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Velier Royal Navy Very Old rum

Velier Royal Navy Very Old

Multiple | Aged

28 ratings
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28 Velier Royal Navy Very Old Ratings

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Kamamura 🇨🇿 | 37 ratings
Posted over 5 years ago

The color of this rum is nice, muted brownish gold, being the result of the actual barrel aging instead of the usual caramel addition. The label gives detailed information about the components in the blend, as well a playful pseudo-Latin motto "In Pot Still Veritas".

The smell carries the unmistakable Caroni component - a dusty, abandoned attic with lots of old sawdust, old leather, but also some stone fruit, marmelade, and earthy tones. Overall very pleasant, damp, muted, sweetish aroma. Due to the high proof of the blend, adding some water is recommended to free the aromatic components from the alcoholic dilution and to lessen the numbing effect strong alcohol has on the tongue.

The taste of the rum is absolutely fenomenal. Although the three components of the rum (heavy, austere, tar-like Caroni, sweetish and earthy Demerara and the funky, fruity Jamaican) are very distinct and overpowering if left unrestricted, none of them dominates the blend, they are all distinctly noticeable, but stay in line to provide a collective effort that delivers a fairly exceptional sensory experience.

The initial sweet, playful, fruity attack slowly dries up, transitioning through the funky fruit from the Jamaican rum to the slightly austere, tannic end of the Caroni. The finish is not as long as I expected, or as one of a single barrel Caroni I had the pleasure to taste, but due to the exceptional harmony and balance of the blend, I can only talk about this rum in superlatives.

This rum is a true testament to Mr. Gargano's mastery of the blending craft, and a tangible proof that he really knows his business like nobody else. Well done indeed - although the rum was relatively pricy, I do not regret spending the money to be allowed to experience this rare treat.

The rum is also a kind of swan song to a rum era gone past - an era of extreme diversity and richness of various traditions surviving for decades or even centuries in some cases in the distilleries like Caroni, Hampden, Enmore, Port Mourant and others. Today, Caroni distillery is no more, all the various Guayana distilleries consolidated into Diamond Distillery that producdes mainly the heavily sweetened, commercialized El Dorado line, Hampden still produces superior funk bombs, but the contemporary, mainstream rum has became synonymous with sugar bombs like Diplomatico or Zacapa.

Yet in this bottle, all those rich, distinct flavors and aromas rise up again, giving you the opportunity to taste the past will sadly never return. And although I suspect that the Navy would never spend so much on a brew for common sailors, I could imagine this rum would be a worthy and appreciated tot for a renowned naval officer or a wealthy overseas merchant.

So, grab a bottle while they are available, and savor every drop!

Marc Cardinal 🇧🇪 | 399 ratings
Posted 6 years ago

Dark amber color. This rum from Velier is a blend of the best of Trinidad (Caroni), Guyana (Demerara) and jamaica (Hampden). The nose opens with classic exotic fruit notes from Jamaican rums. Over time, we arrive on more greedy notes and it is Guyana that arrives slowly. It's well done, subtle. On the palate, it rises while still very greedy, we finally arrive on an explosive final with the Caroni finally arrives with this oil side. It sticks in the mouth but it is superbly done. This is for me a perfect blend, better than the triptych from Foursquare. Here we have the perfect balance between three monsters with very distinct personalities but once assembled gives a real wonder. It was a long time since I had tasted such a good blend.

Captain Lee 🇺🇸 | 25 ratings
Posted 3 years ago

Blended rum from Velier - Caroni (Trinidad) aged "20+" tropical years, Demerara (Guyana) aged 15 European years, Jamaica (have seen Worthy Park and Hampden guessed, and the bottle says "rums" from Jamaica, so may be more than one) ABV 57%
This is very tasty. I get an initial musty note which then dissipates - other reviews note that the Caroni is very forward in this blend. The Jamaican influence is subdued, and for me mostly on the nose. It doesn't displace Black Tot 50th from the top of my Navy style rums list, but I'll happily drink this.

Mr. Rumantic 🇩🇪 | 296 ratings
Posted 3 years ago

The Velier Navy Rum Extra Old is a blend of three rums. A 20-year-old Caroni from Trinidad, a 15-year-old Demerara from Guyana and a 12-year-old Hampden? from Jamaica. The Navy Blend is bottled with 57.18% alcohol without filtration or dyes. The bottle has a lot of information and a timeless design.

