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Clairin Vaval rum

Clairin Vaval

Haiti | Light

30 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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30 Clairin Vaval ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by Reeb Barbill from Isle of Man with 51 ratings

This has turned my world upside down. I love it but it’s like no rum I’ve had before. It’s more like something agave. Cheesey, what the hell?!

I keep going back for more but if I was tasting blind I wouldn’t even guess rhum. I’ve never had a white rum I’ve wanted to sip before.

Its appealing to my brain but not my mouth and I’ve never thought of rum as cerebral. It’s kind of delicious. I have no idea how to rate this. I could justify anywhere between 3 and 9. It’s something else completely. It’s amazing.

Posted 1 year ago by Perlnielsen from Denmark with 1 rating

It smelt terrible... rotten fruit and death. It tastes surprisingly good... grasy, green and the comes the rotten fruit guayaba... like nothing els. Its good but it killed my Daiquiri /Ti Punch - and not in a good way... just killed it.

Posted almost 2 years ago by ElPato from Norway with 35 ratings

Clairins are the funky, voodoo-infused cousins of agricoles but Vaval is the young and most reckless one.
Nose reveals a yeast strain reminiscent of lambic beers, restrained rubber and cottonsedge.
Palate with aniseed and citrus, esters and grass notes. Aftertaste is a bit brief after a hefty main act.

This was my first clairin, but compared to Sajous and Casimir it is a bit more clumsy. Great entry level clairin, though.

Posted 4 days ago by rennerg from United States with 38 ratings

Reminds me heavily of Clairin Sajous. I’m not sure I’d buy this one again

Posted 3 months ago by LecterSanchez from United States with 6 ratings

TYPE:Sugar Cane Juice(Madame Meuze)

Nose: salt, brine, floral
Palate: litchis, grass, herb, dirt, tannins
Finish: smoke, pepper, sugar cane

Posted 3 months ago by nbapeman from United States with 1 rating

I have never smelled a rum that smells that acrid not tasted a rum that tasted so bad!

Posted 4 months ago by Rado.V from Czech Republic with 44 ratings

Agricole smell with lot of cheese and cream. I tried also WPE and it smells the same. Ok, let´s move on. The taste is rough, very fresh, sweet but strangely unpleasant. The aftertaste is grassy with vanilla, like whole impression of this rum. I didn´t enjoy it. Sorry Haiti.

Posted 4 months ago by StevesSpirits from Canada with 44 ratings

This is a review for the 2018 harvest release of Clairin Vaval 🇭🇹 rhum; this vintage has an ABV of 56.4%. Clairin Vaval uses freshly hand-harvested blue cane, wild yeast, and the producer Fritz Vaval distills using a very unique and old column still. Arawak’s Distilleries (located near Cavaillon) has been in operation since 1947.

Wow there's a lot going on here - it's a little like you burnt tomato paste on the bottom of the pan, and you throw in a little olive brine to deglaze it. On the nose there is tomato paste, olive brine, licorice, green cardamom seed, clove, ham, pepper and ghee.

The palate is cream, olive brine, grilled plantain, honey, lemon candy and cardamom seed.

The finish is medium in length with pepper, ginger, licorice, mint and clove.

This may be my favourite of the unaged Clairins (that I've tried... looking forward to giving Casimir and Sonson a try) although it's almost tied with Sajous. My preference is partially due to me continuing to find new tasting notes and complexity over time with the Vaval. Vaval is truly a intriguing, quality spirit.

Posted 4 months ago by JellyJortikka from Finland with 74 ratings

Pure cane juice rum/50,4%abv
Year 2018/Cane variety: Madame meuze
Pot still, wild fermentation
Distiller: Fritz Vaval

Nose: Fruity red wine, salt, sea, smoke, licorice, prunes, caramelized date, green apple
Taste: Super savory, salty licorice, loads of smoke and minerality, lemon, green apple, red wine tannins. Sort of red wine and green apple acidity throughout.
Finish: Lightly hot, rose and white pepper with lingering smoke, light astringent leather, also some molasses interestingly.

Decent clairin, personally not my favourite flavor profile from the clairins but super interesting still with loads of flavor.

Posted 4 months ago by Piramide898 from Belgium with 3 ratings

Funky aroma, anis seed in the nose with sugar syrop, fresh citrus taste with woody anis touches. Very special funky rum! Different but so good!