Mocambo Single Barrel 15-Year rum

Mocambo Single Barrel 15-Year

Mexico | Aged

19 ratings
Easily consumable in a bind

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19 Mocambo Single Barrel 15-Year ratings

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Earl Elliott 🇨🇦 | 215 ratings
Posted over 5 years ago

Sugar 0-5 GPL.
As with the big brother 20 year old version, this has a great aroma. That's where the great ends and the not so great takes over. I found that as far as the taste, it has too much wood and burnt sugar. Those tastes dominate the palate and you are left with a strong after burn that reminds me of cheap bar rum. Maybe I got a bottle from a bad barrel, but I don't think so.
Mix only.

Oleh 🇺🇦 | 29 ratings
Posted almost 2 years ago

Strong dark color and oak nose. Have never tasted rum with such strong oak nose.. it is more like a cognac by nosing. Taste: not bad at all. Almost no sugar and strong oak taste. Really simple taste and good aftertaste. Almost no spices. Definitely like it although it is not like an usual rum.

Kieron wood 🇬🇧 | 577 ratings
Posted over 5 years ago

This is too smoky for a rum, heavy flavours of rum that smash the palate to pieces. For some this will be amazing however for myself it's average and too harsh after burn. Would I drink a small sample of this yes, would I but a whole bottle, god no as probably would feel like smoking 1000 cigars

thefatrumpirate 🇬🇧 | 121 ratings
Posted over 8 years ago

Looks fantastic but has a strange aftertaste and is a little underwhelming

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Hauleyboy 🇵🇷 | 26 ratings
Posted 2 months ago

Caramel oak smell. Surprisingly dry for such a caramel smell. Not a strong flavor very little burn but taste is not great.

VikingXO 🇩🇰 | 169 ratings
Posted 11 months ago

I love to be surprised when i taste a rum for the first time!! The Mocambo 15 single barrel is one of them. It is long time since i have tasted a rum this dark and heavy.

Nose reminds me of tequila, licourice and lazy cola. In some way it also reminds me a bit of the la Favorite de la Flibuste just a bit.

Taste is really smokey, heavy flavour of tobacco and licourice. If you dont like dry, heavy and definitaly not sweet rum. Then you will hate this. In the other hand if you wanna Challenge your usual spanish style, sweet rums. You should give it a try. It last long as you can’t drink much of it on the same time and the price is cheap for a fully aged 15y rum i must say. Mexico just entered the rum stage, welcome!

Simon_W 🇨🇭 | 35 ratings
Posted over 1 year ago

The Mexicans typically distill lightly flavoured rum, which tends to be uninteresting. However, thanks to its long aging in European oak (it must have been a sherry cask), this is nonetheless interesting, aromatic and unusual. You can clearly smell the nutty notes of the sherry, and the European oak causes a different, darker aroma profile than the American oak of the ubiquitous bourbon barrels.

Jan Baštinec 🇨🇿 | 99 ratings
Posted 2 years ago

This rum need little bit time befor drink, in my opinion. Aroma of coconuts and vanilla.

chasles22 (PREMIUM) 🇺🇸 | 56 ratings
Posted 3 years ago

i found this rum over all pleasing. it's appearance suggest a strong rum, lot's of barrel or smoke maybe? but truly it's pretty mild. i found the initial palate to be nice. at first i thought it was cloying but a little water (melted ice) took care of that and let the burnt marshmallow of toasted sugar through. i honestly am enjoying this bottle. i might try the 20 year.... it could be great. it's not. but it sure as heck isn't terrible either.

Reiwa 🇯🇵 | 142 ratings
Posted over 3 years ago

I tyried Mocambo 15 year and anejo solela 6 years same time.
6 year is better than 15 year.
This 15 year has too dry and too much wood(cask ?) flavor.It was like a oak cask juice.

Brand Details

Name: Single Barrel 15-Year
Company: Mocambo
Type: Aged
Distillation: Unknown
Aged: 15


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