In the nose the rum is very interesting and offers a lot to discover. Fresh in the glas, the fruity Ester notes were dominant. Over time a spicy, dirty Caroni note is added. But also sweet chocolate and vanilla. A great nose, which I like very much. On the palate, the rum is dry and shows a certain sharpness. This makes the rum very grown up. A mixture of fruity notes such as banana and pineapple mixes with plenty of barrel influence, vanilla and light dirty notes. A touch of menthol resonates. To the finish comes some leather and a short but clear note of dark chocolate. The finish is long and intense. Light bitter notes and lots of wood remain in the mouth for a long time.

The Velier Navy Rum Extra Old convinced me completely because i love the combination of a great complex nose and the dry, woody but also fruity notes on the palate. That the rum adds dirty Caroni notes nails it for me. It is not a soft rum and burns when you dare to underestimate it. For me between 9-10. Since the price is affordable with with 150€ I go with the 10. Unfortunately sold out in most shops.

Der Velier Navy Rum Extra Old ist ein Blend aus drei Rums. Einem 20 Jahre gelagerten Caroni aus Trinidad, einem 15 Jahre gelagerten Demerara aus Guyana und einem 12 Jahre gelagerten Hampden? aus Jamaika. Der Navy Blend wird ohne Filtration oder Farbstoffe mit 57,18% Alkohol abgefüllt. Die Flasche hat viele Informationen und hat ein zeitloses Design.

In der Nase ist der Rum sehr interessant und bietet viel zum entdecken. Nach dem ersten Einschenken habe ich die fruchtigen Ester Noten als dominant empfunden. Mit der Zeit kommt immer mehr die würzig, dreckige Caroni Note dazu. Aber auch süße Schokolade und Vanille. Eine tolle Nase, die mir sehr gut gefällt. Am Gaumen ist der Rum trocken und zeigt eine gewisse Schärfe. Das macht den Rum sehr erwachsen. Eine Mischung aus fruchtigen Noten wie Banane und Ananas mischt sich mit viel Fass Einfluss, Vanille und leichten dreckigen Noten. Ein Hauch Menthol schwingt mit. Zum Abgang kommt etwas Leder und eine kurze aber deutliche Note von dunkler Zartbitterschokolade. Der Abgang ist lang und intensiv. Leichte Bitterstoffe und viel Holz bleiben lange im Mund.

Der Velier Navy Rum Extra Old hat mich voll überzeugt da ich die Kombination aus einer tollen komplexen Nase und der trockenen, holzigen, aber auch fruchtigen Note am Gaumen absolut gelungen finde. Das dann noch die so betörende dreckige Caroni Note mit schwingt rundet den Rum ab. Er ist kein weicher Rum und brennt, wenn man es wagt ihn zu unterschätzen. Liegt zwischen 9-10. Da der Preis mit 150€ im Rahmen des bezahlbaren liegt, werte ich ihn auf. Leider in den meisten Shops ausverkauft.

vomi1011 🇩🇪 | 402 ratings
Posted almost 4 years ago

Update review (bottle transformed after a week):
I was looking forward to taste this navy rum.
I know at least ten other navy rums, but none with Caroni in the blend.

After 1h in the glas the nose is dominated by Jamaica (WP) flavors with Caroni notes and dry fruits. The Caroni flavors reminds me of Bristol Caroni 10y VSOC (it's not that dirty because it has a sherry finish). I get the WP notes first (orange, apple), after that I get demerara notes like honey with molasses and on top of it is some Caroni (leather, some tar, black currant). Great nose indeed, everything is there.

In the initial taste I get Caroni aromas first, they are very dominant (leather, tar). Then slightly WP fruity notes and some Demerara honey with molasses. After that you get immediately the bitter wood on your palet. I think the Caroni cask was very active.
In the middle I get some orange zest, leather, tar and aok (the bitterness from the tannins is still there, thats why I can't get more aromas). If you want a better representation of such a blend try the Le Gust Demerara 2002.
The finish start spicy and you get a strong medical note (like Trinidad rum), followed by dry orange peels, wood and again Caroni aromas.

Conclusion: the nose is very good. The initial taste is dominated by tannins from the wood.
This disturbs the balance and does not allow the aromas to be enjoyed. Caroni is very dominant in this blend.
88 points are appropriate.

