neat and enjoy the great flavors this rum delivers. There is a nice smooth “burn” that lingers. Really enjoyable.


Posted 12 months ago by Eagle1986Panther1990 from United States with 5 ratings

Papas Pilar adds a hint of additional complexity with this sherry finished beauty. A Wonderful sipper. Their whole line is strong especially considering the price point and what it compares to and competes with across the board.


Posted over 2 years ago by Hedlund from Sweden with 44 ratings

En suverän rom som slår många dyrare rom på fingrarna. Provades och köptes på Birkas romkryssning 2019.