Nose: (orange, prune, apple -> WP), (honey, molasses -> Demerara), (leather, tar, black currant -> Caroni), oak
Taste: WP (orange, apple), honey, molasses, wood with tannins,
Middle: orange peels, dry mouth feel, leather tar, tannins
Finish: spice, medicine, orange peels, wood, some tar, leather
Aftertaste: WP fruits, mint, leather (tasty), black currant/tar

My first, old review (fresh opened bottle):
The initial taste is dirty like a typical Caroni. Leather, gum, salt and bitter wood are waiting for you. I expect fruits in the middle, but nothing there. The Caroni cask is way too dominant with a lot of tanins. The finish is spicy, dry and dirty. Also no fruits there. It's like a typical 1998 Caroni without fruit flavors. This Caroni cask was too old, it overlaps all other aromas. This rum is still not bad, you get a good Caroni here. But I expected this blend to be more fruity. I think there is still some space for improvement.
Therefore a 9 rating.

Nose: leather, gum, tar, honey, papaya, some apple and banana (Jamaica is a little bit weak), wood, cask with earth

Taste: orange, gum, leather, fruits, wood with tanins, vanilla ice
Middle: spice, citrus, tar, dentist, leather and salt, anise
Finish: Caroni flavors, leather, wood, tanins, oranges astringend mouth feel, anise
Aftertaste: tar, peppermint, anise, orange, black currant, mint

Sweetness: 1/5
Fruits: 1.5/5
Spice: 3.5/5
Mildness: 3/5
Complexity: 3.5/5 (Nose 4, Taste 3)
Value (130€): 3.5/5

Nose: "Nosing the rum initially reveals the distinctive Caroni elements. Petrol and tar. It reminds me very much of a 1960’s sample of Navy rum I reviewed a while back. Further nosing reveals more of the Demerara rum – a sweetness of raisins and plums. The Jamaican influence comes in with some nice banana and coconut notes."
Taste: "I think the Caroni rum and the oak leave the Demerara and Jamaican elements behind. I’m not getting a lot of either to be honest. What I am getting is the more traditional slightly “dirty” petrol like elements of the Caroni.
I totaly agree with the review from thefatrumpirate, he has also a good suggestion:
"Although I found this perfectly drinkable at the full ABV – its actually quite mellow overall I did decide to add some water. Just a few drops.
To say this was a good move would be an understatement. I’ve very rarely noticed such a difference in a rum. The Jamaican rum is now competing with the Trinidad Caroni at the forefront of the mix with some very nice “funky” elements – black banana and ginger. The Demerara now reveals itself with some nice notes of anise and stoned fruits. Finish wise it doesn’t get any longer or more exciting but sip wise its a much better option with the ABV knocked down a little."

VikingXO 🇩🇰 | 170 ratings
Posted almost 4 years ago

What a nose, What a taste. Not a beginners rum for sure but what a fantastic blend this is. If you got the chance to taste it, then go for it!

Jonte Json 🇸🇪 | 109 ratings
Posted over 6 years ago

A blend of the best, Caroni, Hampden and Demerara. Truly awsome with a plethora of aromas

Raven 🇫🇷 | 56 ratings
Posted almost 3 years ago

A very complex and old school nose with all kinds of molasses, musty gingerbreads, ancient herbs and spices and rotten old wet books, dried mushrooms, dead woods floating in a sugar mud, it's dry, bold, old, and with a huge mouth that worls like the best raw pastis somehow... The jamaican side is very well integrated, and even pleasantly "shy", the funk never outshines the Caroni "fuel", and the latter is very well integrated itself in the demerara "austerity". Many many things happening here, please take your time with this rum.

HammerHead 🇳🇱 | 30 ratings
Posted 4 years ago

Lots of tropical fruits, but also darker notes of raisins, figs, toffee, caramel and chocolate. Relatively subtle funky stuff from the Jamaican side of this bottling: just a little varnish and solventy paint notes. Also some lineseed and olive oil shining through (probably the Caroni influence). The mouthfeel is round and creamy. In the aftertaste it shifts more towards peppery wood notes, cocoa and olives, ending with a mild note of varnish.

Tomy 🇷🇴 | 439 ratings
Posted almost 6 years ago

influence of Caroni, heavy, corpolent, very complex, long aftertaste, great flavour...one of the best rum I've ever tasted! Great job Ruruki Gargano!

Brand Details

Type: Aged
Company: Velier
Country: Multiple
Name: Royal Navy Very Old
Raw Material: Unknown
Process: Unknown
Distillation: Unknown
Women Led: No

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